I hate how my parents treat me pt 2

I have to clean up all her messes and my parents have no problem with that. When I was 6 I had to clean up my messes and my brothers messes! She gets mad and screams and hits people. Now I know your are thinking she is just 6, she can't do that much harm, but she is freakishly strong. She ways 40 pounds and I weigh 135. She can pick me up. A few days geleden she stal my phone, climbed to the top, boven of the monkey bars, and started threatening to throw it off. I had done nothing to her, she just did this for fun. I climbed up there and took my phone back, my mom didn't even talk to her about it. She got mad and started trying to hit me and soak me with a watering can. I was mad, and I will admit that I did grab the watering can from her and dump it over her head before taking her foam sword she had been trying to hit me with and smacking her once (not hard). This made her mad. So what did she do? She found a bezem stick and started trying to beat me to death with it while my mother sat on the back porch laughing. I knew I couldn't risk trying to get it away from her since she would hit me with it so I ran as fast as I could from the backyard around to the front yard before going in the front door of the house and locking her out. In the process of running for my life I hurt my ankle. It was really bad, standing on it was pretty painful and so was moving it. My sister got in no trouble at all.

I lock her out of our room while putting on pajamas and tell her that before I let her in she has to use the bathroom (she always uses going to the bathroom as an exuse to have me turn on the lights and for her to get out of bed) and my parents come to scream at me and threaten to take my foot off the hinges. So the volgende dag at about 11 my dad comes in, furious because the dishes from avondeten, diner aren't done. I couldn't do them the night before because standing on my ankle was painful and I had been busy the whole morning. He then screamed at me about how the dishes from the last sever
 SeaOfMoonlight posted een jaar geleden
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