How can i get my friend into Soul Eater? Any advice will help.

A while back when i was getting into Soul Eater before my friend Hunter got into Anime. I was at his house one saturday night. His parents were not home pagina at the time. And i decided to watch anime on Adult Swim. And the 2nd to last episode of Soul Eater was on TV. I was watching it. Episode was dark themed. Cause it was the end of the world. Maka,Kid and Black ster along with their weapons were fighting off the Kishin Asura. I think i spelled his name right. Not sure. Anyways they were fighting him off. And my friend zei how can u watch this dark and depressing bloody series like this? I didn't really have much to say. So volgende weekend i came over and did the same thing again. My friend later when my dad came to pick me up from my friend's house. I went ot grab my stuff to head home. My friend was outside talking to my dad. And he went and snitched on me. Saying i was watching a dirty depressing bloody dark violent cartoon on Adult Swim. Later once i was in the car my dad told me off all the way home pagina before my dad found out later on it was not a bad series like my friend Hunter zei it was. But i was mad at my friend for snitching on me when i did nothing wrong. Now that my friend is into anime for 3 of so years now thanks to me. He says he will nor watch Soul Eater cause it is dark,bloody and depressing he said. And i zei u cannot ride off on the last 2 episodes of Soul Eater and think that everything else is like that when it's not. He went and told on me to his mom saying i am trying to force him to watch an evil toon on Adult Swim. I got lectured door his mom.

I know this was long. No other way to explain this though. Thanks for reading this. So i was wondering if u guys have any advice on how to get my friend into Soul Eater without forcing him. I tried watching the first 3 episodes on Netflix with him. Before the episode could start he went into his bedroom the night and would not come out until i changed what toon was on. I need help guys. Anything!
 How can i get my friend into Soul Eater? Any advice will help.
 NagisaFurukawa- posted ·7 dagen geleden
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Killerlinxx said:
Well, pull up awesome moments on Youtube of something, like maybe what u did with your dad, then toon him Soul Eater NOT!(Which is literally the complete opposite of Soul Eater and a perfect example to possibly nudge him towards less girlier animes, and meer epic ones, like Soul Eater) And tell him anime isn't always about awesome fight scenes. It has funny moments, dark moments, it all ties in towards the end depending on what the rising climax is, and what the creators are trying to give the protagonaists life as. I mean, it isn't going to be all daisies and petal flowers for someone who hunts corrupted mad souls, and he got in at the best time. I don't know why he didn't like it. People all have different tastes so I wouldn't just force it on him. Try again, and if he doesn't like it, he just isn't a Soul Eater fan :(
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posted ·7 dagen geleden 
my friend is willing to give Soul Eater Not! A try. it is not a girly anime cause it has action. And was in tge Shonen Jump Magazine. Okay i will try tonen him funny moments videos.
NagisaFurukawa- posted ·6 dagen geleden
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