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MTahmisian zei …
Happy Birthday Kim Raver and Joaquim De Almeida! geplaatst één maand geleden 1
MTahmisian zei …
Happy Birthday Penny Johnson Jerald! u played one of the best characters in 24, sherry Palmer and my friend is exceedingly happy to know she shares a birthday with you.

Happy Birthday to Tamara Tunie and James Frain as well. u both did a great job in 24.

Thanks to Wiki 24 to alerting me of the dates of important events in the world of 24, u are really invaluable! geplaatst één maand geleden 1
MTahmisian zei …
Today, in 2003 my favoriete episode of 24 aired for the first time. Love 2x15! geplaatst één maand geleden 1
jlhfan624 commentaar gegeven…
Best episode ever! één maand geleden 1