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(Quick Note: This lijst is from my original top, boven 20 favoriete Animated Villains list. I didn't have time to do any major edits, so I apologize for any of the mistakes on this list. Hopefully, u will still enjoy the lijst nonetheless)

There are a lot of heroes, of at least protagonists in animation. but, what is a hero without the villain. A villain, of antagonist, if u will, is usually some obstacle that the protagonist must overcome, with the villain being the largest obstacle the protagonist has faced yet. And, let me tell u all something, there are a LOT of amazing villains out there. From cartoons, to animated movies, to anime, they’re everywhere. And they are just so awesome. So, today, I am going to talk about the top, boven twenty most awesome animated villains. Now, a few rules before we start the list. These are villains from animated shows that I have seen and villains that I like, so, if there is a villains u wanted to see that isn’t on the list, either I don’t like them, of haven’t seen the animated toon of movie that they are in. Also, only one villain per series. Oh, and if you’re wondering if Broly from Dragonball Z is going to be on the list, no, I refuse. He sucks. Okay, enough about that. Lets start the list.

#10: Mewtwo from Pokemon: The First Movie

Let’s face, guilty pleasure of not, the Pokemon movie really wasn’t that great. Hell, it was god awful. But, at least Mewtwo was a pretty awesome villain. In the beginning of the movie, Mewtwo is created door a group of scientists, whose goals are to make the ultimate Pokemon. However, he sees that humans treat him like an experiment, and in anger, he destroys the lab, and kills all the scientists inside… In case u didn’t get that, Mewtwo just KILLED people in POKEMON…. Do u see how dark that is. After this, Mewtwo grows a strong hatred for humans, and begins creating a clone army of Pokemon in order to destroy all humans. What makes Mewtwo so threatening is that, at the time this movie was released, Mewtwo was the strongest Pokemon in the game. Even his Pokedex says that Mewtwo is the most cruel Pokemon in the world, and his actions in this movie really toon it. Mewtwo has no remorse for humanity, and he also despises their Pokemon, stating that they are blind to reality and will die along with the humans for being their slaves. Not to mention he is possibly the only villain that ever came close to killing- yes, KILLING- Ash Ketchum. So, we have a villain who has killed people in a toon meant for kids… If that isn’t a threatening villain, I don’t know what is.

#9: Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater (SPOILERS)

Now, when u think of a comedy anime like Soul Eater, would u imagine that the villain is a cruel and sinister woman who tortures her own son and tries to resurrect demons? Probably not. Medusa was once fighting Death alongside Arachne, but she then left her to die in order to find the demon who was the embodiment of madness, so she joined Death Academy and became a nurse to found out where he is. At the same time, when she had her son, Crona, she replaced his blood with Black Blood, in order for him to take the souls of innocent people instead of the souls of demons. She is also one of the most sadistic people on the show, from enjoying the pain and misery of those she beats, to locking her son into a dark room when he fails to do what she tells him to. However, she does have a pretty humorous romantic attraction to Stein for his other sadistic side, even though Stein is far from being as evil as Medusa. That is probably what makes Medusa lower on this lijst is that she cares about someone even though they are not on the same side. But, she is manipulative, sadistic, and just an globaal, algemene bitch. That is what makes her such a great villain.

#8: Cell from Dragonball Z

Now, I wanted to put Frieza on this list, but I he isn’t as awesome as Cell. And I can’t put Vegeta on this lijst because he’s meer of an anti-hero. And- No, I refuse to put Broly on this list. He sucks. So, that is why I have to go with Cell. Cell was first shrouded in mystery, as people began disappearing, and Gohan finding a giant bug shell volgende to a time machine. Then, before we know it, we are introduced to Cell. Cell is a large bug like creature, who was created door Dr. Gero, who was gegeven the same powers of all of the strongest warriors in the world, including Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza, and more. He has even become stronger than the Androids (Or cyborgs). What worse is that, even though Cell was strong enough from here, he got even stronger as he changed into different forms. Sure, he may have looked… really stupid, but that didn’t make him less threatening. And trust me, he is REALLY threatening. Not to mention he is able to hold off most of the Z fighters during his fight with Vegeta, AND is able to absorb the power of both Android’s 17 and 18. It’s really messed up how Cell was able to be this powerful. Also, he isn’t as overrated of a villain as Frieza of Broly- UGH! But, he’s lower because, well, Just LOOK at his Semi-Perfect form. Ugh. Still, he is an awesome villain nonetheless.

