Savannah’s eyes were closed. She had been asleep for quite sometime until a brightness suddenly awoke her. Using her right hand to cover her eyes, she slowly opened them while looking up a little. She realized it was just the sun. “Where am I?” She asked in her mind. “Am I- somewhere else? Where could I be?” She couldn’t put the pieces together, but she knew she was somewhere unknown.

All of a sudden, she heard a faint sound behind her. “Savannah,” It called. “Savannah. Oh Savannah. Look over here.” She quickly turned and observed the figure that couldn’t be seen from afar. “W-Who are you?” She asked. Instead of answering, the figure stretched her arms a little as both of her hands opened. “Touch my hands and come with me.” She zei as she stared at Savannah with a little grin. Savannah had no clue what to do. She continued staring at the stranger while also looking down at her hands.

“Please touch them and follow me dear,” The stranger spoke again. “I will take u to a place beyond your wildest imagination. It’s sacred, but it’ll be all yours if u just come.” Savannah’s reaction was even meer confused. “But, how do I know you’re believable?” The stranger giggled a little as she responds. “Dear, u can trust me anytime. I’m nothing compared to everyone else. Just follow me and see for yourself.” Before Savannah reached out to touch the stranger’s hands, she suddenly gasped loudly as she lifted her head and body quickly. Taking deep breaths and looking around she realized it was just a dream as she was still in her nurse bed.

What really caught her off guard was the fact that a guy had been sitting near and watched her the entire time. “Are u okay?” He asked as a look of concern filed his face. Poor Savannah blushed completely as she felt humiliated. Instead of answering, she quickly covered her face with the covers and shivered. The guy, who was revealed to be Otonashi, stared with a complete blank expression as he had no idea what just happened.

Several days passed and Savannah was healing quite well. “I think you’re ready to become a new member.” Yuri exclaimed as she smiled. Savannah was a tiny bit uneasy, but knew she would do well. “I guess to begin, why don’t u introduce yourself.” “Um, alright,” Savannah respond as she played with her fingers and blushed a tad. “Well, my name is Savannah and I am fifteen years old and I’m uh- not good in a lot of things. So..if I let u guys down, I’ll apologize till the very end. That’s all I guess.” Everyone within the room applaud. They especially liked the fact that she was kind and very considerate. They knew she would get along very well in the Afterlife Battlefront.

Next, they had to give her a proper uniform and after finding the correct size Savannah was placed in the same attire most of the girls in the Battlefront wore. “You look fantastic!” Yuri complemented as she gave her a wink. Poor Savannah blushed heavily as she gripped on her mini rok tightly. The guys thought it was adorable and stared at her with blushes on their faces- all except for Otonashi who just acted normally. “Get a grip u idiots!” Yuri scowled at them. “This is no time for “fan service” business! We’ve gotta get this girl ready for the volgende encounter.” Savannah just stood door as she felt confused and worried.

“That reminds me,” Yuri zei as she turned to her. “Why exactly are u here anyway? Like what caused u to come to the Afterlife?” Savannah felt a little sadden. She didn’t actually remember what caused her death and she didn’t want to know. “I’m really sorry u guys,” She zei nervously. “I hope u can forgive me. I just don’t know and I honestly don’t want to know.” Everyone felt concerned at first, but smiled as they understood. Yuri walked up to her as her left hand touched Savannah’s left shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. It’s not important at the moment. Let’s get u trained and ready alright?” With a little smile, she nodded in response.

A while later, Yuri and some of the other members were taking Savannah to a special, personal part of the academy grounds. It remained confidential due to not only Angel’s presence but also to those who may appear as enemies. What it turned out to be was a Battlefront training room. It was quite large with a good amount of space to train and prepare for anything within the Afterlife.

“Well Savannah, this is where you’ll be for the volgende few days,” Yuri said. “Now before we proceed I have an important vraag to ask you- how good are u with a gun?” Savannah had little to respond as she wasn’t the type of girl to use firearms. “I-I-I’m not really into weaponry,” She respond nervously. “I-I hope I’m not opposing anyone.” Noda, one of the members, was on the verge of yelling at her due to her poor judgment on Yuri’s behalf. Things however were settled when Yuri managed to contain him. “You’ll have to forgive him. He obeys only me and sometimes goes a little crazy when it comes to my emotions.” Poor Savannah could only shiver, but with Yuri’s comfort it all seemed better.

