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Okay, this review of three anime shows doesn’t really have anything to do with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but I thought I’d include an inspiring quote from this great American hero:
    “Darkness cannot drive our darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
    Good words. Now, on with the shows! As always, there may be spoilers:

Inu x Boku Secret Service—A short little series about a group of people partially descended from monsters of Japanese folklore. They all live together at this high rise building....
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posted by Sejuru
Pandemonium is the school of ring bearers in Pandemaceae. It is the place where they learned the basics of their powers and skills. Students here are disciplined and trepidated door the countrymen and women of the whole land. They are the selected persons in the division of human society who possessed the abilities and skill to be a knight. Knights refer to the protector of Pandemaceae against the evils (note: Chosen are Knights).
Class divisions:
Upper A: Class of Chosen
Middle B: Class of Shinjiki and Orikami rings
Lower C: Class of Hirotaku rings
At 6:30 in the morning,...
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posted by MissieMidget
For A very long time anime was a weird thing I did in my family in my house they could never get me off the subject of a good anime and trust me I had seen much.
I sat down with my mom and made a deal that if she gave one of my fav anime a chance (soul eater) door the way that I'd watch pride and prejudice which don't get me wrong was good I am a Jane Austen fan and it could have been worse lol.
Anyhow we started watching and my mom was hooked almost immideatly once the story set in she seems to be fascinated with Medusa not only has my mom but my little brother who is a fan of death the kid watches and when my friend comes it is all we seem to talk about all the anime's we've seen.
One dag I would love to travel to Japan and make an anime of my very own then my whole family can be sucked into it's beauty.
Without it I think me and my mom would fight much meer and I'm glad we found something we can enjoy together finally!
Thank u anime

*at home*

"Jackie, put down that book! u need a break from doing unnecessary studying, and get some fresh air outside. Me and Kaylee are going outside to shoot some hoops, u should come with." Chloe said. Jackie looked up from her book. "I have all the air i could ever want right here." Jackie said, pushing up her glasses with her index finger and continued reading. "Ugh! You're no fun!" Kaylee said.

*after school*

*the girls walk through the door with their father* Jackie, Chloe and Kaylee sat at the tafel, tabel in the kitchen, staring down at their sandwich's. "Dad........" Kaylee said. "What...
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Miyabigaoka's elite group

A group of students that are apparently "assisting" Tora, expressing that they want to become vrienden with Usui and do Tora a favour. They consist of Kaon Umekouji, a girl who carries around a large teddy beer made door her mother; her older brother Tomu, a boy seen wearing headphones around his neck; and Ichitarou Tomikouji, who is a childhood friend with the Umekouji siblings. Little is known about the group, though Kaon expresses an arrogant and cruelly playful streak towards though she looks down on. However, her attempt to upset Misaki door lying about being Usui's fiancee abruptly grows awry when Misaki dismisses it and mockingly pities her door listing all of Usui's negative traits. The group later attempts to meet Misaki door going to Maid Latte.
Welcome to the dimension of Pandemaceae;
An alternate version of Nephi
The 2 Worlds of magic…
A place wherein rings of infinite magic,
Ruled with their chosen masters…
A place where everything will happen...
The destiny of their wills…
A time where the trappers lived,
Reincarnated with their souls…
Pandemonium, Apocalypse, and Coriantumr settled…
The tripartite divides resembling the law…
Elite and a never ending war…
The Fights to seek for the end of sorrow to attain happiness,
Towards the Life, Death and Resurrection of a man.

A time ago, nobody knows...
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Merry Christmas, everybody! And some of the anime I watched this season even had Christmas-themed episodes!

To Heart—This slice of life harem toon is a bit slow at times, as it just focuses on male and female childhood pals, Hiroyuki and Akari, as they meet other students (always female, and one an android) and make vrienden with them. All of this is a mild temptation for Hiroyuki to ignore the growing romantic feelings Akari has for him. Yet Akari ends up becoming a friend to the new girls as well. I’d say this toon is meer about making vrienden than it is about romance. It’s a sweet natured...
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posted by Sununu
Everyday I will add an "Imagine your favoriete character" and all will be original. If its not, then I will credit the owner, so send me suggestions! The entries will be geplaatst in the comments, but u won't be interrupting them if u comment!
The datum will also be put on every entry just to I'll admit I can be forgetful!
(Even though this is geplaatst under anime, no matter what genre your fave character is I won't stop u from inserting them in there instead!)
Rules of Submissions:
1. No explicit "inappropriate" content. Things like kissing of hugging and etc, thats okay.
2. No copying, unless u credit the rightful creator.
3. Please, only bevestig an imagine once! I don't want eightteen of the same imagine in either my inbox of the commentaren section.
Entei fougth the 9 atespada named swords men Entei fougth him with the sword on dragon form, soon Entei grew wings with made with flame and flew to the sky add shot him with flames and zei your power is noting but swords so I can kill u easliy Entei said,sword men zei is that so? , swords men zei is that so? Swords men pointed his sword at Entei and it the sword streched and stabed him and the sword pulled him closer and swords men kicked him away and the blood on sword he licked it and the zei burnn samamada!, and swords men in his hand held samahada (kisames sword from naruto) and almost killed him but Entei used his ultimete verplaats "Dragon master brand attack" and killed him.
Rakiou mewhile was being trashed door the 8 atespada (dr z) even with his dragon form
(Till volgende episode pls commentaar )
posted by kittymeow247
Women are u ready to kom bij us now?
Hands in the air, we will toon u how.
Come and try,
Caramell will be your guide (be your guide)

