Notes: The K-On! characters aren't created of owned door me. All credit goes to the creator (s), studios, and everybody else that made K-ON!. This is a story that I originally wrote for I hope that u enjoy this story.

Mio was sleeping. She was wearing purple pants and a roze shirt. Mio got a text that woke her up. Azusa sent a text to Mio telling her that school was about to start! Mio had overslept. Mio put on her school clothes and ate a muffin. Mio hurried to school.

Mio ran to class which is something that she rarely does. Mio found Ritsu. Mio zei "Ristu am I late?"

Ristu zei "No."

Mio zei "Thank goodness."

Ristu zei "I'm joking. You're super late."

Mio zei "Oh no."

Mio ran to her classroom. She opened the room's door gently, but she fell which caused lots of noise. Azusa helped Mio get up.

1 of Mio's teachers (Mr. Horigome) zei "This is the first time you've been late."

Mio zei "I'm sorry."

Mr. Horigome zei "This better be the last time you're late. I'm ashamed of you."

Mio zei "What did I miss?"

Mr. Horigome zei "Oh nothing important."

Mio zei "Thank goodness."

Mr. Horigome zei "I was being sarcastic."

Azusa zei "I'll help u get caught up on what u missed Mio."

Later Yui zei "It's lunch time."

Mio zei "I was in a hurry so I forgot to bring my lunch."

Yui zei "Me too."

Mio zei "Well that's normal for you."

Yui zei "I have gum we can eat. It verlopen today so we better eat it fast."

Mio was so hungry that she ate a few pieces of gum. They tasted icky, but Mio ate the gum.

Yui zei "I feel kind of sick."

Mio zei "Will u be okay?"

Yui zei "I'm sure I'll be okay." Yui threw up on Mio's jacket.

Mio zei "Oh no."

Yui zei "I'll fix it." Yui tried to wipe off the throw up, but she accidentally ripped up the jacket. Yui zei "I'm sorry."

Mio zei "Oh tablespills."

Yui zei "Tablespills?"

Mio zei "It's my G rated curse word."

After lunch Mio went yo her volgende class. This class was being taught door a substitute teacher who has a reputation of being strict. The teacher zei "Students it's time to turn in your homework."

Mio zei "I'm sorry, but I forgot to bring it."

The teacher zei "I forgot to accept your weak excuse."

Mio started doing her classwork. The teacher angrily stared at her. Mio zei "What's wrong?"

The teacher zei "You're using permanent marker."

Mio zei "I'm truly sorry."

The teacher ripped Mio's classwork apart.

After school Mio tripped and fell.

Tsumugi zei "Are u okay?"

Mio zei "I'm fine." Mio avoided crying.

After Tsumugi left Mio fell again. Azusa saw Mio. Azusa helped Mio get up.
Mio zei "Thank you."

Azusa zei "You've fallen twice today."

Mio zei "I feel weak."

Azusa zei 'I'll help u get home."

Mio zei "Thank you."

Mio and Azusa started walking home.

Mio zei "Thank u for helping me walk home. I'm ashamed that I needed help."

Azusa zei "Don't feel ashamed. I'm glad to help."

Mio zei "You're the only good part of this day. Do u have plans today?"

Azusa zei "No."

Mio zei "Maybe we should hang out at my home."

Azusa zei "Alright! Sorry. I got excited."

Mio and Azusa went to Mio's bedroom.
Mio zei "Want some slippers?"
Azusa put on some slippers which were soft. Azusa zei "Softness overload! I love it."

Mio zei "Good. Thank u for helping me out today. You're such a good friend."

Azusa blushed and zei "I didn't do that much."

Mio zei "This would of been the worst dag of my life if it wasn't for you."

Azusa zei "We have lots in common. We're the 2 shyest members of the band. Sometimes I feel like you're the only one who understands me."
Mio zei "I feel the same way. I love you."

Azusa zei "You love me?"

Mio nervously zei "As a friend!"

Azusa zei "I love you. The truth is I have a crush on you. I can't believe I zei that. I'm embarrassed."

Mio zei "Don't be. I'm flattered. I never though that much about romance, but if I were to datum any member of the band I'd chose you."

Azusa got a idea. She knew it would lead to trouble, but she did it. She kissed Mio. Azusa zei "I'm sorry."

