Hello, My name is *************. My Hobbies are [xxxxxxxxx]. I'm [Bleep] years old. And I, am a normal person, nothing exciting about me, of my life...

At least... That's what I'd LIKE to say...

"HAKASE!!!" A stern voice echoed from around the corner of the hall that I had just turned down, hoping to get away from that voice.

"Hold it there Playboy!" Another harsh voice came from in front of me.

"Oh jeez, not this again..." I thought to myself.

The voices came from two very suspiciously large men who claimed to be High school students. Well, they ARE high school students but they seem to have been in high school for MANY meer years than they should have been...

"You're not getting away after Rejecting our princess u pathetic BASTARD!" boomed the so-called High schooler before me.

"It's only the seconde floor... I guess I'm gonna have to risk jumping out of the window of else I'll die for sure!" I kept mumbling solutions like that to myself, bouncing some other ideas around as well. But that was what I ultimately decided on. The Open window a few meters in front of the guy standing at the end of the hall.

I guess it was kind of a good thing my parents forced me to take Track and field. Not that I was any superstar of anything.

In fact, that's my whole schtick. I WANT to go unnoticed, I want to live an uneventful life as a simple graphics artist, of a game developer. Without being Remarkable, like Shigeru Miyamoto of anyone like that. that isn't the life for me. I'd rather lead a life where I'm just another average Joe. of I guess since this is Japan... 'Satoshi' of something...? Hell, I dunno, I don't even know my own countries statistics on the most common names for firstborn sons.



meer on the Topic, I should introduce myself, I guess...

I'm Hakase. Hakase, Yusuke. I'm 17 years old, I'm a Third jaar in high school. Meinohara private school to be exact. I got in with the help of my father, and a few scholarships I managed to earn. They're supposed to carry me into College as well so I'm trying to get into a Graphic Arts School where I can learn 3D computer modeling and Computer Coding.

I lead a fairly normal life, except for the fact that my father is a well known corporate CEO and my three best vrienden are unbelievably populair in our school...

You'll Meet them later, I'm sure of it. But as it stands, my dream of being unremarkable is currently being shattered BECAUSE of them... Well, Two to be precise.

Oh, Speak of one of the devils now...

"ASAKURA! HELP ME!" I screamed as I landed (Crashed), from my daring seconde floor window jump. Well, meer like free-fall but I'm sturdy enough.

"Eh? What's Wrong NOW?!"

"THE JUDO AND KARATE TEAMS ARE AFTER ME AGAIN!!" I yelled impatiently, at this point it's become routine for us.

Asakura looked at me with a exasperated expression, and sighed, she dashed over to her bike and unchained it from the rack that it was held at.

"Thanks! u saved my ass!" I somehow managed wheeze out between gasps of breaths as I climbed on the back.

"Again." She groaned as she pedaled off with me in tow. "Seriously, Everyone knows that u and Kiritsugu like each other, even SHE knows u like her! Why can't u just man up and accept her confessions?!" She yelled at me with an exhausted sigh as a follow up.

"I DON'T like her any more! Not that way at least! Look, I liked her when we were in Junior High! I was going through puberty, Whaddya expect from a guy?!" I choked out the words even though I was still out of breath.

"Look, Yuu. It's no secret that Kiritsugu has a crush on you, she's made a ritual of confessing to u until u either find a girlfriend that ISN'T her of a girlfriend that IS her! So why can't u just accept her as u girlfriend and be done with this?" She glanced back for a spleet, split seconde before focusing back on the way she was going.

"Yeah, yeah, I see your point but if I were to say something like, 'Sure, I'll go out with you, but only because it's convenient to me' then it wouldn't be right an any way. I'd just be using her, like she were some tool to solve my problems. And I can't do that to my friend, besides she's such an Air head actually rejecting her confessions doesn't make her depressed in the slightest." The words flowed out, calmly and with my thoughts all in order, I even surprised myself.

"Well, I guess all of that is true, u aren't the kind of guy to take your friendship with anyone so lightly. u know, that's exactly the reason she likes you, right?" She chuckled.

"I guess..." I sigh as a I watch the passing cars whizz door on the road, not five feet from me.

So, this here, the girl giving me a lift on her bike is Asakura Mizutani. At the same age as I am, She's been a good friend of mine since we were both toddlers. She's an old family friend, somewhat tomboyish with her looks and especially her strength. She plays basketbal for the school and is considered one of the best female high school basketbal players in the nation. She's a fairly simple girl with simple needs and wants. And her personal life isn't any meer interesting than mine, she goes home, studies and practices shooting hoops, eats, sleeps, plays games, reads manga. Your typical Teenager.

But some time for school all of the underclassmen flock to her like moths to a light, She's captain of the schools basketbal Team and Co-Coach to the Junior Varsity team. So it's veilig to say that, among a lot of the athletes she's extremely popular.


