A SPOILER WARNING for A Court of Wings and Ruin is in effect, so if u haven't read the book and intend to, don't go further reading this artikel just yet. I finished reading A Court of Wings and Ruin and it had me thinking of the many doors that have been opened that haven't been closed yet. If u hadn't heard yet, Maas is writing a spin-off series of ACOTAR coming in 2018, for which I'm hoping for a little bit of closure to the cluster of vragen I still have.

We saw some closure in this last installment of the ACOTAR trilogy. There were the big doors, like the war with Hybern and a happily ever after for Feyre and Rhysand, and even a few smaller doors being closed, like Rhys' mother and sister's wings and the blood rubies from the Summer Court.

However, this last book took us on a ride that had a few twists and turns that I think very few of us saw coming, which allowed for what felt like meer vragen that we received antwoorden for door the book's last page. I hope to cover these in greater detail here. Many of the entries may feel redundant of repetitive, but the stress is on the fact that these are either vragen I want answered of things I'd like to see done in the spin-off series coming in 2018.

Individual Characters

There are several characters in this series that could be delved into further. In fact, many of the characters could be handed their own boeken (which I certainly wouldn't be opposed to). These are five of the characters who I feel could be delved into in meer detail and my reasons why. I limited this category to five, because this could be it's own listicle.

Morrigan - At the end of ACOWAR, it's revealed from Mor to Feyre that Mor is bisexual. She enjoys the sexual pleasure of both genders, but much prefers romantic relationships with women over men. She also reveals her struggle with this side of herself and how much pain it has caused her and those around her over the years. It's implied many a time that she's incredibly powerful and a fantastic warrior. With the reveal, her strength, and her bruised past, she's certainly a character who has a lot to offer. I'd also like to see meer interaction with her and her family, maybe her finally giving her family the boot they deserve up their asses.

Nesta - Of the three Archeron sisters, Nesta is actually the one I like the most. I don't know why, gegeven how positively awful she has been shown to act, but I just want to see meer and meer of her. I would like to see her finding her place in the new Prythian. She's the Emissary to the Night Court, but what about her free time of lodging? Simple, seemingly useless fact, but things I want to know!

Azriel - Of our three favoriete Illyrians, Azriel is the one who is left the most vague. Not much is known about his past and his connection to the shadows, which could fill a book in their own right. He's been shown to be incredibly loyal, even to a fault, but has a dry humor of his own when kept away from those who, almost ironically, overshadow him with their own loud personalities.

Helion - Of all of the High Lords we were introduced to, this is the one that connected with me the most. His dramatic shift in personality when away from his High Lord mask and his connections a few other characters, namely the nameless Lady of the Autumn Court, leave a past and future to be explored further.

Eris - There's something meer here, something good even, but I just can't put my finger on what it is. Evidence makes it clear in all of the books, but especially in ACOWAR that he would make a good High Lord, certainly a better one than his father. It's also shown that he does have some degree of heart, which he may be forced to hide behind a mask, like many High Lords. Could this be his mother's influence, a mother that was apparently "all smiles and laughs" until Beron ruined her? He also implied that there was meer to his arranged marriage with Mor that was first disclosed and that he's one of the reasons that Lucien is still alive. There's so much with this character yet to be explored, and so many questions, that I'm afraid I would take up too much space listing them all, so the fifth spot on the lijst will have to do.

Like I zei previously, almost every single character that Maas has created for this series could be gegeven at least a short story to toon us more, but a few meer that I would like to see who didn't make my five are Cassian, Amren, Thesan, Jurian, Nephelle, the mortal queens, and Drakon.


One of the best and most prominent features of this series is the level of romance, whether true of tragic, and love shown in each of the boeken and between each of the characters. However, there are some romances in the series that I feel could be delved into a bit meer of that I would like to see.

Cassian and Nesta - While this one has only been hinted at so far, it still strikes my fancy. They're two characters who are orbiting each other with far too much sexual tension to leave unattended. I need some sort of final finish for these two. door the end of ACOWAR, it's fairly obvious that there's something there between the two, but it's never touched upon. Much of it is left to interpretation.

