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HEA16 posted on Aug 29, 2008 at 11:51AM
Ok, so i have NEVER seen 90210 before & have not a clue what it's about. Could some summarize kinda what its about????!

THANK YOU A TON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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een jaar geleden Holly-Golightly said…
I am having the same problem! tried to find somewhere to watch some of the old episodes but couldnt find any! hopefully someone can give us an answer!
een jaar geleden amberRocks said…
It was a school west beverly high that had students.And the students that it has focused about was brenda and brandon walsh(twins),kelly teyllor,steve santes,donna martin,andrea zackerman,dylan mckey and david silver.
To sum up brend hooked up with dylan and was known to be a bitch but a good one.Kelly,her BFF,in later seasons hooked up with dylan.They fight but patch things up.
Dylan used to surf like a lot and be mysterious.
Brandon was the good guy that hooked up at some point with every girl.But he was Mr perfect.
David was a musician something,a year smaller than the other ones,but managed to go to college with them anyway.
Davids dad married with kellys mom and they made Erin Silver.
Donna was davids girfriend,a vingin till marriage kind of girl.She did had sex before marriage with David but they got married till the end of the show anyway.
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een jaar geleden amberRocks said…
Steve was an abopted kid by a formet tv star mom.She hooked up with both kelly and andrea.Brandons BFF!
And andrea was brilliant chief of the newspaper who got married and had a daughter(which we see in this show briefly)
with some guy I don't remember.But then in future season we learn that they divorsed.Oh and she left to study at yeil!
Hope I helped!
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een jaar geleden newyorkbaybee said…
if you have an itunes account and you really wanna be filled in...they have 90210 episodes you can buy in HD or Standard Def.
een jaar geleden jennifer_02 said…
you can prob watch the old 90210 on other sites
een jaar geleden jennifer_02 said…
basically a school in beverly hills and all the drama that goes along with that