Mio zei "And I'm sorry for this." Mio kissed Azusa.

Mio zei "I have a crush on u too."

Azusa zei "Oh thank you. This is the happiest I've been in years."

Mio zei "Me too."

Azusa zei "But what about our friends?"

Mio zei "I'm worried what they'll think. However what really matters is u and me. We will be together no matter what."

Mio and Azusa hanged out together for a few hours. They acted like normal. They had avondeten, diner and played a few games. It was getting late so Azusa got permission from her parents to have a sleepover at Mio's place.

Azusa zei "Thanks for letting me stay here. I don't have any pajamas."

Mio zei "You can wear any pair of mine that u want."

Mio wore blue pajama pants and a red shirt. Azusa wore pajama pants and a overhemd, shirt that are both pink.

Mio and Azusa had a sleepover in Mio's bedroom. Azusa used the guest bed.
The volgende morning Mio and Azusa woke up at 5:30 a.m.

Mio zei "Good morning."

Azusa zei "We better get ready for school."

Mio zei "Okay."
Mio and Azusa got on their school clothes and ate some cereal and toast.

Azusa zei "Mio when will we tell our vrienden about our feelings for each other?"

Mio zei "Maybe we should do it after school. We won't have much time to talk during school."

Azusa zei "Okay."

Mio and Azusa got their backpacks and started walking to school. They held hands on the way there.

They stopped holding hands when Yui walked by.
Ritsu zei "Hey girls."

Mio zei "Um hi Ritsu. How's it going?"

Ritsu zei "Great. How are you?"

Mio blushed and zei "Good."

Yui zei "Are u okay?"

Mio zei "Of course."

Azusa blushed too and zei "Lets get to class."
Mio and Azusa rushed to class.

Ritsu zei "Those 2 are hiding something."

Yui zei "Really?"

Ritsu zei "I'll find out what they are hiding."

Mio and Azusa avoided their vrienden during school. After school they had band practice.
Ritsu zei "Alright u 2. Spill the beans."

Yui and Tsumugi spilt a bag of beans on the floor.
Ritsu zei "That's not what I meant."

Yui zei "Oh."

Ritsu zei "What's going on between u 2?"

Mio and Azusa looked nervous. Mio zei "What are u talking about?"

Ritsu zei "You're hiding stuff."

Yui zei "Azusa I tried to visit u yesterday, but your dad zei u were at a friend's house.
Mio and Azusa blushed.

Ritsu zei "You 2 had a sleepover and u didn't invite me?"

Mio zei "It wasn't planned. We were hanging out together and lost track of time."

Ritsu zei "You're hiding something else."

Mio zei "What?"

Ritsu zei "That's what I want to know."

Mio and Azusa both had sweat coming down their foreheads. Azusa was tired of the pressure so she zei "Me and Mio like each other. I've had a crush on Mio for months."

Tsumugi zei "You 2 will be so cute together."

Ritsu zei "You kept this a secret? u tried to keep your relationship a secret? Also what? u 2 like each other?"

Mio zei "Go ahead and make fun of me if u must. u can say whatever u want, but I love Azusa and we'll be a couple no matter what."

Ritsu zei "I'm not sure how to feel about this. I'm offended that Azusa kept a secret from me for months."

After band practice Mio and Azusa walked together. Azusa zei "I better get home. Good night." Azusa kissed Mio.

The volgende dag Mio and Azusa went to a mall. Mio zei "This will be nice."

Azusa zei "I'm glad we get to spend this dag alone."

Mio and Azusa's vrienden showed up. Mio zei "Oh no."

Tsumugi zei "I just wanted u 2 to know that I think you'll be a awesome couple."

Yui zei "I think you're cute together."

Ritsu zei "The important thing is that we'll still be a band and get along with each other."
The 5 of them hugged. Mio zei "Thanks for the support."

Ritsu zei "Wanna go shopping together?"

Tsumugi zei "We shouldn't intrude Mio and Azusa's date." Mio and Azusa blushed.

Ritsu zei "We'll call u later."

Mio zei "Okay."

Mio and Azusa went to a film together. They held hands and blew kisses to each other.

Azusa zei "Mio are we dating?"

