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Jørn Atle Støa and Alexander Rybak will release a new song!

Jørn Atle Støa is collaborating with the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak. Jørn Atle invited the Norwegian hert to Hønefoss on February 26 and the performed together the song “Trolltjern”. u can listen to the song below and have in mind that the song will be released soon on iTunes.

I like this song very much, what do u think about it?
"Trolltjern" ~ What does it mean? Love Alex's vilon sound
khanhlynk_KFC posted een jaar geleden
will that song be released in Norwegian ? if so, I'm very happy for sure :)))))
smallwolf posted een jaar geleden
it's really beautiful music, just unfortunately I don't understand a text.
ajsa posted een jaar geleden
 Alexhelen24 posted een jaar geleden
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russ19520 said:
the song is excellent with Jorn playing gitaar and Alexander on violin. It is in Norwegian to start.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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