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What happened to Moa?

Sorry if this has been asked, but what happened to her? I know she used to tour with Alex, but now Olga is. I was just wondering what happened.
 casey102 posted een jaar geleden
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EmMaLex said:
Moa is gonna study muziek and focus on that now.She leave and replace come new girl in Rybak's team.She is Olga and 20 years old.

I think,Olga is better than Moa.She's good-hearted and so talented girl.I love her.
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posted een jaar geleden 
Olga is deffo better than Moa in 093849488 other ways
Helene17Norway posted een jaar geleden
I agree with u girls.
Jenni- posted een jaar geleden
yeah, I think Olga is better
carol92 posted een jaar geleden
I agree.
kuutti posted een jaar geleden
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