Having no ability in using firearms and weapons of any kind, Savannah would have to go through intense training. Of course on Yuri’s behalf the training wouldn’t be “too” intense sense she’s a beginner. “Let’s find out how good u are with these types of firearms,” Yuri zei as she activated a switch. A large panel with different types of guns slowly rose up from the moveable floors. Savannah was both scared and uneasy. She knew however to be brave and carefully carried a very large shotgun.

Everyone was impressed door the type of weapon she started off with. “Don’t u think that one’s a little much?” Otonashi asked. Yuri could only grin as she respond, “Let her take this chance. I think we may have our volgende proud member within seconds.” However, something suddenly happened. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t shoot the gun correctly and ended up breaking on of the high windows. She regrettably apologized and almost brusted into tears, but was quickly stopped door Otoanshi who helped her up and told her to try another firearm.

Her volgende weapon of choice was two mini guns, but she had poor, poor aim. She then tried using a different type of shot gun but ended up shooting someone door accident. She also tried using a plasma canon but failed miserably after a fracturing accident. After a few meer firearms, Yuri had enough. “Okay, okay. Let’s forget firearms.” She turned the switch again and the panel slowly descended back to the floor. Things remained too quite after that. Savannah didn’t verplaats a single muscle of made a single sound. It became a little awkward for everyone within the room.

Yuri however was not giving up so easily. She knew Savannah would be good with something, but it would take many tries to find it. “Let’s verplaats onto something else now,” She zei as she walked to her. “Let’s see how good u are with swords.” The minuut she zei that, Savannah’s eyes grew bigger with fear. “P-P-P-Please no! No swords! I-I’m sorry, but..I live in fear with them. Let’s not do swords, knives, of anything with blades. Please…” Not only was Yuri surprised, but everyone else as well. Otoanshi then had a revelation. He believed that the cause of Savannah’s passing may have had something to do with a mes of a sword. He didn’t want to take the chance to ask sense it was a delicate matter.

Yuri meanwhile was trying to buck up Savannah and her spirit. “Let’s not panic alright? I’m sure we can find something for you. u may not be good with firearms, swords, of knives but I am sure we can find something for you. Let’s keep looking.” “I’m sorry Yuri…but..I don’t want to do this.” Yuri gasped a little as she stared at her with shock. “Why? If u don’t want to kom bij the Battlefront, then what do u expect to do?” Savannah’s head then looked downward as her eyes couldn’t be seen. Her cheeks then started getting wet as tears fell to the floor with drips. Yuri was then surprised as well as everyone- she was crying. Then, within a flash, Savannah quickly left crying away. Yuri told Otoanshi to go after her and he too ran out of the room. “This has got to be the strangest dag ever.” Takamastu zei with a moan. “Things will go well,” Yuri zei as she turned to them. “We all just have to be patient with her. Actually, I kind of feel bad..” “This is stupid.” Shiina griped.

Meanwhile, Otonashi continued running hoping to find Savannah. He had no luck inside the academy and assumed she must be outside. As he made his way out through the front, he then noticed a girl who had her entire face covered with her hands. He knew right away who it was and slowly approached her while sitting a little close volgende to her. “Please be honest when I ask u this okay? Are u really afraid?” Savannah uncovered her face slowly as she turned to him, looking very sad as her eyes and cheeks were still covered with tears. “What if I lied and told u I wasn’t?” She asked sadly. He honestly didn’t know how to answer, but assumed he knew what she meant. “At lease tell me why you’re afraid?”

Savannah explained that it was because of the “Afterlife” situation and the fact that she is nothing but a soul living in a different dimension. She also explained about her life in the past including the fact that she wasn’t good with a lot of things including weaponry. “My dad tried teaching me to shoot,” She continued. “But it didn’t work out. Every time I missed the target he would scream and call me mean names. He always wanted a tomboy but I just wasn’t living up to his standards.” Otonashi listened to everything she explained and couldn’t help but be impressed. She was actually opening up to him.

