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Landon & Jamie (AWTR) // Light Up The Sky

Every time that we meet...I skip a heartbeat

Jamie/Landon; Everything That I Have

Jamie & Landon ● 'You're my Angel'

A Walk to Remember: Jamie and Landon || Cat and muis

Jamie//Landon || I'm sorry she never got her miracle.

Jamie&Landon//...'Cause I'd miss you, babe ...

Jamie & Landon: a walk to remember [say (all I need)]

A walk to remember- Dance scene

May I-A walk to remember

Its ok not to be ok||multifandom

a walk to remember | Jamie & Landon | ♥

A walk to remember || Jamie/Landon *Epic Scene Contest*

"Nothing Goes as planned" // Jamie & Landon

All In | (AWTR/Titanic/The Notebook)

Jamie and Landon

Love is....

I might kiss you....

I'm scared of not being with you..

Like the Wind....

The Wedding :)

"..our love is like the wind." - Landon & Jamie

a beautiful scene.

A Walk To Remember - Sleep Well, My Angel

A walk to remember - Tears of an angel

MV#2/2 A Walk To Remember │ Forever ( Landon ~ Jamie)

A Walk to Remember Video Clip 720p HD

A Walk To Remember Official Trailer (HD)

A Walk to Remember Sweet Scenes xD Jamie and Landon

look at the stars...look how they shine for YOU.

a walk to remember : i'll be the only one, if u say you'll never go

Jamie & Landon- At The Beginning

a love that will never be; but u & me.. ♡

Landon & Jamie | God Damn You're Beautiful

Landon & Jamie ♥ (A Walk To Remember)

Landon + Jamie ~ "Love is like wind, u can't see it but u can feel it."

A Walk to Remember || Dare u To verplaats

●Oh death. ✕

Landon & Jamie - Run

"You can't see it, But u can feel it" // Jamie and Landon

[ A walk to remember ] | Landon ღ Jamie

Landon Jamie \\ Right Besides u \\ A walk To Remember \\ TUVO

Landon & Jamie || Help, I'm alive...

A walk 2 remember .... love like the wind

A walk to remember Love is

Jamie & Landon- She Is

Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep || Landon/Jamie

Save You; Jamie and Landon

[Landon&Jamie] Hear u Me

Our Love is like the Wind ● Jamie & Landon

Tonight; Jamie/Landon

You're way too young // Jamie&Landon

Jamie & Landon || Boston

"Dance me into the night..." || Jamie&Landon

A Walk To Remember- Anywhere But Here

Landon and Jamie-Today Was A Fairytale

Landon & Jamie (AWTR) - "Nothing goes as planned."

Jamie & Landon ; Our love...is like the wind

●Landon and Jamie;; It Is u (I Have Loved)

Jamie/Landon-Only One

A walk to remember - Dare u to verplaats

A walk to remember {Oh my hart-, hart skips a beat}

i don't know your face`

Don't tell me if I'm dying | Landon and Jamie

A Walk To Remember ,Jamie AnD Landon - "I Do Not Need A Reason To Be Angry With God"

Jamie & Landon-Open Eyes[A Walk To Remember]

A Walk To Remember - The Reason

["no hero in her sky." | jamie;landon]

A drop in the Ocean [Jamie & Landon]

jamie and landon // it's a love story ...

Here Without u - Jamie and Landon muziek video

.:: Landon & Jamie - When You'Re Gone ::.

Drowning in your love (Landon/Jamie)

Jamie & Landon Never Say Never

[[Jamie & Landon]] don't tell me if i'm dying

[[Jamie & Landon]] fly with me

Jamie/Landon-Only Hope

Jamie/Landon-Far Away

♥ Landon & Jamie ♥ Goodbye My Lover ♥ A Walk To remember ♥

Jamie & Landon (Your love is my Remedy )

||Jamie & Landon||Its A Love Story||

Landon and Jamie - We Might As Well Be Strangers

A Walk to Remember || Dare u To verplaats

Here u me/Landon and Jamie


A Walk To Remember//Landon+Jamie

"Without suffering there would be no compasion"

Jamie/Landon - Airplanes (A Walk To Remember)

TheNotebook&DearJohn&AWTR = "Here in Your Arms"

"jamie saved my life" [AWTR]

{A Walk to Remember} Jamie&Landon; Heaven (Little door Little)

Jamie / Landon - What hurts the most

Jamie&Landon; "you're everything.."

Jamie / Landon ;; Wonderwall

Landon & Jamie - When I Look At u

A Walk To Remember- Alive

A Walk To Remember - Cry

A Walk To Remember - Only Hope

A Walk To Remember - Stuck In My hart-, hart

A Walk To Remember - Teardrops On My gitaar