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So I had this awesome idea for a fan fiction, but I'm not all that into writing those, of reading them for that matter. What's happened in the story is how it is. But I couldn't pass this one up, so I had to put it somewhere, so I don't forget it. Here it is!:

Rukia stopped and put her hand out to stop Ichigo and Renji from running any closer to her. They were in a large field on earth. The Arrancar were loose again. Luckily the three vrienden had been visiting each other, right around the area that the advanced hallow had appeared.
Renji and Ichigo stopped about twelve feet from Rukia, crouched...
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(Just before Ichigo and Grimmjow fight their final battle)

A gust of wind ruffled the blue hair of the Sexto Espada, and sent sand spraying and cascading everywhere. He stood in silence, thinking of the fight he would soon pursue, he was ready to easily dispose of that annoying Ichigo Kurosaki.

'You seem deep in thought... Grimmjow! So, u seek to destroy that Shinigami u fought in the World of the Living, the one who used a Hollow form against u and almost defeated you? You're pathetic!'

Grimmjow turned, Nnoitra, the arrogant bastard stood there, with a mocking look on his face. Nnoitra,...
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posted by MadameRedX
Hi guys..all ways wanted to make a love story fan fiction... i cant see how things can get bad ...
but ... Oh well... enjong the love story :P

"Moe Moe Love"
Characters :
And all other characters... lol

At the first dag of high school.. a girl named Shiori Kazuka is ready to go to school "Yomiii..."
Shouted shiori "Yes Shiori Chaaaan im going!" zei Yomi.. her name is Yomi Kayko Shiori's roommate,as shiori bites her geroosterd brood, toast she ran off to school "Shioriiiii >.<" zei Yomi loudly cause shiori eats her geroosterd brood, toast "hehehe"...
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English Lyrics

The very best Princess!
So treat me just us such, carve it in your heart! Okay~
Number 1 Always notice my different hair styles.
Number 2 Look at me from head to toe.
Got that?
Number 3 For everything I say,
reply with at least three words.
If u understand, then do something about
my lonely right hand!
Not really,
I didn't say I was so spoiled.
I want u to think I'm cute,
from the bottom of your heart
The very best Princess!
Just realize it...hey hey!
Making me wait is out of the question!
Who do u think I am?
Whatever, right now I want to eat something sweet!
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Aria the Scarlet Ammo: This anime is not in any way related to Aria the Animation, Aria the Natural, of Aria the Origination. It has a way meer frantic pace than those sedate shows. Hapless Kinji meets the bossy, hyper Aria after she drops in to help save him from a bomb. All the other girls introduced in this series like Kinji, too, making it a harem anime. But Aria outshines those other girls. Kinji doesn’t know how to take all the flirting, though. Too much of it activates his “hysteria mode”, a mysterious condition I never did quite figure out. Kinji and others are studying to become...
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posted by Gray_Galaxies
 Kang Hyun created and favourite character
Kang Hyun created and favourite character
Well for some reason,my hand is not very steady so some of my pictures are blur.But I took alot of effort to draw this out.I got some anime pictures of other animes and some of then are created door me.BTW,ZORO RORONOA!!YOU STOLD MY PICTURE!!!AND MY ART!!!HOW DARE YOU!!!Anyways,I don't really draw that much anime nowadays cuz my brain can't even think of anything.But still...I'm back on buiness drawing again.....I know its weird drawings and yet my pencil sketching is TOO light.....But I want to make this quick in..-_-".BTW,I'm a Korean and I have been drawing manga and anime since when i was 6 years old,quite a tomboy now.....But still,you don't really wanna mess with a girl thats know Karate,Kickboxing and Win Chun.NOW,let's present the art studio of Hyuna Lim Jing Er!!! favourite laughing ever made character favourite laughing ever made character
 Ginga Hagane...form Metal Fight Beyblade
Ginga Hagane...form Metal Fight Beyblade
 Another Kang Hyun Da......only smaller and koeler, koelwagen
Another Kang Hyun Da......only smaller and cooler
 Jade/Jaeger...from Kinnikuman?Ultimate Muscle
Jade/Jaeger...from Kinnikuman?Ultimate Muscle
 Kevin Mask...A bit blur...-_-"from Kinnikuman
Kevin Mask...A bit blur...-_-"from Kinnikuman
 Hyunari Kira...this is me..but I change my real name..hehe.Only girl that is created door me
Hyunari Kira...this is me..but I change my real name..hehe.Only girl that is created by me
 Kid Kenyon/Terry Kenyon...For some reason he is also from Kinnikuman
Kid Kenyon/Terry Kenyon...For some reason he is also from Kinnikuman
 Kyouya Tategami......A bit cocky and cuz my hand was a bit sliding...-_-"from Metal Fight beyblade
Kyouya Tategami......A bit cocky and cuz my hand was a bit sliding...-_-"from Metal Fight beyblade
 Black Leg Sanji..I KNOW ITS BLUR!!!From One Piece
Black Leg Sanji..I KNOW ITS BLUR!!!From One Piece
 Sonic the hedgehog..This time I did it well
Sonic the hedgehog..This time I did it well
 Toramaru from Inazuma Eleven
Toramaru from Inazuma Eleven
 Yami Mutou..from Yu Gi Oh
Yami Mutou..from Yu Gi Oh
 Yoshimaru Itsuga...Zoro_Roronoa!! I'M GONNA KILL u CUZ u STOLD MY YOSHI!!BTW,he has no proof if he drew it of not..
Yoshimaru Itsuga...Zoro_Roronoa!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU CUZ YOU STOLD MY YOSHI!!BTW,he has no proof if he drew it or not..
 Yoya Karazu....I created him when I was about um.....13 years old
Yoya Karazu....I created him when I was about um.....13 years old
 Roronoa Zoro the Kuso Marimo..It bit blur..from One Piece
Roronoa Zoro the Kuso Marimo..It bit blur..from One Piece
 And last that dont even need to be post it..yet I did it for fun..Haibara Kamisana
And last that dont even need to be post it..yet I did it for fun..Haibara Kamisana
posted by MadameRedX
anime figures everey one !
Anime figures!!!

