Humphrey is pissed at Kate.

Humphrey returned home.
“Hey bitch.”
“Humphrey, I’m not dealing with u not forgiving me anymore. I’m moving with Garth.”
“Good, I don’t want u here!”
“And he zei u can have Lilly.”
“You want my sister meer than me!?”
“Now yes.”
“I hope you’re shitting me.”
“No, I’m not.”
“I’m packing all my stuff. And I’m taking the Armada.”
“What! I get the Armada and u get the Civic.”
“Nope I called it first.”
“Damn it!”
“You know you’re an Omega that was lucky to have me, now you’re being a complete dick!”
“Fuck off!”
Humphrey drove to Garth’s house.
“Can I talk to Lilly?”
Humphrey pushed Garth out of the way.
“Hey Lilly.”
“Hey Humphrey.”
“Have u done your revenge yet?”
“I’m too scared. Garth will fight back and easily kill me, and if I successfully hurt him and not have him fight back, I’ll be in major trouble.”
“I’m about to do mine, and it’s intense.
“What are u going to do?”
“That’s classified.”
Garth grabbed Humphrey and pinned him to the wall.
“Get out of my house of I’ll ply your neck open.”
Humphrey kicked Garth in the balls and walked out. He went back home.
“It’s a good thing I’m getting these stitches removed tomorrow,” Kate said.
Humphrey came in and grabbed a butcher knife.
Humphrey streaked the mes right through Kate’s stitch area.
“Ahh! Oh God!”
Humphrey stabbed her in the hart-, hart after Kate got up. That started her long sorrowful death.
“Kate, you’re the God damn harvester of sorrow.”
“Hum…phrey… u wi…will… be… caught.”
“You can just lay there with a long death.”
Humphrey went to Winston’s house.
“Hey Winston.”
“Hey Humphrey, what’s going on?”
“Not much. hallo can I use your Ferrari?”
“Sure, you’re a good son in law, Eve doesn’t think so. Don’t tell her I let u borrow the Ferrari.”
Humphrey tried to leave as soon as possible.
“Hey Humphrey, is there a problem?”
“No, no problem,” Humphrey zei purposely sounding suspicious.
Garth went to check on Kate. He saw she was laying on the floor suffering.
“Kate! Who did this?”
“Humphrey…” those were her last words.
“Kate, Kate!”
Garth ran as fast as he could to Winston.
“Winston! Humphrey! He… he stabbed Kate!”
“Kate just died and is laying on her keuken-, keuken floor!”
Winston fell to his knees.
“I gave Humphrey, the one who murdered my daughter, the Ferrari.”
“He told me he’s going to SIC international airport.”
“Great, so he’s probably getting a last minuut flight.”
“Garth, you’re a cop here, I need u to hunt Humphrey down. I want him dead of alive.”
“Yes sir.”
“I’m sending Hindu and Hutch with you.”
They headed out to SIC on a roflcopter. It went Soi Soi Soi all the way.
“Why is this thing so annoying?”
“I don’t know.”
They landed at SIC. Humphrey went through security and got to the E gates. He saw an obviously retired Trans World Airways 727.
“Sir, I need that 727!”
“A wolf flying a plane?”
“No questions, attach the jet way and get me on so I can fly out.”
Humphrey boarded and was pushed off. Garth saw this.
“Umm, Hindu, Hutch, are 727’s still in service?”
“Jeez what an idiot. Why the hell is a 727 about ready to take off?”
“Oh, there’s a wolf that’s in a hurry to get out of here.”
“Where’s he headed!?”
“Control tower says he’s heading to SMF.”
“When’s the volgende flight to SMF!?”
“That one right there is boarding.”
“Thank God, can u get us tickets on the flight?”
“Sure, first of coach?”
“Doesn’t matter which ever gets us on that plane faster.”
“Alright, you’re at 24 A, B, and C.”
They boarded the United 767.
“Hey Hutch,”
“Humphrey’s taking off right now, and we’re about to push back, so we’re close to him.”
“Hindu, did u hear that?”
The 767 took off. Apparently the 767 was going faster than Humphrey’s 727. Cruising speeds are totally different.
“Trans World Airways 727, do u hear us?”
“Yeah, where are you?”
“We’re the United Airlines 767 right behind you.”
“Oh ok.”
“We’re dangerously close to you, can u speed up?”
“This thing’s old, I just hope my engines don’t fail.”
“Well, we got a fully loaded plane.”
The pilot talked to the people of the plane.
“Hey fellow passengers, we’re dangerously close to another jet and we have to slow down so we might get to the airport late.”
Garth went up to the cockpit.
“Pilots! I need to talk to that other plane, please!”
