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posted by tigerlily0597
"Ugggghhh" I moaned out loud. "First I fall asleep in front of the bathroom and now I miss the bus on my first dag of school."
Suddenly a shrill high-pitched ring came from down stairs. I ran down as faast as I could. I grabbed to phone off the hook just as it rang the last ring. "Hel-lo" I said.
I felt my face go pale and I realized that I should have looked at the caller ID before I answered. It was my mom. I should have remembered that she would call. She had told me yesterday that she would call to make sure that I didn't miss my bus.

(P.s. this is all I could write for now)
posted by tigerlily0597
Chapter 1: Off to a Bad start

I woke up to a bright, warm sun and figured that I should get up. To prove my point my mom yelled "Lilly , if u don't get up you'll be late for school... on your first day!!!"
"Ok, ok I'm up." I replied drowsely.
"Hurry up!" my mom said.
I got up and shuffled across the hall to the bathroom only to find it being hogged be my 16 jaar old sister, Cathy.
I knocked and hoped that she would be out of there
soon. She always took half of the dag just to take a shower.
I sat down in front of my room and waited for what seemed like eternity. Aparently I fell asleep because...
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