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 Lucky Humphrey
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Shakey, Salty, and Mooch came to Humphrey house.
“Hey, Humphrey!” Shakey said
“What up guys?”
“Sorry for your loss!” Mooch said.
“She was no loss!”
“Well, I’ll miss her, but she’s where she belongs.”
“You mean how she’s burning…”
Shakey elbowed Salty in the gut to prevent Salty from reminding Humphrey that she’s in hell.
“We came because we want to steal those planes.”
“Alright, we could do that. Come back in an hour.”
15 minuten later, the doorbell rang, “Has it been an hour?”
“No it hasn’t.”
They left. 15 minuten after that,...
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Enjoy ! Song: Seize The dag - Avenged Sevenfold
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here is another vid this song was requested door my good friend alphakate21 Enjoy :)
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10 minuten later...
On News:a children has disapeared in this forest.
slender man:..
news:is it still unknown how him disapeared, he was kidnapped while alone and appeared and forest but after 5 minutes, him disapeared.
humphrey at a angry voice:I HOPE I WILL GET u KIDNAPPER AND SLAIN YOU!
slender man:*shakes head left and right*
= Nope.
news:well lets talk about good things.
humphrey has walking at the forest where his son where kidnapped.
he founds the remaining pages saying:"watching no eyes" "NONONONONONO" "dont take this"
he takes the remaining pages.
he runs away from forest until.....
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Humphrey has Scar in his arms as he woke up. She was so sweet, he was glad to have her. She woke up without Humphrey noticing and rolled over, still making him think she was asleep. Out of nowhere she yelled right into his face.
“Ah frick!”
“Haha, got you!”
“Man u got me good.”
“I… I know this kind of backward of what it’s supposed to be but I… I have a mate that passed away and I know he wants me to be happy.”
“I know.”
Scar got on her knees, “Will u marry me?”
“Oh, Scar! This is so unplanned! The way we propose makes me feel...
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"Today's been a darn good huntin' day!" Joel, a tall but thin man told his friend Harold, a short and plump man.

"Yes, I do declare that we've tranquilized three wolves, they'll make good coats" Harold added, laughing at the three wolves they had caught.

One was a female with light-brown vacht, bont and blue eyes, the seconde was a male with white vacht, bont and green eyes, and the third was a female with yellow vacht, bont and brown eyes. This was Kate, who had managed to get caught while she was hunting for the pack.

"What are u gonna do with yer share of the fur?" Joel asked Harold.

"I might turn them into...
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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHA!!!!!!! 2 Years after release, A&= finaly comes to Germany!!!!!!
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The part of the movie where Eve explains to Kate what she must do if Garth gets out of line!
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