Dont u just want them ,
If u have some , dont u just want more?

I know u do !!

Coz i got the same feeling

Lets start the topic that is anime figures , the one thing that all otaku wanted , OFC , there are many kind on them and many diff versions !

That makes them collect able and seriously fun to stare all dag at hehe well thats what i do ..

I will post some of my anime figures , i have many of them well it havent reached 100 =_= ok lame enough ok continue to the many many kinds of aniem figure .

One ! Figma . The best anime figure u can have its very...
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posted by kittymeow247
Tanoshii koto ga matte
iru to Itsu datte

Kawaii momo o
mitsukechatta Nan datte

Mori no naka de mo

Mizu no naka de mo

Doko made mo
oikakechatte ii yo!

Yukute habamu Nankan

karaku nagetobashichau

Tanken Usa-shan to

Takarabako sagashite!

Waku waku suru u na
yume no shima e

Tanken Takashi mo

Dakara daijoubu sa!

Uki uki suru u na tabi
ni deyou!


Ureshii koto ga atta hi
wa Megatonkyuu no
sumairu de!

Ochikonnde iru kimi ni
happii Takusan wakete
ageru yo!

Mahou no tsue de

Hitofurisuru to

Usa-chan ga Kuma-chan
ni henshin

Kore, Tama-chan no
Kuma-chan da

Konna no kawaikunaii...
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Fallen Wars 1 part 1

I yawn, the sunlight is shining brightly down on my face. I cover my face with my hand to keep the sun out of my eyes. I feel a cool, gentle breeze blow. The boom leaves rusle gently. I get up and slide off the tree. I look around, the blue sea is gently washing across the shore, the deep blue sky, the sun is risen barely above the kust-, oever line, making a beautiful reflection in the water. "I though you'd be sleeping down here." I turn to see a red haired girl looking at me. I can see a glint of the sun in her green eyes. She was wearing a bright blue dress that went from her shoulders down to her knees.
posted by usuitakumi77
Suzuna Ayuzawa (鮎沢 紗奈, Ayuzawa Suzuna?)

Voiced by: Kaori Ishihara
Misaki's younger sister. She is very apathetic and shows little to no emotion, though is actually rather perceptive and known for her deadpan humour. She does not work at any part time jobs and appears to be in middle school. Suzuna has a friendly relationship with Shintani, whom she recalls from when he and Misaki were childhood friends. In the anime, she often enters magazine contests and always seems to win food prizes. Her first appearance occurs late in the manga, while she is a frequent recurring character in the anime. From Chapter 65 onwards, Suzuna attends Seika High as a freshman student. While she is instantly populair with the male population, most of the boys are wary of her being Misaki's sister and they fear that her easy-going personality is a ruse. It is also shown in later chapters (particularly during her first few days at Seika High) that Suzuna has a deepening affection towards Hinata.
Now i ask myself this vraag many times.So ask yourself right now Do anime characters names fit their personality?Well I say yes it does! so i've doe some research on some names of famous animes.
We all know sasuke is apperantly the hot guy in naruto (even if some of us don't think so).Not only that but he thinks hes better and stronger than anyone else.Anyway this might explain why they named him Sasuke.Saskue means in jappanese Ninja Warrior which he thinks he is(but isn't just wishes)
Every one knows who the famous half demon boy INUYASHA.Almost everybody thinks...
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The view from my front window this morning... Ok... I need meer words here... ooh SONG LYRICS WILL WORK!!!

"Hail To The King"

Watch your tongue, I'll have it cut from your head
Save your life door keeping whispers unsaid
Children roam the streets, now orphans of war
Bodies hanging in the streets to adore

Royal flames will carve a path in chaos,
Bringing daylight to the night
Death is riding into town with armor,
They've come to take all your rights

Hail to the king, hail to the one
Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun
Hail to the king

The King...

Blood is spilled while holding keys to the throne...
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This review doesn't include all the anime I've watched since last installment. I saw that the dubbed version of Steins;Gate was disappearing off the streaming sites, so I hurriedly bought it off of amazone, amazon and watched it again. Then I watched two anime, Valvrave the Liberator and datum A Live, only to discover they were so new their seconde season hadn't come out yet, so I didn't include them in my lijst of anime series I have watched. Wait patiently...

