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 Alex with a greek dancer in ESC 2010 backstage
Alex with a greek dancer in ESC 2010 backstage
eurovision song contest 2010
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...<i would like to come on tour in Russia. not only because i have won EUROVISION there, but also because a girl that i like very much lives there.
i have never been populair with the girls and still be so. although I got thousands sms with declarations of love ! i don't mean fans love, i mean real feelings.there always have been guys that were meer populair with the girls than me, maybe because i was interested in music, didn't want to dress and have my hair cut according to the fashion, make tatoos and body piercing.
and now i am still dressing very common. and i like nice and timid girls...
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“Anything meer beautifully than Moscow did not see”

— Who plays a violin, that, as a rule, well owns a guitar.

— Truly, both Igor, and Alexander perfectly play a guitar. In the house at them author's songs — Gorodnitsky, Nikitinyh, Berkovsky, Vizbor constantly sound. Igor itself writes fine songs.

— Often musicians happen the ninnies who have been physically not developed door people. That u will not tell about the senior and younger Rybaks.

— Igor — the inveterate traveller. I remember, on the first officer money I have bought to it in a gift a rubber boat. So it has passed...
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