#7: Gotou from Parasyte: The Maxim

For an anime that was only made a jaar ago, I got to say, it has a pretty threatening villain. Gotou is known as the most powerful and intelligent Parasites of his kind, and started out door testing out his abilities on twenty one gangsters, and he kills every last one of them without getting a scratch. Not to mention, due to Parasites being able to take over human bodies, he is able to enter the body of a human to be part in an election to become mayor, which would give him a perfect advantage at finding feeding grounds for other parasites. But, what makes Gotou dangerous is that he isn’t one, but several Parasites that control a human body. Due to the multiple parasites in one body, Gotou is gegeven meer strength, speed, and intelligence than any other parasite that has been introduced in the show. It’s really quite threatening and kinda disturbing when u think of it. But, what makes Gotou a great villain is his lack of human emotions. Since he is a Parasite, he has no feelings for murdering countless people. Not to mention, since he aantal keer bekeken Shinichi as a threat to his plans, and after he nearly kills him, he begins to start killing people in a small village, knowing that Shinichi is trying to help people, which will lure him out so he could kill him. Gotou is a deadly, and emotionless parasite, making him one of the most deadliest creatures on this list… Minus the other twelve, of course.

#6: Vicious from Cowboy Bebop (SPOILERS)

Oh man, here it is. The main villain from my favoriete anime ever…. And he didn’t even make the top, boven ten…. Crap. Anyway, Vicious is the leader of the Red Dragon Syndicate which he took control of after killing the original leader. Throughout the series, Vicious’s only goal is to hunt down and kill the protagonist, Spike. This is due to him betraying the syndicate after he wanted to quit his life of crime and marry Julia, who Vicious also cared about. Now, I could have put him here because he is cunning, merciless, and a very greedy bastard. While those are good reasons, I put him on the lijst for his actions in the final episode. What Vicious does is kill Julia right in front of Spike, and just leaves. Vicious keeps Spike from having a happy life, and he believes that this is the best way to punish him. Of course, this is Cowboy Bebop, and we see Spike go after Vicious with nothing on his mind but to kill him. And we get one of the most awesome fights in anime history. There is no muziek of talking, just two longtime enemies finishing the fight once and for all, and it is just awesome. Vicious is one of the most heartless villains in anime, and that’s what makes him so awesome.

#5: The Major from Hellsing Ultimate (SPOILERS)

Okay, so, what is the best way to make u instantly believe this guy is bad. Okay, first off, he’s a Nazi… If that doesn’t prove he’s evil, then, maybe talking about him meer will. During World War II, he was chosen door Hitler to operate an experiment to create a vampire army, but before he could go through with the experiment, the war had already ended. But, fifty years afterward, he was able to escape with what information he had and plans to throw the world into another world war. What makes the Major such an imposing threat, other than the fact that he is a Nazi with the power to create vampires, is that he has little care for human life. So much, infact, that he doesn’t even care about his own life. And then there is his love for war… Oh GOD, does he love it. He loves it enough that u could make a creepy shipfic of it. Actually, I think someone made one already. I’ll have to look into it later. Anyway, he loves war so much, he gives a speech about his lover for it. It really shows how insane he is, yet this is probably one of my favoriete scenes from the anime to be honest. And then there is the fact that he was able to survive death during World War II, after nearly dying during the Battle of Berlin. And how did he survive? He became a cyborg. Stupid? Maybe. Do I care? What do u think? The Major is just a great villain. And, this is off topic, but…. He’s really good in the TeamFourStar abridged series as well.

#4: Dio Brando from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (SPOILERS)

Now, after finishing the first half of the series, it had some good villains. The Pillar Men were good, but they were NOTHING compared to Dio. Dio started out as a young boy who grew up in the worst part of London, filled with crime and violence. He had despised his alcoholic father for killing his mother, but his father had saved the life of the protagonist's father, so he was able to have Dio be adopted into the family and become rich. However, Dio would become rich door his own means. The moment he met Jojo, the protagonist, his only goals were to make Jojo miserable and take the family fortune for himself. This included gaining the love of Jojo’s father, beating Jojo in everything, taking away Jojo’s friends, stealing the first kiss of Jojo’s girlfriend, and even killing Jojo’s pet dog. And even after Jojo realizes that Dio is trying to kill his father and nearly has him arrested, Dio ends up using the Stone Mask, a device that allows the wearer to turn into an immortal vampire, to become… What else, an immortal vampire. What makes Dio so great of a villain is how he just seems to calm about all of his actions. He will stop at nothing to get to his goals, yet he is always so calm about it, keeping that same look on his face the whole time. Not to mention at the end of the of season one, he KILLS THE PROTAGONIST! Yes, a villain actually killed the main character. If that doesn’t scream success, I don’t know what does. Dio is an evil young man who will do whatever it takes to reach his goals, and he is easily one of the best villains in recent anime.

#3: Johan Liebert from Monster

Some of u may be really pissed off that I didn’t put this guy any higher. In fact, you’ll probably be pissed that he isn’t number one. But, the thing is, I have only recently watched Monster. As great as an anime it is, I have only seen a few episodes with this guy in it, so I won’t have much to say about him, But, DEAR GOD! With what little I know about him, I assure you, what he showed me managed to get him to the top, boven five, so that’s got to be worth something. At a young age, John was shot in the head, but was saved door Dr. Tenma, who he is grateful for. After which, he travels across the world, becoming smarter with each place he visits. Of course, he uses this intelligence to talk people into killing others for his own reasons and eventually making them kill themselves. That is what makes Johan so deadly. He doesn’t mind control anyone. He just simply talks them into it, as if it was a normal conversation. When watching Monster, I thought I was prepared for anything. Then this guy came in. I was FAR from prepared, let me tell you. Johan is a very threatening man, and definitely one of the most sadistic kinds of villains.

