2008 Presidential Election USA If u were the president of the United States and u could change anything u want, what would be your biggest goals?

IsabellaAzuria posted on Jul 22, 2008 at 03:36PM
World Peace, no racism, no violence, no people hurting animals, no heartache, no liars, forbid brothels, find work for everyone

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een jaar geleden Cinders said…
1) Bake cobbler to feed the hungry
2) Send more diplomats and less soldiers
3) Give bubbles to world leaders
4) Legalize and therefor regulate marijuana and prostitution. Use tax dollars from taxations of these businesses to fund sex and drug education, as well as education in general.
5) Use tax dollars SAVED from being wasted on enforcing and prosecuting meaningless crimes like prostitution and marijuana use and give it to the DEA to track down meth cooks, opium dealers, and chemical drug smugglers.
6) Repeal aid given to Israel and Palestine. Tell them they have to learn to live with each other and get no more US dollars. If they insist on behaving like children about it, threaten to invade Israel, Gaza and disputed territories and take the land away from both of them. So there.
7) Send humanitarian aid to Burma, Sudan, and other nations in need of it (with money saved by not giving it to Israel or Palestine).
8) Fill the UN with competent representatives that can actually get work done.
9) Pull out of Iraq. Use the money previously allotted for the war and spend it on sending humanitarian aid, rebuilding the infrastructure, and working with local governments.
10) Legalize gay marriage.
11) Hire brilliant economic adviser to tell me how to fix the economy
12) Fix the economy.
13) Socialize health care.

And... er... if there's more I'll add later. But it's 3:00AM and I'm crashing. Good night.
een jaar geleden katiemariie said…
Yeah, what Carly said. Plus, repeal the Patriot Act and influence legislation that would give equal rights to everyone.