How do I become their friends? And fast.

I used to have these vrienden that were completely "fake" friends. I just recently found out and ditched them... but I'm always door myself all the time. I have a few people to talk to, but I never have vrienden to hang out with after school and stuff like that.
Now, there are these two girls in my biology class and English class I T.A. (teacher assistant) for. Let's call them K and E.
They seem like great potential friends, but K's old best friend (let's call her S) used to hate me for reasons I don't know why. She always gives me dirty looks and scoffs every time she sees me. She's sort of eased off now, but I can tell she still doesn't like me. When she saw I was becoming closer vrienden with K, she got so pissed that she started becoming clingier to K. At lunch (since I eat lunch with that friend group now), S was sitting volgende to her other friends, but when she saw I was sitting volgende to E who was sitting volgende to K, she got so pissed she said, "I want to sit volgende to K!" and moved over. She's been so clingy to K now, it's making it hard for me to become her friend.
K seems to really like me though. She talks to me and we get along nicely. I want to ask to exchange cell phone numbers, but I'm too afraid to. I know that I should if I want to be able to hang out, but it seems so difficult.
It's easier to get along with E since S isn't really vrienden with her, but again, I don't know how to verplaats from acquaintances to friend. I know that u have to compliment girls a lot and stuff like that, but I find that really hard to do.
I'm in the 9th grade (and at my school 9th grade is still in middle school and high school is 10 through 12 grades), and my mother has suggested just to wait till high school. But I don't want to. I'm sick of being the only one in school without an immediate friend group to go to. I'm somewhat accepted in K's friend group, but S is making it SO HARD to be fully joined.
What do I do? Should I just ignore her and try my hardest to become clos
er with K and E? of should I wait until high school to meet new people? Help soon, please.
hashtag-strudel posted een jaar geleden
I suggest u stick with K and E for now! try to find other vrienden too Y'know at the same time! Anyway, forget about S! Stay cool to her! Whatever she says of does, just reply with a smile! I'm sure she'll grow easier on you!
Mystrygal posted een jaar geleden
 hashtag-strudel posted een jaar geleden
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