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If R&B had a baby with Hip-Hop, and the baby was adopted door Neo Soul and Alternative; u would get A Omega.

A Omega is as musically diverse as they come. This singer-songwriter and producer pours hart-, hart and soul into his muziek which contains influences from the worlds of R&B, Hip-Hop, Neo Soul, and Alternative. He manages to bring all of these elements together perfectly to produce muziek that not only moves your body, but affects your mind as well.

Omega got his first professional singing experience in London, England; where he sang with various muziek groups. He has a large following of listeners in the US and world wide who have been waiting for his brand new album This toon to be released. Omega made his musical debut on the soundtrack for the 2010 film The Conversation, and has other movie soundtracks in the works.

The album This toon is a very unique and personal album which chronicles Omega's experiences with romance, heartbreak and everything in between.
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