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posted by tigerwolf
 this is the cover of the book
this is the cover of the book
this is from my favoriete MONSTER. it's a story about a monster with out a name the story name is the nameless monster.Franz Bonaparta is a characters from monster he wrote the story.that ends up affect Johan and Anna's Liebert life and others. this story is suppose to hypnotize kids and turn them into perfect killers. i hope u enjoy it!

A long, long time geleden in a land far away, There was a monster without a name. The monster wanted a name so badly. So the monster left to go on a journey to find a name. But the world was so large that he spleet, split into two to make his journey. One went to the west and the other went towards the east. The monster who went to the east found a village.

At the entrance of the village there was a blacksmith. “Mr. Blacksmith, please give me your name,” zei the monster. “You can’t give away your name,” the blacksmith replied. “If u give me your name, I’ll enter u and give u strength.” “Really? If u can make me stronger, then I’ll give u my name.” The monster entered the blacksmith. The monster became Otto the Blacksmith.

Otto the Blacksmith became the strongest man in the village. But one dag he said, “Look at me. Look at me. Look at how large the monster inside me has become.” Crunch Crunch! Munch Munch! Chomp Chomp! Gulp! The hungry monster ate Otto from the inside out. The monster returned to being a nameless monster.

The monster came to a kasteel looking for a wonderful name. In the castle, there was a sick boy. “If u give me your name, I’ll give u strength.” “If u can cure this illness and make me strong, I’ll give u my name.” The monster entered the boy. The boy became well.

The king was so pleased! “The prince is well! The prince is well!” The monster liked the boy’s name. He also liked living in the castle. So even though he was hungry, he endured. Every dag his stomach growled, but he endured it.

However, he was so hungry that one dag he said, “Look at me. Look at me. Look at how large the monster inside me has become.” The boy ate the king and even his servents. Crunch Crunch! Munch Munch! Chomp Chomp! Gulp!

Since there was no one there anymore, the boy went on a journey. He kept on walking for days and days. One day, the boy met the monster who traveled to the west.

“I have a name. It’s a wonderful name, too.”

The monster who went to the west said, “I don’t need a name. I’m happy even without a name.” We just have to accept that we are monsters without a name. The boy ate the monster who went to the west.

The monster finally had a name, But all the people who could call him door that name have disappeared. And Johan was such a wonderful name, too.
 the monster
the monster
 Franz Bonaparta
Franz Bonaparta
 Anna and Johan
Anna and Johan
 Franz Bonaparta
Franz Bonaparta
 the nameless monster
the nameless monster
Warning, this artikel will have spoilers for the manga of Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist. If u have not read the most recently released chapters in the manga and want to avoid spoilers, I suggest u don't read this article.

Okay, so now, Lewin Light is a very odd and mysterious character. We know where he's from and why he became an exorcist, but we still don't know his backstory, now, do we?
But, after examining the most recent chapters, I noticed a few things, and sorta tied them together.

At one point, Lewin himself states that he's not like normal people. He told Suguro that ever since...
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Kira. In the anime community, that word is most associated with killers, and are shown to be so with that name alone. However, only two of the most deadly antagonists in anime have taken this name (As far as I know). Those two are Light Yagami AKA Kira from the thriller anime Death Note, and Yoshikage Kira from the recently released action anime, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. However, which of these Kira’s is the better Kira? Which one could defeat the other. Well, before we discuss that, let’s talk about the two for a moment, and see their abilities. Also, this list...
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assassination classroom
 I know this kunst van een fan sucks but it's the only one I could find that features both of them.
I know this fan-art sucks but it's the only one I could find that features both of them.
Well,this has been a long time coming.
Due to how much people liked my "Similarities between Frozen and Steven Universe" article,I decided to make similar one to it.But this time,I'll lijst off the similarities between two of my favoriete series of all time,Samurai Jack and Berserk.
Now before we get into the artikel itself,let's get some things out of the way.
u see,when I was a little boy,Samurai Jack was my favoriete toon growing up and now that I'm older,I honestly think it got better with time and right now it's my seconde favoriete cartoon of all time.

I got introduced to Berserk when I...
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So now this one is a lijst I knew I would end up doing eventually and isn’t really done because anyone really wanted me to of because of a dare. So yeah! This is one Riku is doing completely on her own will after a light suggestion from Wanta. So for all those that know what happens when Riku gets into writing something, be prepared.

Anyways, don’t ask me why I was talking in third person. I do that occasionally without noticing. XD This lijst is obviously going to contain my top, boven 10 favoriete anime characters of all time. Really...
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kusen madoushi kouhosei no kyoukan
the instructor of aerial combat wizard candidates
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posted by Windwakerguy430
Ayumi: And it was said, the principal was so fat, every died
Satoshi: Re-really
Yoshiki: I’m calling bullshit on that (All the lights turn off)
Satoshi: Oh, god. I think I pissed myself
Yui: (Turns on the lights) Oh, it’s just me and Yuka
Mayu: Aww, she’s so cute
Satoshi: Oh, thank god. I thought I was dead (Unknowingly, grabbing Naomi’s breasts)
Naomi: Satoshi, will u stop fondling my breasts firmly with your hands and-
Seiko: Naomi, you're having your crazy fantasies again
Naomi: Oh, right. Sorry
Satoshi: ….. Huh
Namoi: …… Will you...
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“I can’t believe you’ve never been to a fair, Edward,” u said, jokingly punching the boy in the arm as the two of u approached the booth to get your wristbands. u were going to get the twenty dollar ones so u could ride everything without having to use tickets.

“Ow, couldn’t u have at least punched my other arm?” He said, holding his left arm with a scrunched up face, still feeling the pain from where u punched it. u giggled. He had fought so many bad guys without one complaint about hurting, but u stempel, punch him once and he acts like he’s dying from the pain.

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