Mio zei "I didn't think about it until Tsumugi brought it up. I want to datum you."

Azusa zei "I'm nervous about it, but I want to datum you."

Mio zei "Well then we're a couple."

Azusa zei "Well that's pretty awesome."
Mio and Azusa kissed for a minute.
Mio and Azusa went to the theater and saw a Liam Neeson film.

Mio zei "I had a wonderful dag and now that we're a couple everyday will be wonderful."

Mio and Azusa's vrienden now know about Mio and Azusa's new relationship, but it was time to tell the parents.

Mio was wearing a roze overhemd, shirt and purple pants. She zei "I have something to tell you."

Mio's mom zei "Okay. What is it?"

Mio nervously zei "I'm dating someone."

Mio's parents were surprised. Mio's dad zei "Who is this boy?"

Mio zei "A girl. I'm dating Azusa."

Mio's mom zei "Well I did not expect this, but I'm happy for you." Mio's mom hugged Mio.

Mio's dad zei "I was hoping u would datum a boy so I wouldn't be the only guy around here."

Mio's mom zei "Don't forget about your chaotic friends."

Mio's dad zei "By the way my vrienden broke a few things a few days ago."

Mio's mom zei "That explains what happened to the lamp."

Meanwhile Azusa walked to the living room wearing a green overhemd, shirt and black shorts. She zei "I have something to tell you."

Azusa's mom zei "Okay. What's up?"

Azusa zei "I know this will surprise you, but Mio and I are a couple."

Azusa's mom zei "Cool."

Azusa zei "You are not surprised?"

Azusa's mom zei "Well u didn't hide your love for Mio very well. u drew pictures of her in your diary and fell asleep with your diary open."

Azusa blushed and zei "Oh. So you're not mad?"

Azusa's dad zei "Of course not."

The volgende dag Azusa went to Mio's house. She wore a purple overhemd, shirt and a blue skirt. Azusa nervously zei "I'm here to visit Mio."

Mio's mom zei "She's in her room."

Azusa zei "Okay."

Mio's mom zei "Where is the bookcase?"

Mio's dad zei "My vrienden broke it."

Azusa walked to Mio's room. Azusa knocked on the bedroom door.

Mio was not expecting Azusa to be here this early. Mio was wearing a roze undershirt and shorts. She put on a gewaad, kleed and opened the door. She zei "Azusa I'm glad to see you."

Azusa zei "I'm glad to see me too. I mean I'm glad to see you. I worded that badly."

Mio zei "Don't worry. I told my parents about our relationship and they allowed it."

Azusa zei "So did my parents."

Mio zei "Well it seems like there is no else to tell."

Azusa zei "Band members, parents. What about Yui's sister, Ui?"

Mio zei "Yui gossiped to her about it."

Azusa zei "Then we are free to be together."

Mio zei "I love you."

Azusa zei "I love u too."
Mio and Azusa kissed.
Azusa zei "So we are officially a couple and everybody knows it?"

Mio zei "Yep."

Azusa zei "I have to visit my family today. Since today's Sunday we can walk to school together tomorrow."

Mio zei "I look vooruit, voorwaarts to that. Before u go I need a goodbye kiss."

Azusa zei "I kissed u a minuut ago, but okay." Mio and Azusa kissed goodbye.

The volgende morning Mio and Azusa quickly got ready for school. Mio and Azusa met up outside Mio's house and started walking to school.
Mio zei "Hi honey."

Azusa zei "Oh right. Cute nicknames. Hi sweetie."

Mio and Azusa held hands on the way to school.
Mio and Azusa arrived to school. They stopped holding hands.

Azusa zei "We are not allowed to kiss at school so lets make this quick."

Mio and Azusa kissed in the hallway. None of the teachers saw them, but students did.
Mio zei "Oh right. We forgot about the students."
A few girls giggled at Mio and Azusa, but most of the girls were proud of Mio and Azusa for coming out of the closet. Several girls at the school also came out of the closet. Some got in trouble for kissing at school, but globaal, algemene Mio and Azusa taught the other girls to be honest with their emotions.

