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This is a video about rhino poaching. Please have respect rhinos because they are getting killed alive cruelly - they are completely innocent and should NOT be treated like this!!!!!
posted by Kibahina96
A tan deaf 3 jaar old pit-bull with a hart-, hart shaped alpha mark saves infant baby. She was able to feed the baby. 6 miles from Toronto Canada. Pit-bull Rescue watched baby to see what would happen Amazingly it managed to sense baby crying and give it a bottle !!! When the team approached slowly the pit-bull started unknowingly and approached the team. Soon letting them pick up and feed the baby. She walked up to the team wagging her tail. They both fought together never giving up helping inspire each other whenever needed !!!
posted by IsidoraSmiley
OK,so,couple of days ago,I was with my friend,walking her dog.And suddeny,her rottweiler,Daisy,started acting weird - she was whining and her legs were twitching just like her tail.First we thought she stepped on some broken glass of something so we checked all her paws but,of course,we found nothing.After a couple of minutes,Daisy started shaking and scremaing in pain.Not howling - SCREAMING! I never heard such a sound in my life!My friend called her mum to come with the car and take them to the vet's immedialy.Her mum parked somewhere about 10 minuten walk from where we were... So we (kind...
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