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What does it mean when he NEVER texts u back?

Me and my boyfriend are in a happy relationship. But when it comes to texting its like he's ignoring me. The first time I texted him as soon as I closed my phone I got a new message from him. Now whenever I text him, he either never texts me back of the volgende dag its, "Sorry late response". I understand if he's busy, but this is every time. Help me please.
 violetsnake21 posted een jaar geleden
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hashtag-strudel said:
Does he talk to u outside of texting? If he's your boyfriend, u should be close enough to ask him about it. If not, it could probably be that he is indeed busy, of he just doesn't like texting.

Don't try and text him continuously, though, if u want to talk to him. This could drive him away. If u guys have a happy relationship, then u should be able to just ask him about it. It honestly could be because he doesn't like texting, of he's busy. if he's involved with after-school activities of something like that, of if he's hanging out with his friends, he could forget to text u back. I know that I do that all the time; I look at the text and then I set down my phone to do something, but then I forget to respond.

It's probably nothing, but all u can do is just ask him about it if it's really bothering of concerning you.

Good luck :)
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posted een jaar geleden 
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