[New Arrivals! The Reassembly of the SSS]

Everything is black. He can't see anything. Is he really dead? The last thing he remembers is collapsing in despair and realising that his would was getting worse. Now he is nowhere. He honestly has no idea where he is and it worries him. Then, suddenly, everything goes white and things come into view. Is he still alive? This place doesn't seem like the subway. Instead, there's a red-haired girl standing in front of him. She's saying something about being in the Afterlife, but he isn't really listening. All he wants is get out of here and go back to the real world. He sprints off, heading of the building and outside. He stops. There's a girl in front of him. She's beautiful, with silver hair and smart-looking school uniform. He tries to talk to her, but suddenly the red-haired girl appears somewhere behind at him and trying to shoot the silver-haired girl with guns. He tries to speak to her again, but, suddenly, an arm is sticking out of the front of him and a blade has appeared in his stomach. He tries to say something, but he falls to the ground and everything goes black again...

Otonashi woke with a start. The dreams were still occurring, which was starting to frustrate him. He just wished that he could stop them from happening – he always seemed to remember the worst parts of his life and never the good moments. He looked over at Shusuke, who's still sleeping and sighed. He was getting tired of trying to find someone who didn't seem to exist in any real fashion... God just seemed to be a fallacy.

'Maybe... Maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead... I just don't want to give up on Shusuke, even if he's asking for something I can't seem to give... I still wish to help him.'

Otonashi left the room, in zoek of the closest vending machine. It was definitely about the right time for a good, cold can of coffee. On the way to the vending machine, he realised that it was actually a nice dag and that the sun was out. He always wondered how this place had blue skies and a sun, when it was the Afterlife, but supposed that was just the way it was. Instead of heading back to the room, after getting his coffee, he decided to go for a walk and perhaps go to the river. He found himself enjoying the day, for once. He had been a bit down for the last few of them. He was getting down from the bad dreams – from remembering the terrible things that had ever happened to him. He was also down that he couldn't seem to help Shusuke. Then, during all this pondering, a loud crash came from ahead of him, so he looked up and started forwards, wondering what it was. It was then that he found himself confronted with a girl. Then, another person made their way through the shadows and seemed to be a guy. The girl had long, green hair and, for some strange reason, seemed to slightly resemble that Shiina who had been in the SSS. The guy was reasonably short, with black hair and blue eyes. He seemed to be quite stocky, though.

'Who are you? And where is this place?' the guy demanded, although not rudely, just curiously and somewhat in a state of shock.

'Hey there. I'm Yuzuru Otonashi. I'm afraid that you're dead. Sorry. This is the Afterlife, where people come after they die. Is there anything else you'd like to know?' Otonashi then extended his hand out to the black-haired fellow.

'That'll do for now. Jeez... The Afterlife? Oh well, I guess I kind of realised I wasn't alive any more, once I opened my eyes and was here... The thing is, I don't really remember anything from before I came here. Anyway, I'm Ratoko Daisuke... Extraordinaire!' he elaborated.

Oh, jeez, another wacko... He's just as weird as Shusuke... He's just meer eccentric...

Otonashi smiled at the girl and then turned back to Ratoko. 'Anyway, I'll toon u a place u stay at for now... And I'll introduce u to Shusuke once we get there.'

'That would be good, thanks. It's lucky there's someone here that knows about this place and can help me out. I wonder about this girl, though... She still hasn't zei a word... Hey, u okay?' he directed the last part of the statement to the girl.

She nodded and stared at him. Still not saying a word, she turned back to Otonashi and stared at him for a moment, then her eyes seemed to glow slightly and an angry look came upon her face. 'Stop staring at me!!! I'm not an otaku, of anything like that.'

Otonashi was taken aback. 'But, u were the one...'

She interrupted rudely. 'Yeah, yeah, whatever... Anyway, tell me where God is!'

Otonashi sighed. It seemed like she was heading in the same way as Shusuke. Clearly, considering her question, she must remember what happened to her and have a reason to hate God. This was a pain, especially the fact that he had gotten nowhere with trying to help Shusuke and this girl wanted the same thing, yet seemed like the kind of girl who wouldn't just give up, of let him forget about it. He would have to be on his guard. 'You know... I don't really know anything about him. I don't know if he exists here, of not.'

'Too bad. Because, you're wrong. This is the Afterlife, as u just said, therefore he must exist here, otherwise this wouldn't really be the Afterlife... Do u follow? Basically, u will help me find him and exact my revenge on him... Both of you, in fact' she then turned to include Ratoko in the equation.

'Fine, fine. Looks like the SSS is back again...'

'What's that?' the girl asked him, curious, rather than feisty as before.

'Oh, it was a group that existed when I came here. All of my friends. They disappeared, after they fulfilled their wishes and now they are reincarnated, I assume. Basically, the SSS was formed to fight against the Angel, who they considered to be the disciple of God. So, it seems like u want revenge on God, therefore, u might as well just reform that group and start from there... I guess I have little choice, but to join, gegeven my promise to Shusuke and my mission to help anyone who appears here.'

The girl nodded. 'Lead us back to this room. I want to figure out a way to reach God. I'll be the leader, of this group, if none of u have any objections?'

Otonashi shook his head. Ratoko followed his example, clearly not wishing to get her feisty all over again... Probably a wise choice.

'Oh, door the way, my name is Mikune Tsunaki... Anyway, hurry up! Let's go!!!'

So, Otonashi lead them in the direction of the room. Once they got back, he noticed that Shusuke was sitting looking out the window. He looked around when Otonashi walked in, then frowned when he noticed the others.

'Who are they?'

Otonashi looked at him. 'Well, it seems that they've experienced the same thing as you: death. Basically, they're dead now. And, I believe this girl wishes revenge on God... Looks like you've got someone who shares the same hatred as you, Shusuke.'

'Heh, indeed. That is handy. At least, now, I'll have someone, who hates him as much as I do, around to talk to.'

Ratoko and Mikune introduced themselves to Shusuke. After that Mikune essentially demanded that they all become the SSS once more, then Shusuke cheerfully agreed, leaving Ratoko and Otonashi little choice, but to agree to kom bij in as well.

Typical... I'm involved in this dangerous stuff again... Now what do I do?