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posted by lux2
The assassin's voice

Part I

  "finally I found it, the last piece," Jason laughs. He lifted the last piece out of the pedistle and places a tiny chip into a small voice box.

   "my dreams of finally being able to talk and form alliances with animals is nearly here."

  "freeze!" a police oficer razed a gun at Jason. 

  "crap," Jason wispered as he slowly walks backwords.

  "hand the chip over of I'll shoot!," he says while he grabs his radio. Jason reached into his pocket and with blinding speed hurld a blade into the officers head. 

  "come in frank, come in, frank?" the radio buzzed.

  "I got to get out of here, now," Jason zei as he turned around and sprinted down a narrow hallway. He glanced back to see to men looking at the body. Jason quickly broke a window and jumped through it. He lands hard on his feet, and grumbles in pain. 

  The alarm rose in the air as he retreated into the forest. 

  "I think I lost them, now I need to get to my friends," Jason zei to himself. He brushes himself off then heads to the nerist train station. He took off his robes and turned it inside out. It looked like a regular jas that someone would ware.

  He walked across a road and sat near a bus stop. It had to be around midnight. As he sat on the bench he fell asleep.

  Jason woke to the sound of sirens. To men stood in front of him. They were officers. They slowly made me sit up. Jason just sat there and acted casual.

  "son where were u last night?" one officer said. Jason looked up to him and streched.

  "last night I was at the bus stop and a man bored me to sleep, then I sleept here, is there a problem officer," Jason lied. 

  "last night we had a break at Gillits productions and somone took an important chip and burned the blue prints. Could that be u son," the left officer zei as he pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

  "no sir u must have me confused with someone else," Jason lied. 

  "that's funny we got a tape that says otherwise," the right officer says as he grabs a DVD and puts it into a portable player. "see there u are."

  "that's not right,sir"

  "your coming with us, son" he walks up to jason to put the handcuffs on Jason. Jason quickly stabs the left oficer with his hidden blade then, slits the right officers throught with a throwing knife.

  "thanks for the ride boys," Jason laughed as he climbs into the police car.

  Jason laughed and mumbled,"I am so going to be in truble with Liz."   
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posted by sxyomega
Why do people do this? Ill start reading a story and theyll get u on the edge of your zitplaats, stoel and then when they got yiu they just stop completly with the stories....I mean i jnderstand u need time to write the thing but tht doesnt mean u have to take 2 months working on the dang thing. Besides I have watched alpha and omega probably meer then anyone in the world(and sorry if i get creepy)i am in love with it....thats why i kom bij this damn thing in the first place(apologies for the language). I love reading the stories but i bate rereading them because the writer wont release anymore!!!

Please guys, I understand how hard it is and I know how u feel because Im writing one myself..Just hurry with them please.
It all was about to kick off now we all knew that judgement dag was coming here is the story.
Three months later
A wolf followed door his wife where door the lake looking out at the water at about 12:00pm then a sound from the struik, bush made them jump “What was that?” asked the wolf’s wife then the wolf walked into the struik, bush to see then he gave out a loud yell for help then silent “Honey don’t scare me like that” zei his wife then an Alpha Shade came out and killed her
Next morning
Humphrey followed door Kate, Fire, Lilly, Garth, Water, Winston, Tony and Eve where door a dead wolf “Not again...
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posted by Garth619
When my father died i was a little wolf....

We(I and my dad) were walking around forest and I was learning a new things.At once wolf ran from struik, bush and attacked my dad.My dad was fighting with five wolfs and everything looked great.Almost all wolfs were lying on the ground.I went closer to my dad,but some wolf jumped on my dad from the dark.He bit him in the neck and runaway.I ran to my mom and told her everything.She screamed and ran to dad.When we came..we saw him lying on the ground and bleeding.He coughed and said:„I love u son".
After he caught my hand and died.I zei with tears in eyes:„I...
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posted by lonehumphrey
okay since im doing two sreies at the same time im gonna do svaing her one dag and the fake life the other so on and on but please enjoy

it was 59 degress out in canada and it was a normal dag for the jasperpark animal obsever nathan but what he didnt know was today was going to change his life forever.
" hallo nathan can u check the wolf pack d again theres somthing going on " his boss asked. " okay be right back " he answered.
after about twenty he got to the eastern territory checking out to see whats wrong.then nathan hid behind a struik, bush observing the pack. " hallo boss theres nothing wrong...
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