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Cinders posted on Sep 04, 2007 at 04:53AM
Hey. I've been seeking polarized opinions on the various "hot" political issues. Yes, I did say polarized, but that does not necessarily mean rude. I enjoy intellectual debate (but not arguing, name-calling, or yelling) and was thinking of starting a spot for such a thing (I checked... I don't think one exists).

The reason I'm posting this is to see if there are others like me who would like to partake in an intelligent discussion about the controversial issues of our day. If there are, then I'll go ahead and make the spot, start a few picks and forum posts to kick off some discussions.

Note now (and I'll repeat this if the spot ever gets made) that rudeness, name-calling, and obvious bigotry, hate, or intolerance of different viewpoints will, in turn, not be tolerated. No trolls, no fire-starters, just leftists, rightists , and inbetween-ists looking to expand their horizons and discuss different points of view, and learn more about people who don't share theirs.

I recognize that people who are passionate about politics have put a lot of time and thinking into their viewpoints. I am also a strong believer that anyone who has thought about their beliefs has come to believe what they do for a very good reason. I'm interested in learning those reasons, in hearing different ideas other than my own, and learning to listen to others who are different from me, because I believe that is in listening to each other that we will be able to move forward, find compromise, and learn to understand each other better.

So who would be interested in joining such a spot, should one exist?

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een jaar geleden harold said…
Did you ever make such a discussion spot, or did that morph into the debate spot?
een jaar geleden Cinders said…
It morphed.

It started out that way. Especially when MajorDork was around.