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posted by LinaJC
 Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen was born on 1901 as 'Mary Alice Brandon'

~Turned: 1920 [around the age of 19]
~Died: 1920 [as human]
~Member of Olympic Coven
~Wife of Jasper Hale
~Remembers nothing as human, woke up alone as a vampire
~Born in Biloxi, Mississippi
~Was kept in an asylum because she had premonitions which is her special vampire ability
~Was changed into vampire door another vampire that worked at the asylum, because James was hunting her.
~Alice and Bella are the ONLY two people to escape from James
~SHe had a vision of her and Jasper in the Cullen family, so she went out to find him.
~Had a little sister:...
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posted by alicecullensBFF
Alice mainly plays a supporting role in Eclipse. She is bribed door Edward with a canary yellow Porsche 911 Turbo (like the one she stal in New Moon) to "kidnap" Bella so she won't go to La Push to visit Jacob. She doesn't seem to think that a treaty with the La Push werewolves is bad. It is revealed she can use her power to predict the movements of her opponent in battle. She fights the newborn army created door Victoria with the majority of the Cullens and the werewolves, although Jasper doesn't let her do anything out of fear for her safety. u can see her relationships with Bella and Edward grow throughout this book. Alice is one of Bella's best vrienden and during Bella's punishment for leaving to go to Italy, Alice is liked door Charlie and doesn't have any limitations for visiting, unlike Edward.
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