#2: Light Yagami from Death Note (SPOILERS)

Hey, just because Light is the protagonist doesn’t make him a good guy. In fact, he’s quite possibly one of the most evil characters in anime. Light is one of the brightest students in Japan, who feels that the world is filled with crime and that it has become rotten. However, once he finds the Death Note, a notebook that kills whoevers name is written in it, he begins to use it on criminals to create the new world and become the god of it, and goes under the alias Kira. What makes Light such a great villain is how he is so determined to try and reach his goals, and how he will stop at nothing to reach them. Not to mention he is probably the smartest villain on the lijst door far, being able to outsmart L, who, let me remind you, is the smartest detective in the world. Light was able to find all sixty four hidden cameras in his house, was able to kill all of the U.S. FBI agents that were after him, and even temporarily lose his memory and create a new Kira at the same time, only to get his memory back once the fake Kira was caught, which he planned from the start. And in the end, Light is able to kill L, tonen just how successful he is. He was so close to being number one, and I mean SO CLOSE! But, if he didn’t die from a stupid switcheroo, he would have gotten number one. Oh well, at least he still got third place. That’s something, right?

#1: Broly from Dragon-

Broly’s not going to be on the list! FOR THE LAST GODDAMN TIME! Sorry about that. Okay, now for the real number one

#1: Lucy from Elfen Lied (SPOILERS)

And u thought Mr. Freeze was a tragic villain… well, he is, but Lucy definitely tops him when it comes to that. Lucy is a quiet, but sadistic girl who cares nothing about the lives of others and would not think twice about tearing someone to pieces. But what puts her at the number one spot is her backstory and motivations. Lucy was born as a Diclonius, of a female who had horns that looked like cat ears with the ability to use invisible arms to harm of kill others. Lucy was abandoned in a field door her father and was soon found and placed in an orphanage. Lucy was friendless at the orphanage, as she was seen as an inhuman creature that didn’t belong with humans. Her only friend was a stray puppy, but she kept him a secret, as she knew that he would be targeted door the bullies if they knew about it. Soon, Lucy was befriended door a young girl, who she promised would keep secrets for Lucy. Of course, this lead to Lucy telling her about the dog. This soon lead to the girl letting out the secret to the bullies, who found the dog, and… Well, for those of u who don’t like animal abuse, I suggest u stop reading. What happens is that the bullies hold Lucy back as they make her watch them beat the dog to death. After which, Lucy becomes so enraged, that she kills the kids that were involved with her powers in a way that is much too violent for me to describe. And that’s only the first half of her tragic past. Once she leaves the orphanage, she meet the protagonist, Kouta, who is a young boy at the time, who actually befriends Lucy, saying that her horns were amazing. As they begin to spend meer time together, Lucy begins to trust Kouta and becomes vrienden with him. She soon begins to fall in love with Kouta, but is worried that he will betray her as well… And that’s what happens. Once she sees Kouta with his cousin, Bitchface Mcgee- I mean, Yuka- Sorry… I just… Really, really, REALLY hate Yuka. Anyway, once she sees Kouta with… her, she goes into a complete rage and kills everyone nearby. However, Kouta was unable to notice is was Lucy and leaves before he is in any danger. On his way back to his home pagina with his sister and father, Lucy walks toward Kouta, calling him a liar. However, Kouta’s sister notices that Lucy was the one who killed those people. This of course angers Kouta for hearing his sister say that and says that he will hate her… And this is the last thing he ever tells his sister, as Lucy ends up killing her right in front of him. This soon leads to Kouta going insane and forgetting how she was ever murdered, and he does not remember what caused his sister’s death until years later. As for Lucy, she was imprisoned in a high-security lab to keep from killing others… And she then escapes door killing every single guard in her way, door brutally tearing them apart. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, this is the first scene of the first episode. She is killing dozens of people right off the bat when this anime starts. Some see it as violent and disgusting, but I like it….. Wow, I am really disturbing, aren’t I. Anyway, after she is nearly killed, she gets a new personality, which is named Nyu, which is a meer friendly and nice, but less intelligent version of her, which also lacks telekinetic powers that Lucy has. In the end, however, Lucy has gained full control of her true self, but does not want to harm Kouta at all. In fact, she still has feelings for him and wants to keep him safe, and Kouta even cares for her as well, even though she was the one who killed his sister…. Um….. Better love story than Twilight? But, yeah, I just couldn’t help but give Lucy the number one spot. She has the most tragic backstory out of any villain in an anime. She is heartless, sadistic, and cares nothing for human life, but at the same time, she is caring, helpful, and will do anything she can to help Kouta and his friends. It’s just amazing to see a character like this, which is what makes Lucy my favoriete villain in animation.

So, there u have it. Did u enjoy the list? Tell me what u thought of it below. With that, I will see u all volgende time.
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