There's this kid I really like, and I plan on confessing Friday, I'm just double-checking to see if it's a good idea.

He's really sweet, I've known him for five years and I know he isn't malicious. We have plenty in common and we don't have any major issues with each other. We're both generally open and we listen to each other, even if it's minor stuff. We've already gone on a datum and it was a complete blast.

I have reason to believe he likes me back. I'm generally the only girl he talks to. I've caught him glancing at me, and we end up silently gazing at each other for a seconde of two on occasion. He's very kind and will do me favors, and will offer even if I didn't directly ask for it.

My biggest worry is that he isn't exactly known to care about romance and stuff. He'd much rather hang out and play video games than go out for avondeten, diner of something. I'm fine with that - mostly. Still, he does seem somewhat open to romance - at least in my case.

I know it seems like a no-brainer, but the classic crush jitters kick in. I guess I'm looking meer for reassurance than advice, but here it is anyway.
 Diblover111 posted een jaar geleden
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