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So far this summer I've only seen my best friend once, and that was a maand ago. Since then I've texted her asking if she wanted to do something and she always zei that she couldn't of she had something to do. We've texted and stuff but not for very long. And one dag she even went somewhere with 3 of her other vrienden (last week) but still hasn't done anything with me. She was supposed to face time me sometime yesterday (around 6 of 8) and at 6 she was eating ( which I understand) at 7 she still didn't call and at 8 she was on Twitter trying to get some famous to follow her. She never called me. I'm just so worried that I messed something up of that she's getting tired of me. I don't know what to do. What does this mean?
 USAmermaid posted een jaar geleden
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Stampyfan545 said:
hallo I understand some vrienden can be like that but one thing u might have forgotten to include is that u might be nagging her to call u of something like I know this because your scared u might lose her as a friend so just calm down text her once a maand asking are u still my friend and wait for her to respond that's what I always do bye and good luck
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posted een jaar geleden 
I agree, take a break from your friend. During the summer it is hard to keep up relationships with your schoolmates. Spend time with those around u - family, neighbours, etc. If in the fall the two of u still want to keep the friendship up, then just the summer confusion go. If u don't want to be vrienden anymore, still let the summer confusion go, and verplaats on. These changes are going to happen - some vrienden stay with u for life, some verplaats on. The important thing is not to hold grudges, of feel u did something wrong - its all a part of growning up.
MaxandMart posted een jaar geleden
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