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It had been years since Jamie's dead, but it still felt to me like she was alive, and had to die every day. Each morning I woke up expecting to see her wake volgende to me. Not even 10 years could erase of wipe away the need and the hope I had to see her beside me. Now I kept a photograph of her in my nightstand, so I could see her first thing in the morning when I woke up, but it was a long time before I could bring myself to put it there. I tried to do it the first night I spent without her, but I couldn't. I couldn't see her for a long time, but she was everywhere. She was in the stars, in the...
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This fan fic is NOT mine! Credit goes to the rightful owner!

Chapter 1:

Funeral. A dark cloudy dag was perfect for the theme. The line of the funeral home pagina was through the door. Everyone wanted to say their last goodbye to lovely lady of Beaufort. One door one everyone saw this lady and met her husband who zei 'they'll help u in anyway'.

Finally Landon Carter went up to his wife and he zei goodbye to his wife forever.

"Jamie, thank u for everything" zei Landon sobbing

Cynthia Carter was behind him and she pattered him on his shoulder.

Landon blowed Jamie a final kiss.

Landon and Cynthia...
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Chapter 3: Meeting Wilson

It was one cold afternoon Randy and Jamie were looking for an apartment with Tim.

"Come on guys this place doesn't look that bad"

"Dad water is coming out of the walls and you're telling me this isn't bad"

"I never knew u need a plumber for the walls, maybe a little home pagina improvement door me"

"Please Mr. Taylor I think we should leave."

"Jamie I'm not living here" zei Randy

"We don't have enough money"

"I'll rebuilt it," zei Tim

After all hours for looking for an apartment Randy and Jamie decide to live in the one that Tim zei we would repair for them. Tim went upstairs and...
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