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 Lucky Humphrey
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posted by wilster32
It was one dag in jasper park and everyone was having fun Lilly was not feeling so well so she drifted off to sleep.

*Flash back*
Lilly:Garth don't leave.
Garth:if i'm not back follow these glow sticks i'll throw them behind me.
Humphry:whats wrong
Lilly:Garth went to check something
*someone yells*
Kate:did u hear that
Lilly:That's Garth's yell
Kate:were did he go
Lilly:he set glow sticks behind him
*they find some glow sticks
Lilly:i can hear him
*they hear some one*
Lilly:did u hear that
Humphry:it came from over there
*they find garth with three knives in his chest*
*Lilly wakes up*
Garth:are u okay
*Lilly starts to cry*

i hope u enjoyed please say something to me
posted by katelover14
A white wolf walked through the halls of the white house. He stepped into a room with a beautiful, young, blackish-grey wolf known as Janice, watching out the window.

"Hey Janice" The white wolf greeted.

"Hey dad" Janice greeted.

"How are u holding up?"

"I'm tired, when can we go home?" Janice asked.


They heard heavy footsteps walking towards the door. Two wolves in black suits walked in.

"Humphrey, we need to talk".

"Okay, bye Janice. I'll see u in a little while" Humphrey said."Okay bye dad" Janice said.

Humphrey walked with 5 wolves down the hall, and through a door. In the small room,...
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posted by moondragon01
This here is the backstory of Uahk, my OC. Hope y'all like it. :)
It was just an average day. I was sitting atop a cliff playing my flute. Suddenly, guards came a runnin’ door shoutin, “ Jake’s legion’s coming! To arms!”
Now, in Silvertip, if u made a false alarm, u woulda had hell to pay, so I didn’t vraag that these guards had to have been serious. I stopped playing and made a break for the den. Unfortunately, as soon as the fighting was over, the Stonic wolves found me and my parents and shoved us along telling us to verplaats it. No one knew where we were going until we arrived...
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posted by DuskAlpha
Ok this is the first 7 chapters on me aao fanfiction, I'll uploaden the rest of the story when i finish writing the volgende 7 chapters of when I finish the story (depending how long I continue the story for). If u want to read it chapter door chapter as I write them, go to link

If u wouldn't mind, I would like some people to review this so far and give me your thoughts/opinions of it.
Thanks, Dusk Alpha

Chapter 1

Dusk was woken door the distant rumble of a stampede. He looked around the hol, den – it was empty, so he stood up, stretched, and padded toward the cave entrance and looked over the heuvel that...
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(June 4, 2011)
(this part takes place after my various surgeries)

From the drug-addled haze that being sedated was, I emerged into the light and heat of reality. The first face I saw was that of my loving Alpha, Scar. She looked down at me, worried.
"Hi, baby," I mumbled. She laughed.
"Hey, u druggie," she zei back. The twinkle in her deep brown eyes told me that she was just playing with me.

When I woke up, the morphine had worn entirely off. I was clear and levelheaded again.
I blinked and looked around to see Scar trying to open the window. She didn't know I was awake yet, determined as...
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This is the first muziek video I edited
alpha and omega
(this song is dedicated to katealphawolf but is written door metalwolf and metalwolf only. Do not attempt to defile the song of I will slowly rip off your limbs and eat them with my beloved Crystal)

HOWL WITH ME!!!! (when it's time to die)
GO TO HEAVEN WITH ME!!!! (when it's time to die)
FUCK WITH ME!!!!! (when it's time to die)
We fly and we drive and we kiss and we howl
I dont deny, I don't strive,
stick to u like glue!
Howling in heaven with you!

Verse 1:
The judge has decided that I am not worth
The life I've been gegeven that bloats in this girth
The grim reaper takes me away from this earth...
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