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 HxK Sketch
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I used to draw a lot years geleden and I think I should start getting back into it again for fun. So for starters I made this which I did trace a little but hallo u got to start somewhere, enjoy.
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Chapter 9: Wedding Day
**Authors Note- hallo guys I hope u are enjoying the story so far, and to those of u who have taken the time to review I say thank u :). Anyway, hope u enjoy this chapter as much as the others**
    It had been two months since the accident and Hutch had made a full recovery. Except for a little bit of occasional back pain he felt like it had never happened. The scar had been completely covered up door vacht, bont and was now out of sight. He had been hunting several times since then, and always made sure it wouldn't happen again. But today, he hadn't been...
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hallo Everyone! Finally got on my computer so I can write a longer story for u guys! If u haven't checked out number one please do. It's short but cute and kind of leaves off on a cliff-hanger. So... for all u girls and boys who want to see #2 here it is...

"Oh no!" whispered Lily, trying hard not to let the Grizzly hear her. She didn't want her pups to get hurt.
"Lily! Take the pups and run. I'll deal with this!" Garth whispered back.
"Daddy! I want to fight!" zei Tiger. He was always trying to be just like Garth. He was bound to be a great hunter one day.
"You're not old enough yet...
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It has been years since Garth had passed away and Lilly had forgotten completely. I was now her mate, and it would be like that for eternity! Lilly and I met when I was taking Garth's body away from what happened. He got into some shit with grizzly bears. I found him laying on the ground with *three* legs! It was very disturbing. He groaned and zei to me, "take good care of Lilly, Gerald... I know u will be good for her..." I replied with tears in my eyes, "no Garth! u can't die, u can't!" He then put his paw on my shoulder and said, "Gerald, It is my time..." Then I couldn't feel him...
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i wrote this on someones profile.....a bit offensive but i hope they get the idea

no offence i saw what u wrote on someone's profiel about being a furry and what u say is wrong....they tell people about furies so u get it through your thick skull, that everyone who hates furies don't know what the fuck they are talking also may be a fetish but to some it is something people cant help...i my self am a furry and it wasn't something i chose i just as u sit there and say to furies yiff in hell vacht, bont fag u know it offends us...but would u be offended if we zei to u burn in hell Jewish fag? i believe so...think before u open that huge mouth of all the furry hater cunts out there....oh an FYI... a true jewish person wont say fuck like the amount of times u did
this is my first artikel so don.t judge me if its bad

kate and humphrey were about to do their moonlight howl when it started raining super hard
everyone was screaming and running to get to their den's while on the way some wolves got
struck door thunder including humphrey

at the moonlight howl

so humphrey are u ready
I sure am
wait what is that noise
*distant thunder is heard*
ah probably just the wind haha
*it starts to rain*
nope it was not the wind
Everyone get to your dens!
*lightning is heard*
NO not lightning
*a eastern wolf is struck*
No not Scar tony yelled
Humphrey is running but forgot
that trees...
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Kate got to the hol, den where Humphrey was just laying on the ground.
“Umm,” Kate said.
“When’s my trial?” Humphrey asked.
Humphrey sighed, “I need a lawyer.”
“I got Hutch for you.”
“Thanks,” Humphrey got up approached the rock, “Maybe playing with the Omegas will help me forget this.”
Humphrey left and went to Mooch’s den, which was the closest.
“Hey, Mooch, I nearly killed Cando and I’m going to trial tomorrow. I just hope playing will help me forget about all this.”
“You almost killed a wolf?” Mooch asked in panic.
“Yup, trial is tomorrow....
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Chapter 2: Excited

The night, Angelica woke up to thumping. She woke John because she didn’t know what it was.
“John, do u hear that?” she zei frantically.
“Yeah, it could be the neighbors digging bones,” John replied.
There was meer thumping and it wasn’t the sound of digging. John got out of bed and went to check it out. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to see what that noise is.”
“Be careful, don’t get hurt.”
“I won’t.”
John went to where the sound was coming from. He inspected the back part of the den. Nothing here, he thought I wonder if the hol, den is just...
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my 3rd A&O video i uploaded in my YouTube it's kinda boring, but i did my best (actually i spent 4 hours on it O_O) hope u guys like it :)
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