The volgende dag Mio, Azusa, and the other band members went to the beach. Tsumugi's parents' butler Saito was hired to set up lunch for the girls. Mio and Azusa arrived early so they helped Saito set things up. They set up a lunch on some fancy tables. The placemats were eloquent. Saito left to check up on Tsumugi's parents.
Mio zei "This looks good. I'm excited to get this started."

Azusa zei "Me too. After everything we have been through it is nice to relax."

Mio zei "The others are not here yet."

Azusa zei "They are late. Well we have this moment alone."

Mio zei "Lets make it special."
Mio and Azusa kissed.

The others arrived while Mio and Azusa kissed.
Yui zei "Um we are here."

Mio and Azusa stopped kissing and zei "Hi."

Ritsu zei "If we had come a half uur later they would probably still be kissing."

Mio zei "Hey." Mio angrily blushed.

Yui zei "Is lunch ready?"

Mio zei "Yep."

Tsumugi zei "The butler did a good job at setting things up."

Mio zei "Don't u know his name?"

Tsumugi zei "No."

Azusa zei "Saito."

Tsumugi zei "That sounds familiar."
The gang started eating. Tsumugi zei "So how are things between the cutest couple ever?"

Mio blushed and zei "Things are good. Our parents and classmates approve of me and Azusa dating."

Azusa zei "It seems like we have nothing to worry about."

Yui zei "Since Azusa is a jaar older that means volgende jaar Mio won't be in high school and Azusa will."

Azusa zei "I did not think of that." Azusa looked worried.

Mio held Azusa's hand and zei "Don't worry. Nothing will ruin our relationship. We will see talk to each other before and after school and we will spend the weekends together. I love u meer than anything and nothing will stop that!" Mio was embarrassed to say that.

Ritsu whispered "Mio is definitely the most dramatic band member."

Tsumugi zei "Don't ruin this moment."

Azusa zei "Mio u are right. Nothing will stop us from being together. I love u meer than anything too."

Mio and Azusa kissed under a umbrella to keep the others from watching.

After lunch the girls started swimming. They wore pajamas, because they left their swimsuits at home. The girls swam. Yui daydreamed and almost drowned, but Mio saved her.

After swimming the girls drank lemonade. Saito (the butler) came to check on them. Saito zei "Those are the best swimsuits."

Mio zei "They are pajamas."

Saito zei "Well at least pajamas have modesty which is meer than I can say for the immodest 2 piece swimsuits that look like underclothes."

Tsumugi zei "That is enough. I know you're old fashioned, but u need to get with the times."

Saito zei "What do u mean?'

Ritsu zei "Leave us in peace."

Saito zei "Fine, but remember that modesty is the best policy."

The girls had fun playing on the beach.
After playing on the strand and getting their regular clothes on Yui, Ritsu, and Tsumugi went home.
Mio zei "A few days geleden I had so many worries, but now I practically feel worry free."

Azusa zei "I know how u feel. My love for u is the biggest secret I've had. Now I feel like I never have to keep secrets."

Mio zei "As far as our relationship goes I'm sure there will be problems. However we will get through those problems, because my love for u is so big that even the biggest ruler can't measure it."

Azusa zei "So we're going to be okay?"

Mio zei "Better than okay. Any dag with u is a good day."

Azusa cried.
Mio zei "What's wrong honey?"
Azusa zei "Next jaar u won't have high school and I will. I know u zei we'll spend time when we can, but I'll still miss you."
Mio zei "Like I zei honey we'll get through the bad stuff. In a few months it will be Summer. We can see each other all the time. We can have sleepovers a few times a week, kiss, hug, shop, and every romance stereotype u can think of."
Azusa zei "Sounds like paradise."
Mio wiped the tears off Azusa's face. Mio held Azusa's hand and zei "It's late. Lets go to my house and get some sleep."
Azusa zei "What about my parents?"
Mio zei "I texted them and got permission. Lets go."
Mio and Azusa went on the train.
Azusa fantasized getting married to Mio. She got a big smile thinking about it.
Mio zei "You seem happy."
Azusa zei "I was thinking about the future."
Mio zei "I know." Azusa had a surprised look on her face. Mio zei "We are kind of young to think about that. Lets just think about the present for now."
Azusa zei "Okay."
Mio and Azusa kissed. They knew what they wanted to do in the future, but for now just being a couple together made them the happiest girls in the world.
The end.