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posted by JackLuver14
 Calla (blue eyes, vacht, bont sorta like Kate, brown tipped tail)
Calla (blue eyes, fur sorta like Kate, brown tipped tail)
"This is the best!" I exclaimed, having the time of my life. "I told u it was fun," Humphrey laughed. "So Humphrey really came up with this, Shakey?" I questioned. Humphrey zei he'd thought of log sleeën, rodelen when he was a pup, but I hadn't really believed him. Shakey had nodded in response. I smiled, glad he had thought of something so fun.
We were log sleeën, rodelen down the hill. I was in front, then Humphrey, Salty, Shakey, and Mooch was in back. I was glad Humphrey was the one behind me; he was my favoriete out of their little group. When we were pups, we hung out all the time. In the beginning of last fall, I had gotten shipped off to Alpha school. What was weird though, was how Humphrey thought of log sleeën, rodelen during winter, when I was gone.
It was fall again, and I hadn't seen Humphrey and his vrienden in awhile. There was only one problem- I was an Alpha now. There wasn't really supposed to be time for fun. Just everything Omega's didn't do. I didn't really care, though. I was always meer fun loving, with a bit of serious, but I was born a leader. I just seriously hoped Dad wouldn't snap at me for this.
We were coming to the end of the heuvel now- and to a steep cliff. We howled with excitement. The log made a loud thump as it hit the ground. As we hit a rock and swerved to the side, Humphrey told Salty to press his paw on the ground to turn us straight again. To my surprise, it worked.
We hit another rock and flew off another cliff, we all fell off, and the log broke. Salty landed first, then Shakey, Mooch, Humphrey, and me on top. "Thanks for breaking my fall," I zei while laughing. Humphrey got up and I fell off of his back. As everyone else got up and dusted themselves off, we burst out laughing. I heard Mom calling me back to the den. "I gotta go guys. Later, okay?" They all zei bye as I trotted off. I shouted back, "It was great seeing u again, Humphrey!" He grinned and replied, "You too, Cal."
"Calla?" my mother called. I ran into the den. "Yeah, Mom?"
"Are u ready to hunt, dear?"
"Ready. Nervous, but ready."
"Go to the valley, then. Eric and Jason are waiting. Don't forget; lunge at it's neck and bite into it. Never let go until u don't feel it's pulse"
"Y-yeah.. won't forget," I stuttered. I rushed out of the den, back down the heuvel that lead up to our cliff-top den, and quietly eased into the valley. I immediately noticed three caribou, and I saw Eric and Jason crouching in the grass.
I got behind a struik, bush door where they were hiding in the gras and behind a boom and whispered, "Hey guys. Ready?" They nodded and we slowly stalked up and I lunged at one caribou. Eric and Jason killed the other two. I remembered what my mom zei as I bit into its neck and shuddered.
I licked my lips off and looked at the boys. They were already cleaned off and waiting for me so we could pull them back up to the pack. I looked up to the top, boven of the cliff lining the valley and noticed Humphrey and the gang hanging out. Shakey was talking to Janice, Mooch and Salty were talking, and as I finally looked at Humphrey, we locked eyes. He smiled and I looked away, feeling awkward. "Lets go, guys," I zei and we brought the caribous back up to the pack.
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When humphery got up from being thrown door an unknown force he sees kats in her werewolf form he also sees black smoke coming out of a other animal and go into kate." that is what is making her change". he then charged wright to the animal, but all the other animals went in front of him to stop him. Humphery then changes into his werewolf form and slams the animals out of the way, like the tank from the X-Box game Left 4 Dead. He charges to the guy and slams him so hard that makes him fly and hit a rock 5 feet away.
he then sees kate change into her normal self and falls on the ground with a thud. Humphery changes to normal and runs to kate and picks her up in his paws and starts running for his life away from the horrible place and to never return.
Sorry short this all I had so this is the end of chapter 4. Chapter 5 coming soon
it was 1968 and the Tet offensive got even worse the Vietcong and NVA were attacking every base in south vietnam. the marines had to meld to the old city of Hue (commonly known as the cidiadel)
they had to retake the city form the vietcong.
the marines were told the amry 1st air calvery divison will back them up Humphrey was depressed When kate sends him a hippy letter from home pagina that said:
go home pagina leave the war Lets make love and peace
Humphrey was about to put up his letter till Sergio came up to him and took the letter away,
you can read this your crappy hippy stuff after we re capture Hue...
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posted by awsomegtax
I know its been a while figured id start on this try to finish this story sory for this not being hear for such a long time.

Tony is back at his cave wear he would normally be. Waiting for his son Garth to come home pagina so he can explain what he saw. the word "allways" streamed through his head like crazy. He slowly began to walk up to the cave. Gazing as he watches his pack work, play and do what ever.

Tony: Garth....wear are u (hanging his head slowly)

Winston begins to walk up the side heuvel to the cave as he trots over and sits down beside tony and looks at him

Winston: Tony......i know your...
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posted by buddydevos
(my eyes open) "huh" I say to myself not rembering anything at all even my own name. I start to look around and find myself at the bottom of a steep heuvel with many valleys and streams running at the bottom until another heuvel as far as I can see. I go take a look into the stream painfully getting up I relize I must have fallen of the hillside and have complete memory loss! As I look into my own reflection I see I'm a mostly grey wolf with silver/ white Along my belly area and my head, I also find about a 6 inch gash in my left leg and a long cut alond my right eye. Still in pain I decide to look around for a place to sleep before I try to start a new life. ( since I can't remember a thing) after about an uur of walking alond this beautiful stream I find a waterfall with an abandon cave near by. Goodnight I think to myself as I close my eyes and nod to sleep.
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posted by lonehumphrey
hallo guys I'm back I have to give credit some of the ideas were from ( kateandme) thx again but hope u guys enjoy

As soon as kaitlyn hit Nathan" s face they both went down immedietly. and even underwater they both heard Rudy. laughing his head off.
" did u see that haha " Rudy was yelling to max almost crying " your in for it now thats what I see " Max zei back. When kaitlyn and Nathan got above water she saw Nathan blushing like a cherry. " boys " she zei quietly but just enough so everyone could hear faintly.
Then she got out of the water to sunbathe. But Rudy and Nathan had other ideas....
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posted by SentinelPrime89
1. The Big Fureeze would actually be the final story, completely disregarding any bullshit that happened in Dino Digs and leaving Journey To beer Mountain non-existent (which could possibly really be a true godsend if Brent is in any way involved).

2. The pups are now at the age that Humphrey, Kate and Lilly were during the first four minuten of the original movie.

3. King, Princess and a small faction of what was King's rogue pack are back but are a bigger threat than they were before. Princess's allegiance is still questionable due to Alpha responsibility.

4. Obviously it takes place during...
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Summary: Life as a lone wolf isn't what it was all cut out to be for Humphrey. Battered, bruised, and hungry, after months of failure at hunting he reaches his breaking point. Never has he felt so low, the end seems near and he must choose the volgende move. Struggle on, of become free of it all?

A/N: Warning, the following involves elements that some readers may find very upsetting, if u do not like tragedy then do read something else.

Sometime Around Midnight - TheChriZ1995

The warm summer breeze blew through the long gras and treetops which caused them to...
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