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posted by lux2
The assassin's voice

Part I

  "finally I found it, the last piece," Jason laughs. He lifted the last piece out of the pedistle and places a tiny chip into a small voice box.

   "my dreams of finally being able to talk and form alliances with animals is nearly here."

  "freeze!" a police oficer razed a gun at Jason. 

  "crap," Jason wispered as he slowly walks backwords.

  "hand the chip over of I'll shoot!," he says while he grabs his radio. Jason reached into his pocket and with blinding speed hurld a blade into the officers head. 

  "come in frank, come in, frank?" the radio buzzed.

  "I got to get out of here, now," Jason zei as he turned around and sprinted down a narrow hallway. He glanced back to see to men looking at the body. Jason quickly broke a window and jumped through it. He lands hard on his feet, and grumbles in pain. 

  The alarm rose in the air as he retreated into the forest. 

  "I think I lost them, now I need to get to my friends," Jason zei to himself. He brushes himself off then heads to the nerist train station. He took off his robes and turned it inside out. It looked like a regular jas that someone would ware.

  He walked across a road and sat near a bus stop. It had to be around midnight. As he sat on the bench he fell asleep.

  Jason woke to the sound of sirens. To men stood in front of him. They were officers. They slowly made me sit up. Jason just sat there and acted casual.

  "son where were u last night?" one officer said. Jason looked up to him and streched.

  "last night I was at the bus stop and a man bored me to sleep, then I sleept here, is there a problem officer," Jason lied. 

  "last night we had a break at Gillits productions and somone took an important chip and burned the blue prints. Could that be u son," the left officer zei as he pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

  "no sir u must have me confused with someone else," Jason lied. 

  "that's funny we got a tape that says otherwise," the right officer says as he grabs a DVD and puts it into a portable player. "see there u are."

  "that's not right,sir"

  "your coming with us, son" he walks up to jason to put the handcuffs on Jason. Jason quickly stabs the left oficer with his hidden blade then, slits the right officers throught with a throwing knife.

  "thanks for the ride boys," Jason laughed as he climbs into the police car.

  Jason laughed and mumbled,"I am so going to be in truble with Liz."   
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WARNING: Minor sexual content

It took nearly a week before Kate and I finally crossed the Canadian boarder back into Montana. The massive winter storm that had ravaged Canada left a jas of ice on the whole entire Alcan highway, and even into Montana. The average speed was 45 mph. Both Kate and myself were bored, even with the muziek on my iPod, I had slightly over 3,000 songs, but they had all played twice of meer door now. Nights when we stayed in the shabby motels at the truck stops, we tried to pleasure one another, but to no avail. I never realized how hard it was to have sexual intercourse...
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posted by OmegaWolfShadow
Kate woke up, Humphrey was sleeping behind her so Kate got up quietly and walked out the den. She felt wet in her lower areas. Kate spiering, spieringen her lower area"Wow did i really mate with Humphrey last night"Kate zei to herself, Kate licked herself"Hmm that tastes good"Kate said. Kate licked herself a bit meer then stopped and went down to the lake and cleaned up."Hey Kate"someone zei from behind her, Kate turned to see Humphrey"Hey Humphrey"Kate said,"So did u enjoy last night?"Humphrey asked getting into the lake. Kate giggled"Yeah i did"Kate said, when Humphrey and Kate were washing themselves...
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posted by xAngelwolfx
 kate down
kate down
It was a rainy dag and Kate was getting ready for the caribou hunt,"i hate the rain"Kate mumbled to herself as she shook her fur.She stepped out of the cave and went to meet hutch.Meanwhile Garth and Lilly were just getting up"morning honey"Garth zei as he put his paw through Lilly's vacht, bont to wake her up,Lilly's nose twitched,"morning Garth"he smiled at her,"i'm going out to watch Kate's hunt"Lilly jumped up,"oh wait for me!"they both headed for the hunt."Hiya Hutch u ready for our hunt"Kate zei to Hutch,"of course i'm ready its just the weather i'm worried about"Hutch zei while looking...
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This is just a flashback Eve had in the story Ba'al.

It was in 12th grade. It was the final dag of school when Ba'al finally fought back. Well, he didn't really fight back but it was the last time Humphrey and his vrienden ever picked on him...

It was lunch uur when Ba'al flipped his mind on Kate and broke Humphrey's nose and Garth's arm.