Lucien and Elain - Though they're mates, and that much was established at the end of the seconde book (A Court of Mist and Fury), they certainly don't act like it in ACOWAR. Lucien certainly shows interest in meeting with her, learning meer about her, Elain is far less that receptive of that attention. She still had her hart-, hart set on Graysen. In ACOWAR, we're able to see what happens between Elain and Graysen, now that she's Fae, and it didn't end well. gegeven that, I'm hoping that Lucien will be able to help her forward. I don't necessarily need these two to get together, as I'm not sure that I like them paired, I would like to see something done further with the two. As we know, two people who are considered mates aren't always the best for each other.

Morrigan - Honestly, I would like to see anything done with her. I want to see her happy, after seeing how much pain she is, struggling with her bisexuality, which she seems to imply leans heavily toward gay. With the words "I can't love him like that...because I prefer females." I wanted meer of her, and I instantly wanted a lover, a REAL lover, for her. A mate even.

Azriel - First, I want to see the end of his obsession with Mor. I want to see her explain to him how it is, and I want to see him grieve it (let's be real. u can't be obsessed for centuries and not grieve the end of what hope you've been holding onto.) I want to see him find a male of female who can love him like he deserves, give him the love his life has been lacking. Honestly, if Lucien and Elain weren't already established as mates, I would have loved to see this, but I can't see Maas disappointing all of the Elacien shippers out there door pairing her with Az. Still, I want it. And until the volgende book, it will stay on this list.

Amren and Varian - Though we don't know much about Varian, it's shown that Amren certainly feels something strongly for this Summer Court native. I would like to see meer between these two. They had the power to become enemies, but Varian chose to follow different path in ACOMAF. I'm curious as to how this would play out now that she's High Fae.

Kallias and Viviane - Him so cold and her so warm, it's too cute for words. Especially when the explanation of their relationship is given. That they'd been vrienden for so many years, but he wouldn't dare admit what he was feeling, but that the last thing he did before his power was taken door Amarantha was contact her! Their personalities seem to contrast in the best possible ways, notably in their dialogue, and selfishly, I want more.

Thesan and unnamed lover - There's not much information beyond the barest details gegeven here, but that's perhaps why I like it so much. There's obvious love there, even if no mating bond yet, but since his lover never says a word in the book where he's introduced, it leaves a lot left open to be yet explored.

Helion and the Lady of the Autumn Court - This one has been eating at me since I finished ACOWAR and if I don't get any closure at all with these two, I'm going to...well, do nothing. But I'll be pretty ticked. There is so much here! Even, possibly and likely, a child between the two. Helion certainly felt something for her as revealed with his emotions on display, however he tried to veil them, when he discussed the subject with Feyre and the rest of the Inner cirkel in the Dawn Court. I'm thinking that there's meer there to be shown. I'll just be waiting eagerly to see if we'll get the chance. Damn u Sarah J. Maas for making me love characters we meet for only a few lines in the damned book!

Powers and Abilities

While Maas manages to be descriptive in her use of the powers, she also manages to leave the nature of many of the powers completely ambiguous. The characters I would like to see meer from are :

Morrigan - For a third time she makes my list. It's implied that she holds incredible power, even rivaling that of Amren, who is told to be a creature unlike anything we'd seen before. For someone who has that kind of hype to live up to, we don't see much of her power on display, even in the final confrontation with Hybern.

Amren - Another character who is constantly implied to be super powerful but falls flat is Amren. We saw just how powerful she could be at the end of ACOWAR, but despite the destruction, again, it was left vague. I'm tiring quickly of the deliberate vagueness of these boeken (there will be an artikel detailing this coming). Also, now that she was reborn as a plain High Fae, does this alter her powers further?

Azriel - I just want to know exactly how his being a shadowsinger works. It was never explained, only guessed at door Feyre, and I'm too damn curious not to want to know. It seems like a really cool ability, especially if it's coveted so highly, but we don't know anything about it. Only that it makes him an incredible spymaster.

Elain - As an oracle, she holds a lot of potential as a majorly minor character in coming books. She has a power that can influence entire plot lines! This isn't something to be handled lightly, but I want to see meer of it. I want to see her struggle to control it, even actively use it to zoek for futures.

