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posted by DragonFang145
*This story is best for fans that have read the Marceline and the Scream Queens comic book series as it feat. characters that are used in this story that are not in the TV series*

Chapter 1: Dead and Gone?

"Dang it Bonnie, get out of my head!" she yelled as she drifted in and out of sleep.
"Stop!" she screamed as she tossed and turned.
"Huh", Marceline woke up with a start.
In the doorway stood Keila, her fellow bandmate and guitaris.
"Marceline, u okay?"
"Uh... yeah! Just a bad dream. Just... a really, really bad dream."...
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posted by Eula2003
Flame Princess

Flame Princess is Finn's ex-girlfriend. He first meets her at the end of the episode "Incendium." During the episode, Jake poses as Finn trying to court her because he believed that Finn, depressed after being rejected again door Princess Bubblegum, needed a new love interest. However, when Flame Princess's father tells Jake that she is evil, Jake tells her (disguised as Finn) that he doesn't like her, which causes her to become confused and angry and attack him, following him back to the boom fort where the real Finn is.

She starts a brand in the house which burns the pictures in...
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posted by emerald_32
Me: hallo guys here's my theory about Marcy's life. It's just an opinion with all the knowledge I've obtained about her. commentaren (please refrain from mean ones, they really hurt) are gladly accepted. Now sit back, relax and read the artikel below!
Before the war, Marceline was half-human, half-demon. Her father, Hunson Abadeer, left her in the hands of her mother as he left to rule the Nightosphere. The war started when Marcy was 4 (or 7, whatever!). Her mother died in war. Leaving Marceline on her own.

Marceline was left there, crying in what was left of...
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posted by lolhooplacatz
Here's some Adventure Time songs....

All Gummed Up Inside
I can't keep pushing this down, any deeper.
Why do I keep trying if I can't keep her?
Every verplaats I make, is just another mistake.
I wonder what it'll take?
It feels like there's a hole inside my body.
A hole inside my heart.
I wonder if this feeling is gonna consume me?
If I keep waiting for this thing to start.
It feels like I'm all gummed up inside, (x2)
It feels like I'm all gummed up insi~iii~iiide~.

All Warmed Up Inside
Oh, Flame Princess,
I think you're rad,
I really wanna kiss you,
Right in front of your dad,
Cause' I think you're great,
I wanna...
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posted by emerald_32
Reminder: Please be informed that this is just a review and is just how I feel about gewelf, kluis Of Bones.

gewelf, kluis of Bones was very enjoyable since we got to see meer of Flame Princess' character. She has now shown her adventurous side and her protective side for Finn.

This episode may have also brought meer FP fans amusement and happiness. She has also strengthen her and Finn's bond, and much to the enjoyment of many people.

I would like to say Thank You to the creators, producers, animators and writers who have put their blood, sweat and tears into making this episode for our enjoyment.

And that encloses my review. :)

Me: Sorry if I made it to hard to understand of anything, and please do feel free to criticize my review (dadadas, please don't say it in such a hurtful way). THANK YOU.
posted by Newbiehere13
I watched "Finn the Human" and "Jake the Dog" and I really loved their altered-characters! Though most of my favorieten didn't toon up, so I thought I could just make their own story. Anyway this is an introduction of the characters, I didn't follow the original story plot and just thought of their personality and life with a little references, so don't tell me that I've changed the story, I already know (but I didn't change it entirely). Finn's family will be featured in my volgende artikel (also an itroduction) along with Bonnibel (Princess Bubblegum) and Frances (A name I came up with for FP...
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posted by crazycow4556
The episode begins with Finn having a dream about the Cosmic Owl screeching, Billy kissing his lady, and the beer and the slak reading the Enchiridion. At one point, while he is laughing, Billy's image flickers to The Lich and back again. Suddenly, the slak (who turns into the Lich) kills Billy and Finn wakes up. He tells Jake about his dream and Jake says it is a premonition dream. He then says they should go tell Billy because he was in the dream, turns into a car, and then drives Finn to Billy's home.
Once there, Billy yells at them saying that its 3 in the morning and asks why they are...
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posted by redpanda
MFC 12.13
In Ooo in the woods Finn and Jake were adventuring
Finn: That adventure was so radical man!
Jake: I know dude I got lots of magic rings
Finn: Where did u get those again?
Jake: When that giant thew them up
Finn: Man I missed it
Jake: Ya man it was epic
Finn: Dang well let's get back to the treehouse
Jake: Okay man
At the treehouse
Finn yawns
Finn: I'm tired let's get to bed
Jake: Ya I'm dog tired haha dog tired
Finn: Ha ya man
In the morning it started snowing
Finn wakes up
Finn: Jake its snowing!
Jake wakes up
Jake: Finn u are donking up my dream man
Finn: But its snowing man do u wanna go outside...
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posted by ATFan1
Prince Gumball’s scream echoed in Fionna’s ears. Her blue eyes then fell on a mirror volgende to her. Instead of seeing that elegant young girl whom she once was, so full of life and energy, she saw another, a mere shadow of her former beauty. “Am I going to stay here like this, while one of those whom I love dies?” she asked herself.

