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Review by jennifer_02 posted een jaar geleden
fan of it?
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populair high school senior Mike O'Donnell (Zac Efron) seemingly has it all. He is a ster athlete headed straight for a college scholarship, until he finds out his high school girlfriend, Scarlett is pregnant he then decides to give his scholarship up to settle down.

Twenty years later, an adult Mike (Matthew Perry) finds his life is not exactly what he expected. He is separated from his wife, Scarlett (Leslie Mann), and living with his best friend Ned goud (Thomas Lennon), his career at a pharmaceutical company is at a standstill, and his relationships with his teenage children are nonexistent. After getting passed up for yet another promotion at work, he returns to his high school to reminisce over his basketbal awards and the life he could have had. While he is reliving his past, he is approached door a janitor (Brian Doyle-Murray) and shares with him how things were so much better when he was 17.jump into

As Mike is driving home pagina from the high school, he sees the mysterious janitor standing on the ledge preparing to the Los Angeles River. Mike rushes out of his car to rescue him, but when he gets there, the janitor has vanished. What Mikw doesn't realize...