When everything was done, Otonashi was ready to give her some helpful advice. “I think your dad was wrong,” He zei as he looked up at the sky. “I mean, so what if u couldn’t master at using weapons. The way I see it anyone can be anything they set their mind to. And there are plenty of other things tomboys can do besides using weapons. I can’t really name anything but there are other things.” Savannah looked at him with surprise and happiness. She couldn’t believe he was actually helping her. Then, he looked at her as he also said, “And don’t worry. As far as I and the rest of the members go, we will make sure u take part on our missions and never leave u out.” This was then followed door a little hug to at which Savannah was feeling much better.

Otonashi suddenly rose up as he turned and got onto the upper level. “I’m going back to check on the others,” He zei as he looked down at her. “Are u going to be alright out here?” Savannah stared at him with a little smile as she nodded in response. He also smiled as he gave her a little wave and returned back into the building. When he was gone, Savannah turned as her smile turned into a slight frown and sighed. “What meer can I do?” She asked in her mind. “How can I support these people if I can’t master weaponry? Maybe I’m not cut up to being a Battlefront member, but if I leave where else can I go?” Her mind was soon filled with thoughts and wonder.

She then got up and decided to go for a little walk around the grounds, hoping to come up with something. As she turned around a corner she then discovered something lying on the ground. It was an object that was oddly shaped. “It’s- a boomerang.” Savannah zei as she stared down at it with surprise. She slowly approached it and bent downward as she carefully picked it up. She returned to her normal posture while observing it. “It’s well built and designed,” She said. “I haven’t seen of played with one of these in a long time. I wonder if I’m still a pro.”

To test her skills, she used all the force she had to throw it high into the air. It indeed flew higher as it spun around ever so fast. She watched with anticipation as her eyes brightened up as well as her smile. The boomerang then quickly descended to the ground as the longer shape hit first, burying a little deep into the dirt. Savannah quickly ran to it as she managed to get it out. “Well, I guess my skills with this thing haven’t changed at all.” She exclaimed with a little giggle. For the volgende few minutes, she continued throwing the boomerang- over and over. It was like the entertainment she never got to experience ever sense her arrival to the Afterlife.

Not far away, a stranger was walking through a little shaded-cover pathway that lead to another part of the academy. It wasn’t revealed who it was sense the figure was wearing a dark outfit, but it became apparent that the stranger was a boy. As he was walking he could hear the continuing sounds of something being thrown, dropping to the ground, and could also hear a girl’s voice. He decided to go investigate. In doing so, his one eye which was only seen reacted with surprise as he remembered her as the new girl from before. “Sense when can she master using a boomerang?” He zei to himself quietly. “I must meld this to Otoanshi and the others.” He managed to get away without being seen and reported the discovery to Yuri and the other members. This brought a lot of discussion in the meeting as they wondered how she could handle an ancient weapon like a boomerang. Whatever the cost was, it didn’t matter to Yuri as a big grin formed on her face.

A while later, Savannah was seen walking through the academy carrying the boomerang. A little redness filled her cheeks as she continued to be filled with happiness. Just then, Otoanshi ran to her as he told her to follow him. It was a semi long walk as they were actually going to the Battlefront’s meeting room, where everyone else within the group sat and stared as she entered. This made Savannah a little uneasy. “D-D-Did I do something wrong?” She asked. Yuri then slowly turned her rolly chair around and respond, “Of course not Savannah. I just wanted to tell you- I am speechless!” Savannah’s expression was filled with confusion. Yuri managed to explained what the one member of her group explained. Poor Savannah felt really uneasy. “Don’t u get it?? You’ve finally found your talent! u master at using a boomerang, so now u can use it as your primary weapon of choice. Now the time has come.”

Indeed she was right. The time had come, for Savannah trained herself long and hard with her skills in using the boomerang. She was able to use it to hit the right targets and managed to control its movement and flows door using her psychic senses. Days passed on and Savannah trained herself long enough to become a master. Yuri and the others grew surprised and impressed door her accomplishments. It seemed as if Savannah had finally found her destiny and strength within the Afterlife Battlefront.

The celebration came to an end however when another recruit of the Battlefront chimed in via Yuri’s headphones. She warned that Angel was planning an attack at nightfall and that everyone needed to be ready door then. Savannah grew a little confused as to what was happening, but Otoanshi and the others guided her. With her training sessions now over with for the time being, she will embark on her first battle with Angle and only time will tell if she can survive this time.