“NO!” She quickly hoisted herself up and darted out of the boom house, her long golden hair flowing behind her. She ran past the lifeless bodies, never taking notice of their stench of decay, nor of the sensation of the withered gras under her feet. Her...
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posted by emerald_32
Me: This includes Bubblegum and Marceline. They are sisters, which is hard to manage. Anyway, enjoy (I plan to publiceer this to my FanFiction along with Forgive Me, Heart)!
(Note: Marceline speaking)

What have I done? I killed my only sister. Looking at her grave, singing her a death song, oh God, forgive me.

I don't know why I did it, but she was being so mature, so mean, to me. Please bring back all those great memories.

I was fixing my hair and dressing up, I faced to the mirror, but there was no reflection. Instead, I saw Bonnibel's face reflecting. "You...
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posted by emerald_32
For those who are confused with the whole couple thing on Adventure time, here is how it goes:

FINN: Finn had a crush on Bonnibel (PB). But Bonnie didn't love him back. Because of that, Jake looked for a princess that was Finn's age, and found Flame Princess. Eventually Flame Princess became Finn's girlfriend.
JAKE: As most people know, his girlfriend is Lady Rainicorn. It was shown in "Lady And Peebles" that Lady is pregnant. It is unknown if Jake and Lady had the "intercourse"
BONNIBEL: She and Mr. Cream Puff have dated before as mentioned in "Slumber Party Panic".
MARCELINE: Ash is Marceline's ex-boyfriend. Ash sold Hambo, Marceline's beloved childhood toy which caused her to be enraged and dump him.
LSP: She has an ex-boyfriend named Brad, which is being dated door her friend Melissa.
posted by emerald_32
Marceline felt as if she had nowhere else to run; as if her body was being burned door golden flames. The flames of love. Why could not Finn see?

There were gray clouds surrounding her, and a monochrome shouting at the Vampire Queen at the same time. Sunlight cast a shadow upon her, the twilight she used to love seeing had changed in color, it was drawing too near.

Her world was getting blurry somehow. But even so, would she still love Finn? Her feelings were genuine, so very sincere...But what could she do? His hart-, hart belonged to somebody else. What could she do...What can she do?

She felt like...
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posted by crazycow4556
This the lijst of episodes.
Season 1 2010:
Slumber Party Panic
Trouble in Lumpy Space
Prisoners of Love,Tree Trunks
The Enchiridion!
The Jiggler
Ricardio the hart-, hart Guy
Business Time
My Two favoriete People
Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
City of Thieves
The Witch's Garden
What is Life?
Ocean of Fear
When Wedding Bells Thaw
The Duke
Freak City
Rainy dag Daydream
What Have u Done?
His Hero
Gut Grinder
Season 2 2010-2011:
It Came from the Nightosphere
The Eyes
Loyalty to the King
Blood Under the Skin
Slow Love
Power Animal
Crystals Have Power
The Other Tarts
To Cut a Woman's Hair...
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posted by redpanda
What does everyone think of me?
Just a girl made of flames?
A monster?
Well I'm better than that!
I'm a Flame Queen I will do what I must to complete my goals and try to stop anything in my path!
I may seem evil but I hide a secret good side in me.
I can be good.
I won't be a monster.
I won't be a freak.
No not anymore.
I'm a Flame Queen loyal to my kingdom!
I will be amazing!
A good girl like my father wanted me to be.
Like my... mother would want me to be.
Like Finn would want me to be...

