I hate how my parents treat me

I'm 14 and my parents have always told me that when I turn 13 I will suddenly go crazy because of hormones. I will not want to listen to them, I will do stupid things, and like boys. They have told me this for as long as I can remember and always acted like being a teenager is some sort of disease and that all teenagers are completely insane and stupid. This has caused me to hide everything that might bevestig this, down to what music, TV shows, Youtubers, and films I actually like. I didn't even tell them about when I was having a lot of problems with depression and anxiety because they told me that all teenagers have these problems and it's just because they are stupid and insane.

My dad pretty much openly insults me about every little thing. I didn't instantly figure it how to assemble something? He gives me a look like I'm stupid, snatches it, and with wife eyes he nods his head slowly saying "You do it like this, see?" In the most insulting way possible. I accidntally dropped and broke something? "Why are u throwing things and trying to break them!?!?" I set the tafel, tabel and I accidnentally put out 5 plates instead of 6? "Can u even count? u are failing at math if u can't even count." It is horrible. He has been like that for years. My mom makes the excuse that his father treated him that way and that's why he does it to me (my dad's father was absolutely horrible, he even abandoned him at boarding school and threw away everything he owned).

My 6 jaar old sister is a total brat and the golden child. She slept with my parents in their bed until she was 4 before she was kicked out and when she was she got mad at me (we have to share a room) and started kicking and screaming and hitting me, she even stabbed me in the head with the ear of a littlest pet and got blood. She got in no trouble at all for this and I was expected just to deal with it. She doesn't have to work of do anything at all. I have to clean up all her messes and my parents have no
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