“We’re not allowed to let u in.”
“I’m a wolf.”
“Oh ok, come on in.”
“Hand me that set of headphones.”
Garth put them on.
“Humphrey, I’m in this 767 hunting u down!”
“What are u doing on that plane?”
“Hunting u down. I got last minuut tickets.”
They were over California and descending. Humphrey made a straight down descent for Travis Air Force Base.
“Shit, can u follow him?”
“No, we have to remain in our flight path.”
“Damn it.”
The 767 landed at SMF.
“We have to get to Travis Air Force Base before Humphrey leaves.”
Hindu and Hutch were already looking for a car.
“Man I’m glad I have Verizon.”
Garth ordered a Roflcopter.
“Hindu, Hutch, get in.”
They landed on Airbase Parkway.
“I’ll get a GTO.”
Garth ordered a GTO. They got to a stoplight just before the gates of Travis Air Force Base. Humphrey passed door once the light turned green.
“Garth, that was Humphrey in that blue Impala.”
“Oh shit.”
Garth made an illegal U-turn and got right behind Humphrey. Humphrey saw it was Garth and sped up to the max.
“He’s sped up. Hindu u drive. I need to call Verizon.”
Garth called Verizon.
“This is Verizon.”
“Hi Verizon. I don’t know California well so there’s a phone number I need u to track down.”
“What is the number?”
“Ok, he is on Highway 12 right now.”
“Ok, thanks.”
“Can u ask him where he’s headed?”
Verizon called Humphrey.
“Hi this Verizon Wireless, where are u headed?”
“Rio Vista why?”
“Just wondering.”
Humphrey hung up. Verizon called Garth again.
“Did he tell you?”
“He’s headed to Rio Vista.”
Humphrey went to Rent-a-boat in Rio Vista.
“I need a fast boat! It doesn’t have to be large but fast!”
“Alright, we have a Jetmax and a Dinghy.”
“Doesn’t matter which one’s faster?”
“Dinghy has better steering when going fast but Jetmax has faster total speed but shit handling.”
“I’ll take Jetmax.”
“Ok, here’s the keys. The Jetmax is right there.”
Humphrey got in the Jetmax and drove off. Garth arrived about 5 minuten later.
“I need a fast boot with some kind of gun.”
“We have that mini battleship about the size of a mid-size yacht.”
“How fast can it go?”
“About 50 MPH.”
“Here’s the keys.”
Garth, Hindu, and Hutch got to the gunboat. They sped out. Hutch inspected the radar as Hindu prepared the guns.
“Now Humphrey would be in something like a Jetmax.”
Garth turned down a slough which gave Hutch contact with a Jetmax.
“Garth, I got a contact with a Jetmax.”
“Ok, I see it.”
“Hey Jetmax, pull over!”
“Hindu prepare to fire!”
“Roger that.”
Garth saw it wasn’t even Humphrey.
“Oh, God, I’m so sorry I thought u were someone else.”
They went a little further. They saw another Jetmax.
“This one’s got Humphrey!”
“Humphrey, we got you!”
Humphrey looked back.
Humphrey sped up to the max speed
“Hindu it’s time to fire!”
“Got it.”
Hindu kept on missing.
“Shit, they have a gunboat!”
Humphrey was going about 75 mph. Humphrey saw a police boot coming for him.
“I have no chance.”
Humphrey pulled over but the police boot just passed him.
“Oh ok then.
Garth passed Humphrey while the cop was close to Humphrey. Hutch was on the look out with binoculars.
“Hutch, u got anything?”
Hutch saw Humphrey speed in.
“Garth, Humphrey’s here. Man I want to place my paw between his gums!”
“Easy, Hutch, u know what, go and replace Hindu for your position.”
“Hey Hindu, we switch spots.”
Once Hindu got to the Cockpit (Yes the driver’s place on a boat) Humphrey snuck on. Hutch heard a slam.
“Humphrey, u have to go through me first.”
Hutch looked behind himself.
“Huh, I must be hearing things.”
Hutch inspected. Humphrey cut of a piece of his vacht, bont and put it on the ground so it could confuse Hutch. Hutch got to the cut piece of fur.
“Humphrey sheds badly, he can’t hide now!”
Hutch radioed Garth.
“I got some of Humphrey’s hair. He’s on this boat.”
“Where are you?”
Hutch was punched door Humphrey.
“Hutch? Come in!”
There was a pause.
Humphrey was tearing Hutch to pieces.
“Hutch! Please respond!”
“Sorry Garth, but your buddy’s dead!”
“Humphrey! I should’ve known u sneak on!”
“I’m coming up there!”
“You’re going to have to pay Rent-a-Boat because u left your Jetmax at sea.”