Why do I hurt the ones I love?
Is it my nature?
My power?
I don't know glob tell me!
I just wish I could control myself.
I'm a Flame Queen I burn and hurt everything I touch.
I'm sorry Finn.
I'm sorry everyone...
posted by Eula2003
Chapter 6: - Special Girl -
About Fionna and Marshall Lee
Fionna: Do I ever kruis your mind?
Marshall Lee: No.
Fionna: Do u like me?
Marshall Lee: No.
Fionna: Do u want me?
Marshall Lee: No.
Fionna: Would u cry if I left?
Marshall Lee: No.
Fionna: Would u live for me?
Marshall Lee: No.
Fionna: Would u do anything for me?
Marshall Lee: No.
Fionna: Choose -- Me of your life.
Marshall Lee: My life.
Fionna runs away in shock and pain and Marshall Lee runs after her and says:
"The reason u never kruis my mind is because you're always on my mind"
"The reason why I don't like u is because I love you"
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posted by emerald_32
 The troll, that, up until now, still hurts me.
The troll, that, up until now, still hurts me.
After some thought, I've decided to leave this club. Why? Here's the reason/s why.

For the past few months, I've just been abused, trolled, offended and treated badly. I was trying to stay calm and just take it lightly, to clear it door talking nicely. But of course, people never really appreiciate it. If I'm just going to be mocked and made of fun of, well then, this club isn't worth it.

If I'm just going to be called delusional for my fandoms, then this club isn't worth it.

If I'm not appreiciated for all my efforts and contributions to this club, then this club isn't worth it.

If I'm just...
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posted by emerald_32
My entry for the MFC contest for January. Just something I thought of since the deadline is in two days.


She was born of heat and smoke, with the ashes of the volcanoes combining. She was a princess. The Flame Princess. It was rumored that she would grow up to be a fiery force that was both foul and fair. The people zei that she would grow to a force to be reckoned with.

People grew in fear of the new princess. What she would become of was worth being scared of. The Princess of the Candy Kingdom has already warned the King of this, but of course, he was stubborn, so he gave little attention...
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posted by Saofan1234
 Yui looking crazy
Yui looking crazy
"Finn I need your help." Pb said. "Finn?" Pb zei after that. A little girl comes in holding Finn all bloody. Pb says " What happened to Finn young lady?" Young girl says " I'm not a lady I'm Yui Akita Otanshi and Finn fell 500,000 feet on ice that went through his stomach." Pb screams. Yui says calmly " He's ok he's taking a nap and he is happy sleeping" " How do u know that?" Pb says sceamimg "I can see Finns dreams, death, future, past and everyone else's. u are mean, cold, sad and confused I put pitty on you, u sad excuse for a person. First James then who else don't worry I killed all the girls in middle school who made fun of me." Pb runs screaming
 Yui back in middle school
Yui back in middle school
posted by redpanda
Uh I know everybody is hating on FP but I don't see why, she is only doing what she thought was right. The idea here is Flame King is a terrible ruler he locked his only daughter in a fucking lamp for most of her life, he didn't give a damn if she had problems with her powers, I would actually try to help her like a normal parent and actually be decent, and that's why Flame Kingdom is in a terrible position because he didn't care enough to help his daughter so blame Flame King for all of this! He is a terrible flame elemental he's the reason Flame Princess has childhood trauma!
posted by ATFan1
To my prince,

Finn, how could I have ever zei those last words to you, those last words which have tortured u ever since! In sheer anger and confusion, I declared with those words your doom. How could I have been such a heartless monster?! If only I knew the consequences of my words, I would never have even thought of saying it.
O my handsome prince, all my life I was imprisoned door my father, that demon who never cared for me, who doesn’t even deserve to be called my father! During those lonely years, I grew up, never knowing that heavenly sensation of love of of being loved. Then, I met...
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