Nesta - We know after ACOWAR that her power was linked strongly to the Cauldron, and we saw how powerful she could be with that during her duel with the King of Hybern. We also saw just how fierce she could be as a warrior if she would only train. It leaves me wondering after the Cauldron's rebirth, what kind of powers she would have left, to what extent, and whether she would let Cassian of Feyre train her to fight.

Vassa - Is being a firebird just part of her curse, of is it in some way connected to a further power? Does this mean that all mortal queens could have powers? Are they witches, connected to Fae, of a special type of human?

Bryaxis - Again, very vague use of lethal power, but at the end of ACOWAR, it's heavily implied that we haven't seen the last of Bryaxis.

Lucien - gegeven his now disputed parentage, could have have powers from both Autumn and Day? To what extent?

Further Questions

These are just some further misc. vragen I had for the series. Some are vague in their nature, meer on the side of matters I would like to see covered in future boeken than serious vragen I want answered, though there are plenty of those too. Some are just statements of things I would like to see covered. If anyone knows that antwoorden to these, please let me know in the commentaren below.

It was never explained in what way the Fae age, of don't. It's zei that their immortal, which conventionally means that something will never age to die, but it's also zei that certain Fae look older that others, even elderly. How does that work? Does immortal in this world just mean that would could have a few thousand years of life?

On that note, it's noted in book 1 (A Court of Thorns and Roses), that Alis' nephews age slowly, since they're Fae, even though it's lesser Fae. However, with other High Fae, like Rhys and Mor, it's implied that they aged like humans until they were in their twenties. Am I reading these wrong? Do High Fae and lesser fae age differently? Do different species of fae age different, of individually? Do they stop aging at a certain age, of start aging meer slowly at a certain age?

How will the Fae convince the mortals below the uithangbord that they're to renegotiate the Treaty? How will the mortals take the news? How would they feel, gegeven the prejudice against Fae, about a united Prythian?

For that matter, what is to come of the Courts? I can't imagine the Courts would disappear. There's magic connected to each of the courts, as evidenced in their High Lords.

Also, I would like to know how mortals and Fae on the continent take the news of the aftermath of the war in Prythian. Would this create turmoil in their own territory?

Now that Rhysand has crowned a High Lady, will other High Lords follow suit? Will this be something demanded of High Lords now? Would a mate of a High Lord be able to force him to crown her High Lady door withholding herself from him (it's zei door Rhysand that it's easier for females to resist the mating bond than it is for males)? Would other progressive High Lords like Tarquin want to follow suit, of is this where he sticks with tradition? What about the courts that seem to prize tradition, like the Autumn Court? I very much doubt that if whomever takes over the Autumn Court after the inevitable demise of Beron has his line of thinking that a High Lady is something they would consider.

Now that war is over, for the time being, how will Prythian conduct their recovery? How will Cassian run the Illyrians? I kind of want to know if they're going to try to fall back into their old ways behind the chaos of the recovery efforts and the Treaty. Will their society progress farther with the pro-female agenda that the Inner cirkel is trying to push of try to continue to forget it?

We were able to see in the aftermath of the war that every single one of the prominent protagonist characters made it out alive. Not only is this completely unrealistic, but I would like to see someone prominent have died, as horrible as that sounds.

What will happen with the mortal queens? Will they seek vengeance for the youngest, now could be oldest, queen? Not much is known about the white and black queens. They must have a story too!

What will come of the island of Hybern? I'm assuming that everyone living there wasn't in the war, so they must have some other kind of population. What will happen to them? Who will lead them? Will they stick to their anti-mortal ideals of take a meer liberal approach?

I wonder how Ianthe's family of her fellow priestesses would react to her death. Did her family understand how much of an animal she was?

It's shown that Nesta is taking the death of her father pretty hard, harder than Feyre at the very least. I want to see meer of how she deals with that, the realization that her father did love her, no matter how it appeared.

In Closing

Do any of u have anything u would like to see in the coming books? Is there anything that u would change? Are there any vragen that u have yourself that haven't been answered?