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Litost | Gibbs & Abby [Gabby]

NCIS Gibbs/Abby "Wanted"

NCIS Gibbs/Abby "Don't u wanna stay"

NCIS Gibbs/Abby "You Give Love A Bad Name"

NCIS Gibbs/Abby "Lullaby"

A - u Are Adorable (Gibbs/Abby)

Gibbs/Abby - volgende Contestant

NCIS Gibbs/Abby You're Everything

NCIS Gibbs and Abby - Skinny Love

NCIS Gibbs/Abby - Beautiful Soul

NCIS Gibbs and Abby -- Crush

Gibbs & Abby ~ tequila

NCIS Gibbs and Abby - "Swoon"

NCIS -- Collide (Gibbs & Abby)

gibbs and abby - in my daughters eyes

NCIS Breathe (2AM) (Gibbs and Abby)

NCIS - Gibbs and Abby - COLORBLIND

Gibbs and Abby - Collide

Gibbs and Abby - Think Twice

NCIS Gibbs/Abby Stay

Gibbs&Abby // Why Does My hart-, hart Feel So Bad

NCIS Gibbs/Abby Think Twice

NCIS Gibbs/Abby "What happened to us?"

NCIS | God Gave me u | Gabby

ash over seas || gibbs/abby

gibbs & abby; ships in the night

Doorway To My Dreams (Gabby & Tiva) Fanfiction Trailer

NCIS// Gabby // volgende 2 u ♥

NCIS// Gabby //Mine ♥

NCIS// Gabby //Just Wanna Be With u ♥

NCIS// Gabby // Te Amo ♥

NCIS GAbby Everytime We Touch

Abby Sciuto


Gabby~ An NCIS Love Story

Protect Me

Gabby - Broken toy


NCIS -- All for u -- Gabby

ncis gabby I was made for loving u

Your Everything

Gabby- My Baby Loves Me

Gabby~ Hot

Gabby - A&J


gibbs and abby- no meer heros

Gabby - u Make It Look So Easy

NCIS- Abby and Gibbs Boxed In Scene

NCIS-Abby and Gibbs Deception Scene

NCIS-Abby and Gibbs Frame Up Scene 1

NCIS-Abby and Gibbs Kill Ari (Part 1) Scene 1

NCIS-Abby and Gibbs Mind Games Scene 1

NCIS-Abby and Gibbs Model Behavior Scene 1

NCIS-Abby and Gibbs See No Evil Scene

NCIS-Abby and Gibbs Switch Scene 1

NCIS - Gibbs/Abby - Ghost of Love

Abby & Gibbs

u Belong With Me Gabby NCIS

Gabby is Everything

Gabby ~ u Belong With Me

Gabby~ There Ain't Nothin Bout u

Gabby~ Fearless

Gabby ~ Jump Then Fall

Gabby ~ She will be loved

NCIS - Abby/Gibbs - Closer

NCIS Gabby- Te Amo

Christmas boom Feat. GABBY

The Gabby Effect

Nobody But...Gibbs & Abby

Abby's Hero

Gabby- Let's Get Together

Gabby ~ I'd Lie

GAbby "Complicated"

NCIS Gibbs and Abby - Little Dysfunk u

Out of time - Gibbs and Abby

NCIS Gibbs and Abby - Papercut


Abby and Gibbs-Before the Storm

love just is-Gibbs and Abby

NCIS : Abby and Gibbs

Gibbs & Abby ~ A Shippers' Hope

NCIS Gibbs and Abby - Need u Now

Gibbs/Abby -- Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress)

NCIS Gibbs/Abby: "You & I"

Hanging door A Moment [Gibbs/Abby]

NCIS Gibbs and Abby - This Funny Thing We Got

My Immortal (Abby & Gibbs)

NCIS -- Too lost in u (Gibbs & Abby)

NCIS Gibbs and Abby - No Sleep Tonight

NCIS - Gibbs/Abby - All The Same

NCIS Gibbs and Abby - u and me, babe (how about it)

Let It Rain--Gibbs and Abby

NCIS Gibbs/Abby - Brace Yourself

NCIS - Gabby - Gibbs & Abby

NCIS Gibbs and Abby - Shine

Gibbs/ Abby : Hello, I love u

NCIS Gibbs/Abby - Gonna Be Strong

NCIS Gibbs/Abby - These Open Arms

NCIS - Abby/Gibbs - "Protect

Gibbs Threatens Abby With a Spanking