Ba'al was walking to his own tafel, tabel where the light would shine on him. He sat down and began eating his food. He then heard giggling and laughter. He ignored it and continued eating. Next, he felt something slightly hard and wet splash on his back. He immediately...
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posted by Alex_6SIC6
Humphrey had been seduced door the most beautiful wolf ever. Blsoom. Humphrey has no control of this hypnosis and is trapped in her spell.

"Mmm... Yes..." A moan came from a den. This den, belongs to Blossom and Humphrey. After they had sex in Humphrey's den, Blossom wanted to become mates and have a new hol, den to theirselves.

"Oooh..." A moan came from the back of the den. Back in the den, was Humphrey and Blossom rubbing their members on eachother.

Blossom was on top, boven of Humphrey, holding her worm and rubbing it on Humphrey's. Blossom bit her lower lip and humped faster, a little drop of her pure...
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This is a different version of the LWK series, it has no relation to the original series. In this version we are anthros and Kate is my sister.

Hello, my name is Chris Ashton. I am a jet black wolf with yellow eyes. I have a silent heuvel tattoo on my right shoulder and I weigh 185 pounds. I am physicly fit and have a muscular build. I currently am 23 years old. This is the story of how I met my future wife, the super model, Katie. Heres how my story begins.

It was Friday night and I just walked in the door to my Condo/Villa for the evening. I had thought about going to get a bier somewhere...
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A furry's life part 2: Surf lessons    

The strand was peaceful exccept for the commotion of the few that were there. Early birds always showed up just to hang out... Including my friend Jon who had the same idea of taking along his girlfriend Kate. It was so peaceful... Until I came booking it in here as afraid as a seventh grade boy at a school dance. Jon was beginning to set up shop. He owned a surf store. He always came door with Kate and let her koop about while he worked the shop. That way, he could spend time with her, while she has fun. I ran into the clearing and ignored...
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part1:2 years later! humphrey dies door a inmageary death.after he fougth for his life and suferd for his life and die for his mate kate.but humphrey zei a few words before he died.and this is what ha said.kate kate if u are out there please!take care of the pups for me."And that was the last words that he zei to kate.and she zei to him is.sleep tight my love sleep tight."she cryied and walked away.later in the evning she went and barried her once was husband in the maand later kate once again found a new mate that is a lot like her husband humphrey.and she was happy once again.the end of part1.enjoy the sadness!read meer on and omega/spots/articles
posted by Xscash232
 image for the first part outside steles cabine
image for the first part outside steles cabin
~ outside steele's master cabin~ Jenna sits looking in while steele is laying inside the warm cabin.
Jenna: Lucky steele that could be me laying volgende to him
Balto: what do u mean jenna

Jenna: Ahh! Balto u scared me and it means nothing
its just i like steele in a way

Balto: Balto: jenna i have to admit that i love u

Jenna: Jenna: balto i know but i have feelings for steele

Balto: don't u realize we've known each other for meer that a jaar and you've only known steele a maand we know each other jenna we should be together

Balto begins to walk away depressed and keeps walking leaving Jenna...
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posted by VengeanceWolf
I stood there in shocked silence, gaping at what was taking place in front of me. I glanced to my right and saw Ronna's brothers, Armstrong and Lerbo, standing there with stupid grins on their faces.
They were all cheering me as I exited the cave.
"Lerbo, what is going on?" I growled, this sorta had me uptight, just shake it off and verplaats on, I thought to myself.
The taller, meer muscled wolf stepped vooruit, voorwaarts and attempted to keep his smile under control.
"Im sorry sir, but the look on your face was great."
He grined again
"So what is going on?"
"Well, when u sent Blake out, he told them to...
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posted by KateAlpha
Just Chill and chat about the well known and loved movie' alpha and omega! can't think of anything to chat about? Just make up a story about alpha and omega of write down your idea of what u would like alpha and omega 3 to be like!
What a feeling' I mean we all like making friends' but ever thought about making vrienden with Kate of Humphrey?! Omg that would be awesome! Have fun alpha and omega fans!!! :D
posted by ThatDarnHippo
Dear Fans,

First of all, I think this movie looks very stupid and predictable.

Now that I have that covered, Please tell me what if I should change the icoon of banner. Give me some of your own that u think fit better. Honestly, I like the banner because it shows (what little) emotion from the movie.

Even though I'm not an actual fan of this movie and I have no intentions to waste my money seeing it, I generously made this spot for those of u who have a different opinion on this production.

My own opinion in detail (beware):
I have already expressed this on different spots - I just copied and...
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