help please! In stuck in the middle of 3 ppl :( I'm so confused and I need ppls help:(

I'm sorry to make u do this but click on my user name then go to my antwoorden and on the first page there is a club from the hot guys on fanpop club click that and answer please I'm sorry to make u do that but its a long story I would really apricoate it a lot if u answered it:)

ps write a LOT I wanna know everything so I can go about it different ways ...oh and sorry I can't post a link I'm not on the computer were u can coppy and paste I'm on my ipod...

 9twilightlover5 posted een jaar geleden
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jedigal1990 said:
considering i read the right vraag i think i did here is my answer i also geplaatst it on that spot but i'll post it here too

i agree with star_bella on this one u should datum the sweetie because he obviously is into u playing with your hair, complementing you, i wouldn't rush into it trust me i had vrienden who did and lets just say that it didn't go so well take it slow get to know meer about him become vrienden then datum if u think u guys have enough in common of like each other enough. As for the gym guy there is no reason to throw him out as an option i mean if u ever do get to talk to him but from what u wrote i think its a good idea to get to know both boys better but the sweetie sounds like a good bet and don't judge him just on his looks he might not like the type of girl u are describing and u might be his kind of girl hope this helps
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posted een jaar geleden 
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