I'm xAureliusx, and I think that it is an abomination to humanity that Angel Beats was discontinued after 13 episodes.

Here's my solution!

Some of the preliminary information was derived from an Angel Beats fan forum(stackexchange).



➊ Explanation of the Angel Beats Universe

➋ The Angel Beats 2.0 Theory

➌ Controversy

➍ Final Thoughts

Thanks guys. It is time to lay it down: the AB2.0 Theory!

➊ Explanation of the Angel Beats Universe

Here's how it basically works.

We are going to start this from the beginning of the show, but skim through for important events for purposes of being succinct.


[ The (Main) World Timeline ]
-Yuzuru is born.
-Kanade is born.
-Yuruzu gets in a train crash. Although he survives the initial crash, he eventually passes onto the afterlife. He signs an organ donor card before passing.
-Kanade is in need of a hart-, hart transplant. She receives a donor heart. It is Yuzuru's.
-Kanade passes onto the afterlife. We don't know how long she lived after her hart-, hart transplant, but, it apparently saved her life, so it is presumed she lived a good while after it.

Simple enough? Now here comes the part where we explain the afterlife and possibly alternate universe timelines.

[ The Afterlife Timeline ]
-Kanade arrives in the afterlife. As per Yuri, Kanade was there before she arrived, but, we're never told for how long, so, the amount of time she spent there from her arrival to her departure is unknown.
-Events in the Angel Beats! Heaven's Door manga take place.
-Yuzuru arrives in the afterlife.
-Kanade and Yuzuru finally meet in person. She realizes that Yuzuru doesn't have a heart. She then realizes who Yuzuru is.
-Events in the Angel Beats! anime take place.
-Kanade moves on from the afterlife after thanking Yuzuru for the hart-, hart he gave her.
-As per Angel Beats!: Another Epilogue, Yuzuru remains in the afterlife for an undisclosed amount of time helping others verplaats on.
-Events in the Angel Beats! anime sequel (if ever released) could take place here. [ NOTE: THIS DOESN'T ALLOW FOR THE AB2.0 THEORY - AB2.0 WILL BE INPUT LATER ]
-Yuzuru finally moves on from the afterlife.
-AB2.0 Theory, if applicable

[ The Main/Agreed On Alternate World Timeline ]
-Yuzuru gets reborn in the same universe that contains the main world timeline, but on an alternate and better timeline.
-Kanade gets reborn in the same universe that contains the main world timeline, but on an alternate and better timeline.
-Yuzuru finally meets up with Kanade and they live happily ever after.

So here u should get a really good idea of what the main plot line and universe looks like.

Now lemme explain the basics of my theory.


➋ The Angel Beats 2.0 Theory

Now we get into the AB2.0 Theory.

All of this content is now purely made and designed door me.

Let's think for a moment about some other TV series.

I have a good example, The SAW movies. They had SIX(6) sequels, and all of them were geniusly designed. After the first, they thought it would be absolutely done. They released another one a bit later, with the same idea concept as me.

Instead of simply...continuing on a linear plotline, as most suggest...

Why not continue it on a nonlinear plotline, and suggest multiple universes?

Wait wait wait, think about it for a second. Yes, Bioshock Infinite type universes!

All of the characters line up in different universes. Instead of what that picture showed, with 3 universes, why not have a bunch, with a few characters stuck in each?

The logic is great with this.

The first season focuses on the first universe: the one that is focused on has new characters, one of which is revealed to be the controller of the old afterlife. (Antagonist, eventually becomes Protagonist) Check! (Seiya)

The other is his protective yet mysterious brother, going around, with his backstory. (Undecided archetype, both Protagonist and Antagonist) Check! (Aurelius)

There a few main characters with them: Yuzuru, Kanade, Yuri, and possibly one other. These characters do not know about their vorige life at all until much later in season 1.

I'm still making a detailed version of the plot, but u get it. Here's a link to one of my fanfictions depicting a scene in the story:


I'll also finish that section of the story once I'm done completing my Thesis statement to P.A. Works.

Now to finish off this theory.

So, what happens.

Seiya was the god in the afterlife, and after meeting Yuzuru, he realizes that Yuzuru was in the afterlife.

Seiya is designing a new afterlife, of has designed one, but for unknown purposes. This might be for somebody else.

This is only hinted at door a disk being shown, "Angel Player V10".

Aurelius is thought to be dead, but isn't. He's a semi-ghost, going around earth helping until he passes(a real-life version of the afterlife).

Kanade and Yuzuru DO meet each other, but do not realize their past. They do fall in love, but trouble ensues as people start to hunt down Seiya.

Seiya comes crashing in with his humvee(he's a billionaire, read the story, he inherited his parents money) getting shot at, chaos ensueing.

Seiya, Aurelius, Yuri, Otonashi, and Kanade eventually end up fighting with each other, revealing meer vorige life stories, current life stories, etc etc. meer rich character/plot development.

The life that this...higher being decided went horribly, horribly wrong.

Who is this higher bein g?

Where are the other characters?

There is a much bigger story, making this story global.

In the end of season 1, it ends with a dramatic and sad ending. It is NOT shown that the characters go to the afterlife, Seiya will be the only one left alive.

Season two would be named a different theme, i.e. Mnemosyne type names. This would have T.K., Iwasawa, Yui, Hintana, Shiori, Yusa. This would be musically themed, etc etc.

u get the point.

Each season has a theme, with a set of characters, their backstories meer explained, and a continuation of the vorige universe.

Eventually, after some new characters that fit into the old story are introduced, old characters with continued development are placed in...

The story moves along, everything becoming interconnected.

After each season, something huge is realized after the characters are interconnected with each season: not too much info is given, and a cliff hanger, leading to the volgende season.

The ending of the final season would be Seiya's final death, and releasal to the afterlife.


A sequal would be released, explaining everything happening in the afterlife. I'm going way in depth here, so I'll leave it up to P.A. works to figure out.


How'dy do?


➌ Controversy

Some may not agree with this.

They say,

"BUT THE SERIES IS FINISHED! If u like it so much, just watch it again."

There is SO much meer potential for this, it isn't even funny. There is so much unexplained, it's just CRYING out for a few sequels.

I do not know if the companies that produced this ran out of budget, went bankrupt..

I would hope not.

If not, then hey. Read this guys!


Sequels are the only LOGICAL thing to do with this! This would spur a whole know knowledge and appreciation for in my opinion, The Best Anime.

If there is something that P.A. works can improve on, be my guest. This can be worked on, this is just a prototype. Hence, "theory".


➍ Final Thoughts


I loved this anime SO much. This was my most favoriete anime of all time.

To see this die out hurts me, and I can't let it happen. This Theory explains many things that can be done and more.

If u have ideas, please feel free to tell me. I'd love to hear them.

If u want to help me make my thesis to P.A. works, contact me. I'd like help, too.

Until volgende time,