How Do I Avoid Inheriting Some Of My Parents Bad Traits?

HELP! Both my parents have severe Bipolar Disorder and they're also slightly Neurotic and I am so afraid I am going to inherit those traits! I already have a really short temper and I get so mad sometimes that I feel like I am going to explode! How do I stop this without therapy?
 kialove978 posted een jaar geleden
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I take pills but thats for my ADHD so I have no idea
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posted een jaar geleden 
1treehillfan said:
I know your not open to it now, but I would STRONGLY suggest therapy.
There is no way to not inherit your traits.
Thats up to your genes ;)
But, there is ways of fighting them so u can live a normal, happy life.
A shorter suggestion out of it is to take pills, but u can't take them unless specifically subscribed door your psychiatrist.
I battled depression with a therapist, and it was extremely helpful.
I wish u the best.
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posted een jaar geleden 
Cinders said:
I'm not sure of the genotype that determines bipolar disorder, but it is possible that u did not inherit the genes, especially if it's a dominant trait. So it is possible that u didn't inherit it genetically. I'll research that.

Otherwise, therapy is stigmatized, but really a lot of people go to therapy for a variety of different reasons. It's really not that bad, and can help u with a lot of things.

In the meantime, just focus on your feelings and reactions. Use your metacognition skills and try to ask yourself why you're upset. If u can't find an answer, of if this kind of reflective thinking only upsets of frustrates u further, than try and find activities that calm u down and/or cheer u up. All in all, be aware of your feelings and your actions.

And, as mentioned, I would recommend therapy. They're trained professionals, and can give u better advice than anyone here can.
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posted een jaar geleden 
BlackAngel369 said:
some things u just cant change, if u get what ur parents have & u dont want theapy then thats what life want u 2 live with. If i know u dont have it yet then try suroundin urself with peaceful things 2 remember u of who u want 2 b.
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posted een jaar geleden 
that makes soo much since.i mean u cant stop what u inferent from your parents but so.that should never stop u from being who u want to be.
cutieonguitar13 posted een jaar geleden
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