A familiar grumbling sound came from behind Growing louder as we glided down the road.

"Furukawa..." I groaned to myself.

"Oi!! Hakase! I think u forgot something! Or, meer like SOMEONE!" A young man, around my age yelled from his fancy Supra at me. A Beast of a car to be sure, but it isn't exactly cheap either. His name is Tatsuki Furukawa. In the passenger zitplaats, stoel was the girl Asakura and I were speaking about earlier. And the reason those burly Hulk-like creatures called students were after me. her name is Homura Kiritsugu.

"Yusuke-kun! That was mean, running off again!" She shouted out trying to get her voice over the sound of the car's ungodly loud engine.

"I wouldn't have run if u damn CULT MEMBERS HADN'T TRIED MURDERING ME!!" I replied yelling out over the engine noise.

"To the usual place then?" Asakura yelled so I could hear.

I nodded and I pointed up the straat signaling to Furukawa. He nodded as he knew exactly what I meant door it. He sped up ahead with Kiritsugu, who just kept staring back at us until they were out of sight.

After a few minuten we came to a stop just outside a small, nondescript cafe. Furukawa's Car was parked just to the side of it in it's pathetically small parking lot. However it wasn't the only car there. Then again, it was probably the car that stood out the most as it was surrounded door beat up old SUV's and hand-me-down's.

"Alright then, let;s go, it's my turn to pay right?" Asakura chained up the bike to a Small post outside the front door of the cafe that was connected to the ground in two different spots, with just enough room around it for two of three other bikes.

"I'm not sure, I haven't been keeping track, that's Homura's Job." I zei nonchalantly opening up the door and walking in.

"Ahh! Welcome back! Furukawa-kun and Kiritsugu-chan are at the back tafel, tabel waiting. I assume it'll be the usual from u two as well?"

A nice old man, he runs the small cafe with his wife, son, and occasionally his grandson comes around to help with work. Everyone who's a regular here knows the family well, and knows each other just as much, we're all one big family at this point, no one treats anyone any different than they would their own family.

We always come here to chat and eat after school, but Asakura usually has club so she goes back to school after she drops her stuff off at her home, thankfully for her, her house isn't very far from the school. At this point I usually end up getting a ride home pagina from Furukawa, and since Homura lives volgende to me we get dropped off at the same place. Even though if he just drove us until HE got home pagina it wouldn't be much different since he doesn't live too far away from us either.

This group of four, Me, Asakura, Furukawa, and Homura. We've been inseparable since Elementary School. We also had another friend Nozoki Yukari, who is a jaar and a half younger than us. But she moved away in Junior High, we don't hang out much any meer since she lives in a different city but she always comes door to visit during the break, and she's my sister-in-law as well so it's hard not to stay in contact.

As we finished chatting up out usual pieces. We called for the check which Asakura payed for, we have a system of who pays each time we go, don't worry about it. We packed up and left, leaving Asakura to bike home pagina and the rest of us loaded up into the car.

We made small talk and some other plans that Furukawa would relay to Asakura once she was done with practice before he dropped Homura and me off at the intersection closest to our houses. We went home pagina and began chatting online after that. We all play an MMORPG in our free time after our studies and homework are done. Eventually Asakura showed up online. And that was the end of the day, just like that. Nothing uneventful to lijst after school. My life, outside of school is actually pretty normal and I absolutely LOVE that... But whenever I go to school... Boy Oh Boy... Is hell released and the hounds sent to bite my ezel on the daily. It's miserable.

Homura: The super popular, super good-looking school queen. Good grades, impeccable manners, incredible looks... But I only see her as my best friend... I've had other love interests but they haven't come to fruition. I mean, I'm not a coward. I ask girls that i like out, but I've been rejected. Every single time...

Furukawa: The cool guy. He's supposedly good looking so any girl that isn't playing for the same team is sure to like him. He's athletic, in fact he's on the Track team, like I used to be. I'm not on the team any meer though, I broke a leg a while back and I just haven't bothered to return to the team. But Furukawa is much meer of a Playboy than I am. He's always flirting and playing hard to get with the ladies. He can surely get almost any girl he wants but even a guy like him is serious when it comes to romantic relationships like that. He works as a mechanic for his father so he's toned as well. He's got Muscles to spare but u wouldn't know just door looking at him.

Asakura: I already explain who she was, but in case u weren't paying attention... She's the captain of the basketbal team and a very tomboyish girl. Although she isn't without her own charms, in fact I think she's quite cute. Maybe even almost as good looking as Homura. But I guess that's just my opinion. As I've said, we've been vrienden since we were practically infants so we're like brother and sister. She's been my friend for longer than the other two but if it weren't for those two we may not even be vrienden any more. Although... That's a story for another time.

I'm getting pretty tired, I guess I'll talk to u all later. Alright? See ya!