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posted by orkneymatrix
Alice has the power to see into the future. The premonitions she experienced as a human are intensified in her vampire life, and she uses them to her advantage in order to keep her family safe. It mainly works door her focusing on a certain object of person and keeping track of its decisions. She can also focus on several objects at the same time, up to the her mind allows. Her power is also one of few not affected door Bella's shield. She makes extra money door using her power to predict windfall investments in the stock market. As a human, she only received visions at certain times while...
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posted by disneygood
All rights reserved to Eloise Williamson.

Saturday - 03 April - 2011 - 12:00 p.m
I sit there on the couch, waiting for him to come back. For all I knew, he could be de*d.

Saturday - 03 April - 2011 - 12:02 p.m
Oh no. What if Jasper really is de*d. AHHH!!! Why did I have to put that thought in my head? I try to shake it out, so I end up doing flips. To keep myself entertained, I started climbing branches with Rosalie and Esme. It wasn't the same without jasper though. Nessie really wanted to come, so in the end I put her on my back and climbed the trees. I came back in when it started to thunder....
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posted by scarf_diva
People wonder how I feel about being able to predict the future. Is it fun? Is it a curse?

Sometimes I stand for hours looking outside my window trying to figure out a way to prevent what I see as inevitable. The sun sets, then after a while, rises again. I still stand there, motionless, thinking, wondering.

Finally, I grab my scarf, inpakken, wrap it around my neck, then go out with a smile and see my beloved standing there waiting for me,patiently. Jasper knows my turmoil.

I've learned to hide most of my emotions so those closest to me can't always see the dark clouds in my eyes as I see a vision. My smile hides alot. So, is it fun? No, but it's a gift that I hope I can use to help those that I love.
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