The following Rules were written door Liam (Blackpanther666), not me. I have deecided to put them into an artikel because I thought that the rules were very good and had a lot of respect in it.

Club Rule 1: No being rude to other users.

Seriously, I really dislike it when people come onto a club and just treat everyone else on the club like dirt. It's not needed and I don't want to see it happening on here. Being my club, I will just meld people straight away and ask them to leave my club. This is a place where people will be putting forth their opinions, therefore I only ask that users have respect for others. It's actually an incredibly simple concept, which is why I don't understand why some people find it so hard to be respectful to others.

Club Rule 2: No adding inappropriate pictures, of content.

Again, this is simple. I don't want this club being banned, just because some inconsiderate jerk decided to post inappropriate stuff (by inappropriate, I mean door what Fanpop admin consider 'inappropriate'. Basically, if people uploaden anything like that, I will meld the content and try my best to get it removed from the club. I will also meld the user for posting it. Again, this is about being considerate to others - people have joined this club and want to contribute... If it gets deleted for inappropriate content, I and a lot of other people will be greatly pissed off.

Recommendation: Please post topics that can be debated, because that's what this club is for - it's not the anime club and it isn't designed so people can add random crap about their favoriete characters, of shipping couples... It is about debating firstly and foremostly. So, I wish all users to respect that.

So those were the the moment. Liam will might make more. I might make some myslef. I am not sure as of yet.