did i do something wrong??

so i asked the guy i like to homecoming a while back since it was painfully obvious he was going to ask me (his vrienden would look at him and then at me and start giggling & one would ask "are u filming yet?" & the other would be like "yeah, i got it!", etc.) but the guy couldn't pluck up the courage to ask me (he'd get red in the face, run away before he could even walk up to me) so i decided i would ask him. even though it's a guy's choice dance i really didn't give a crap about it & you're not supposed to reject dance invitations unless u really can't go.
so when i asked him it took him a few days to respond back, and it was a rejection. over Facebook. i don't know how people reject one another (in person??? idk) & when his vrienden found out they were super pissed. they stopped talking to him & avoided him & whenever they would see me they'd give me huge pity looks, etc. (& they're not very sympathetic ppl, i'll let u know - typical populair guru group).
anyways, after that there have been other dances going on, both of which this guy tried asking me to again (even though they were girls' choice). he still couldn't make a move. he'd end up pacing in front of me, getting red in the face & running away. even his cousin tried to help him but he just ran away.
but when other girls asked him... he would go with them? like this one girl asked him to monster mash & he went with her & then this other girl asked him to winters & he's going with her... but when i asked him he flat out rejected me? & whenever he sees me in the halls & finds out that i know he's going with some other girl he gets really guilty looking (avoiding eye contact with me, looking shameful, getting red in the face).
does he even like me? i know it's hardly any facts to decipher, but i always catch him looking at me all the time & he gets super awkward/nervous when he talks to me (but sometimes he'll act like a douche). & why is he saying yes to all these other girls & didn't even give me a
proper apology? instead he complained to his other vrienden (who were girls) saying things like "what do u think about a guy who tried SO HARD to ask a girl out for almost over a year... but the girl can do it in just ONE DAY?", etc.
quaintcomfort posted een jaar geleden
 quaintcomfort posted een jaar geleden
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Rockinpeacegirl said:
I don't think u did anything wrong.The guy is probably just shy.Because it is a guy's choice dance he probably wasn't expecting a girl to ask him.Just because it was unexpected doesn't make it bad though!Remember,girls mature faster than guys, so it might be some silly little reason why he is going out with other girls instead of you.Maybe his vrienden made fun of him for having a girl ask him instead of him asking you.Even though that is VERY stupid,it could be.As for him going out with other girls,maybe he is afraid to say anything to u because he likes u and doesn't wanna mess things up, so instead he goes with other girls that he might not even care about. He could also be trying to tell u he likes u door going out with other girls.He may be trying to make u jealous and see what you'll do,to see if you're worth it.Another silly mind game guys play.Honestly guys are highly unpredictable.There's no telling why he is doing what he is doing, of if he likes u of not.I just gave some suggestions as to what could be happening.In the meantime don;t think of him as someone to go to the dance with.Take it slow.Why not become close vrienden first?Sit together at lunch,help with homework.Small things.Soon he should become meer comfortable around u and might ask u out.Don't force it though.If he really likes u he'll ask.If he feels pressured he might run off(not litterally XD)
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posted een jaar geleden 
Just be friends,earn his friendship before anything else.If he doesn't want to do something with you, don't force him to.Just let things go with only the slightest of nudges towards the close friendship zone every now and then.Soon he could be asking u out and turning other girls down!Hope I helped!
Rockinpeacegirl posted een jaar geleden
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