“No, I tied it to this one.”
“Hindu, go get him!”
“Yes, sir.”
Hindu went out to pwn Humphrey.
“Hey Humphrey, I’m going to eat you!”
Humphrey punched Hindu.
“So that’s how u want to play it.”
Hutch was hurt, he was still effected from when the Eastern Wolves tore him up so Hindu was a lot stronger. Hindu put Humphrey through a masher.
Humphrey busted out of it but tripped nearly flying overboard. Luckily he grabbed onto the side. Hindu came.
“Goodbye Humphrey!”
Hindu pushed Humphrey’s left paw off and started on his right, but Humphrey punched Hindu causing him to fall overboard and grip Humphrey’s leg.
“Get off my leg!”
“I’m not dying!”
Humphrey slammed Hindu around and even started hitting him against the boat. Hindu bit Humphrey’s leg, and deep too. Humphrey Started punching Hindu. The boot went over some waves which caused Hindu to bounce on Humphrey’s leg. Hindu is heavier than Humphrey so this is a lot of pressure.
“Ahh! My leg! The muscle is ripping.”
Hindu still had his teeth sank into Humphrey’s leg. Humphrey was miserable. He worked his way to having his chest over the side. Humphrey got the 3 legs that Hindu wasn’t gripping into the boat.
Humphrey gripped Hindu’s neck and sank his teeth into Hindu’s jugular line. That finished Hindu and his body fell into the water.
“Hindu, did u finish him?” Garth zei over the radio.
“I killed Hindu too.”
“You aren’t even injured are you.”
“No Hindu bit my leg pretty well.”
“Ha! So you’re weak!”
“Not exactly.”
“Well, I wish u luck getting through me.”
Humphrey found a First Aid kit.
“Oh thank God.”
Humphrey taped up the wound. Every time he touched he hesitated because of the pain.
“This is probably my worst wound.”
Humphrey taped up his leg and limped to the bridge.
“Hey Garth.”
“I see you’re ready to die.”
“Not a chance.”
Garth punched Humphrey right in the leg where the wounds were.
Humphrey fell to the ground.
“You deserve this!”
Garth kicked Humphrey in the stomach.
“What are u going to do now?”
“I’m helpless this time.”
Garth attempted to kick Humphrey again but Humphrey stopped his kick.
“Ahh shit!”
“Time to bleed.”
Humphrey flipped Garth.
“You can’t take me down.”
“Are Hindu and Hutch really dead?”
“Yes, Hindu’s body is floating in the water and Hutch is laying there dead.”
“No help for me either, it’s just the two of us.”
Humphrey punched Garth.
Garth tackled Humphrey and started at his jugular vein. Humphrey was trying to push Garth away door strangling him.
“You won’t kill me that way!”
“Yes I will!”
“This is the way I killed Hindu!”
Garth got off Humphrey.
“How did u kill Hutch?”
“By simply beating him down.”
“Looks like it’s time for plan C.”
Garth threw a Machete to Humphrey.
“You’re honestly giving me this?”
“We fight with it.”
“Oh, that’s nice.”
“You ready?”
Humphrey trued to dice Garth with the Machete but Garth dodge it and Humphrey ended up splitting the navigation box in half.
“Way to go A-hole.”
Garth slung his Machete at Humphrey. Humphrey hardly dodged it, the Machete slung some of his vacht, bont off.
Humphrey felt the back of his head. No cut.
“Oh thank God.”
Garth knocked the Machete out of Humphrey paw.
Garth nearly sliced Humphrey in half but Humphrey jumped onto Garth’s back.
“Get off me!”
“Make me!”
Humphrey bit Garth’s paw which cause him to drop the Machete.
“Humphrey, u will pay!”
“I will pay once I kill you!”
Humphrey snapped Garth’s neck. That killed him. Humphrey felt tears run down his cheeks.
“I’m sorry Garth, u were my friend.”
Humphrey went back to Rent-a- Boat, took the two boats back, got plane tickets, and headed home.
“Oh God, I’m in so much trouble!”
The plane took off and reached 30,000 feet.
“We’re at 30,000 feet, I am turning of the seatbelt sign and u may use any portable electronics.”
A flight attendant came by.
“Sir, are u ok?”
“I’m in so much trouble with my pack!”
“Oh, don’t worry, once u get back, you’ll be in the clear.”
Humphrey was trebling so hard.
“Look mommy, a wolf,” a little kid said.
“He sure is cute.”
“Can I pet him?”
“As long as he doesn’t bite you.”
The little girl went to pet Humphrey. That made Humphrey clm down a little bit. The girl left and Humphrey slept for a portion of the 6 uur flight. He didn’t want to go back home.