Robotics;Notes—At first, the only reason I watched the toon was because it had a semicolon in the title, like Steins;Gate of Chaos;HEAd. I figured...
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posted by MissieMidget
"Soul! Do u mind but I think everyone else would like some cookies!" Maka scolded harshly snatching the koekjes, cookies from his grip "These are CHRISTMAS koekjes, cookies they're are for everyone." Soul stuck his tounge out at his girlfriend.
"Yaa-hooo cookies!" Black ster exclaimed.
Maka held up her fist "For the last time, these are for lord death if we eat them all then there will be none for him." Tsubaki giggled "Yeah, Maka's right."
"Aww Maka u decorated all so symmetrical." Kid complimented dressed in a Christmas sweater followed door Liz and Patty with reindeer antlers which was quite ironic with Kid's...
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posted by animegurl23
Misaki and Usui
A fan fiction
Chapter 1
Hi!!!!! this is animefreak23! I love all anime especially maid sama!!! :D ^_^ this is a story I worked very hard on!! PLEASE R&R!!!!! Arrigato! 
A/N: This part comes straight from episode 14! I just changed a little bit…. MOE!!
In Room 1-7: Kanou looked at the sleeping Misa, delighted. Now was his chance! To rid Seika High of girls! He exhaled and began:
“Misaki Ayuzawa, u are under my command,” A dazed Misa nodded.
Usui POV:
Usui was getting worried now. Where was Misa-Chan? He had looked everywhere! He hoped that jerk Kanou hadn’t hypnotized...
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A Healthy Life, And Healthly Deaths.


Chapter 15: A Run To A Safehouse

"Quick, toon Us Where They Took Her!!" Zaraki Yelled.
"Yes." Anri Replied.
The Threesome Then Runs To The Site Where They Took Orihime.
"Th-They're Gone!?" Nasanieru Yelled.
"I Think They Went This Way!!" Anri Said.
"Hey Guys," A Familiar Voice Was Heard.
"Need Some Help?" The Teenage Voice zei In A Modern-Looking Vehicle.
"K-Kanji? Did u Hear Everything??" Nasanieru Said.
"Well Yeah, Pretty Much. Quick, Hop In!!" Kanji Replied.
The Threesome Then Ran To The Modern-Looking...
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posted by RunoLover911
 Nasanieru Ohayashi, The First Main Character
Nasanieru Ohayashi, The First Main Character
Alright, So Me (My anime Character), And The 6 Battle Brawlers Were Having A Party At A Motel. Dan Kuso (Who Is The Leader Of The Battle Brawlers Started The Party), Ended The Party Once It Was 11:30 PM. So, The Other 5 Brawlers (And Me) Went Back To Their Motel Rooms. I Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night (IN MY DREAM, NOT REALITY), And I Walked Out Of My Motel Room (Once I Put On My Clothes And Shoes). So, I Saw That There Was A "Bed" In Front Of Runo's Motel Room! (P.S. This Was The First Floor Of The Motel). So, I Tried To Push It Out Of The Way, Until ASH KETCHUM, PIKACHU AND CHARMANDER...
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posted by vaisagalamia
I'm just wondering, is SRT and SRW the same?
Here are some answers.


Hey! It blends, Yes and No and Maybe. How confusing is it?
Perfect! this artikel is made door MYSELF! and read this carefully...

The Excellen Browning of SRT is the same of the Excellen Browning in the SRW. Now, this anime was adding a new season, Mugen no Frontier. We are lucky Mugen no Frontier isn't an anime. It just gonna make a huge trouble when they made it.

BUT! the SRT and the SRW are looking different too. The episodes of SRT are too many, but SRW only have 27! This is too much confusing, for us, reading this...
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 Hatsune Miku singing!.
Hatsune Miku singing!.
Original / Romaji Lyrics

English Translation

1,2,3 Yeah!

1,2,3 Yeah!

tsuyogatte bakka de nanka
sonshiteru ki ga suru datte sou jan
ienai u na koto ga shitai no
anna koto toka
yada... ...donna koto?

PLaying it strong, I kinda
Get that feeling from you. Well, aren't I right?!
I want to do something we can't talk about
Like that...
Ew... ...What kind of stuff?

otoko tte baka bakka ne
hen na koto ima kangaeta desho
kimi tte uso ga tsukenai taipu
daibu kao ni deteru Are u ok?
joujou shakuryou no yochi nashi
marude ohanashi ni naranai wa

Guys are all stupid, huh?
You so just...
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posted by Ei-chan31
The recommendation is . . . here u are!

*If u want watch anime that heart-warming, then I think u should watch Clannad After Story (don't forget to watch first season, of u won't get the 'perfect' heart-warming). This anime can make u crying easily, so heart-warming!!
-If u already watch that, then my another picks is Kanon, Air, Anohana-

*If u want watch something that make u think, u better watch Detective Conan. It's really full of logistics and make your brain always thinking when watch this.
-If u already watch its, I think u can watch Gosick-

*If u want watch...
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