Yuru Yuri is a anime comedy toon that stars 2 groups of middle school girls: the Amusement Club and the Student Council. The toon has quite a few good characters.

5. Akari

Akari is the show's fake protagonist. The toon pretends like it's about her, but she actually doesn't have a very prominent role. Her lack of screen time and plot relevance is 1 of the show's funniest running gags. There are several jokes about how small her role in the toon is and all of those jokes are funny. Her role in the toon is so small that I've actually forgotten about her.

4. Yui

Yui is the 1 member of the Amusement Club that isn't looney. She isn't as eccentric as the show's other characters. She serves as a good voice of reason character to Kyoko and the others. Also her friendship with Chinatsu is really cute even if it's meant for comedy.

3. Chinatsu

Chinatsu is a member of the Amusement Club that Kyoko has a crush on, but she has a crush on Yui. It leads to a lot of the show's cutest scenes. Chinatsu is a adorable character, but she's also crazy enough to fit into this wacky comedy show.

2. Ayano

Ayano is the seconde in charge of the Student Council. Despite that she has a bigger role than her superior. Ayano acts like Kyoko is her enemy, but deep down she has seems to have a crush on her of at least wants to be her friend. She is 1 of the most well written and sympathetic characters in the show. She's also quite cool and knows how to be both angry and sweet in the same scene.

1. Kyoko

It's hard to think of any anime female character that's funnier than Kyoko. Kyoko is the leader of the Amusement Club, a club that pretty much just goofs around. Kyoko is 1 of the craziest and most eccentric anime characters. She may not be a very polite friend, but she's lots of fun and she makes sure that her vrienden have fun too. Yuru Yuri is a comedy toon and since Kyoko is the funniest and most entertaining character in the toon she deserves to be considered the best.