Andy Sixx What's the weirdest, of most wonderful dream you've ever had?

AndySixMattTuck posted on Nov 12, 2011 at 01:08PM
I've had two recently, that I can remember........ok so the first friend Kevin, Matt Tuck, and Andy Biersack were in the dream:
Me and Kevin were on this yacht, at this party, and I had on one of the most AMAZING dresses.......Kevin was hanging-out with me, we were playing "would you rather," but as soon as Kevin saw Matt Tuck, HE COMPLETELY ABONDONED ME!!!!....So I was left completely alone to stand at the railing, and gaze out over the water, which made me kinda upset......So I stood there gazing out over the water, set apart from the party when guess who walks up, Andy Biersack......Andy asked me if I was enjoying the party......I said yes, but I don't think he bought it cause the next thing he asked was, "Are you sure? Because you look like you're either about to kill someone, to cry, or to jump off the boat and go for a cool swim.".......I looked at him, and then back over the water and thought, 'Wow he's right, well except that last one'.......when I looked back at him he was staring at me sympathetically at me, and put his arm around me and said, "Come-on, let's get you down below to the lounge, and away from the party"......I didn't say anything I just took it all in and thought, 'OMG!! Andy Biersack has arm around me, and is comforting me......Rae how many times have you listened to Knives And Pens for comfort?....This is nice."......So we get down to the lounge and sit down on the loveseat, Andy looks at me and hands me a box of tissues but I decline them cause I didn't need them, any tears I would've had were gone they dried instantly.......So instead me and Andy just talked and hung-out down in the lounge......Eventually we went back up to the party, and me and Andy danced together...including the slowdances......but that was it........that's all I remember

My next dream was pretty friend Ciara was in it.....along with Andy:
Ok, so it's my 16th birthday, and as a birthday present my friend, Ciara, took me to BVB concert. Well, we also had backstage passes, and so we went to hang-out with the band....we were the only ones with backstage passes.....So we introduced ourselves, and afterwards I kinda went a little crazy and blurted out, "OMG!!!! I can't believe I'm actually meeting Andy Biersack"-I think he kinda smiled at that-"OMG!!!! Andy you are soooo SEXY!!!!....I LOVE YOU!!!!!"......Ok, now after that episode I took a deep breath, or many, and calmed down, which worked.......I then told him it was my 16th birthday, and he sang "Happy Birthday" to me, which made me almost lose it again....but I didn't........I asked for his autograph in my notebook and on my arm, I gave him a pen for my notebook and a sharpie for my arm. After the autographs he gave me a hug, I then asked if I could get some pictures of him, him and me hugging, him and the band, and me standing with him and the band....he said yes, so we took the pictures, and I asked Andy if I could possibly have a picture of him giving me a kiss, and a picture of me kissing him.....and it happened!!!!!............I'm telling you out of all the dreams I've had, this one's my favorite

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een jaar geleden rose_of_black said…
well, it's kinda crappy but this was my dream before so yeah but anywhore.......I was in my senior year of hight school and bvb was passing through and their bus brock down right outside my school in the parking lot cause they were going to ask for directions and he came into the school to ask for directions but the door was locked and they said that they couldn't let them in cause they could be dangerous but I noticed them and said hey let them in they are my cousins and bf but I lied and they asked for direction and hey got them then andy asked if he could talk to me so I sadi yes course who wouldn't pass up that opportunity and we walk down the hall then he asked why they got in after the office lady said that they could be dangerous before I told him anything I punched him in the face the said hi nice to meet you I'm a big fan then he yelled no fuck you the I said I'm sorry I then explain why I punched him in the face is because these really rude bullies