So come and verplaats your hips sing
Look at u two hips do it
You and me, can sing this melody


Dance to the beat,
Wave your hands together
Come feel the heat, forever and forever.
Listen and Learn
It is time for prancing,
Now we are here with karamel Dancing


From Sweden to Uk, we will bring our song.
Australia, USA, and u people at Hong Kong
They have heard,
This means all around the...
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posted by CorporalSununu
Today, i shall we talking about a term any fanatic should know: shipping.
For starters, shipping is the main purpose of fanfictions. Without that, we wouldn't get to see how great a writer some people are, even if they didnt make up the characters.
There are many types of shipping. There is crack-pairing, ships that the actual toon ships, ships made that make no sense at all, OC ships, and of course the ships everyone ships because they can.
Shipping can go from straight to homosexual, chaotic to heroic, and even weird to weirder.
For those of u who want to start shipping, I have this advice:...
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Okay, it's been a while since I geplaatst a trio of reviews. And they're all Christmas-themed! No, no they're not, actually. One actually involves the summery sport of swimming. Which I am doing now in December--I joined a sports club with an indoor pool! Well, on to the anime:

Coyote Ragtime Show—A small but fun group of space pirates, led door a tough old man called simply “Mister”, searches for treasure on a planet due to be blown up like Alderaan, all the while in a race with a beautiful detective plus an evil woman with twelve killer android “daughters”.
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My Bride is a Mermaid—A frenzied series where craziness is happening all the time. When young Nagasumi is saved from drowning door a mermaid his own age, he must marry her according to the rules of the sea. Fortunately, Nagasumi and the mermaid, Sun, get along just fine. Complicating matters is the fact that her family is a sea mafia, and Sun’s father, the head, doesn’t like the idea of Nagasumi taking his daughter away from him. Then there’s the tiny assassin, Maki the Conch; Sun’s rival, pop ster Lunar; Nagasumi’s own dysfunctional parents; a haai man; a walvis boy; the taking over...
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As always, there may be spoilers!

Guilty Crown—Shu is a self-loathing teenager who even doubts his vrienden are truly his friends. Then he meets the singer Inori, who is moonlighting with a “terrorist” group called Funeral Parlor, led door the charismatic Gai. Gai inspires loyalty from his men (and women), but he is not what he seems. Soon, Shu finds himself fighting on their side, because of his power to reach into people’s hearts and draw out objects, often weapons, known as “Voids”.
    Now terrorist is a strong word with a lot of negative meaning behind it. Why...
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Whisper of the hart-, hart – After Story
~> this is a fan made story of the events after the timeline which is set in the animatie of “whisper of the heart.” u can read this for free, u can also publiceer this on other websites if u want, but please remember to give the credits to me. Enjoy reading. Sorry for the wrong grammar if there are some ^_^

    7 years had passed since Seiji made a promise to Shizuku that they will get married...
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Hi! I'm back from watching the American live action toon "F Troop", and am once again devouring anime shows on Hulu. Here's my latest 3:

Kids on the Slope—With credentials going back to Cowboy Bebop, u know this has got to be good. Though about the only thing it has in common with Bebop is the jazzy soundtrack provided door Yoko Kanno. There’s no guns, no bounty chases—just an involving coming of age story about high school students in a Japanese small town. Nerdy Kaoru somehow makes vrienden with the class bully, Sentaro, who is really a softie, a Catholic, and most of all, a drummer....
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An overflowing impulse strikes our hearts
It just now set our story in motion
From the shock of us happening to meet each other, this colorless world
Changes colors brilliantly in an instant

comThe destination of the snow in these flowing clouds
Is to you, far away, sending my love
In each place and wish
The sky is colored like autumn

I can still see that u and I
Are similarly in a timid wind
I wonder if it is blowing us around?
Don't cry from being lonely
Until we happen to meet again

An overflowing impulse strikes our hearts
It just now set our story in motion
From the shock of us happening to meet each...
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posted by xRainbowNinjax
This isn't the real thing... im kinda changing it a bittt...
Shinos Pov on everything
Bugs, why are people afraid of me because i have bugs inside me? well, i don't mind. It's makes thing easier in life :)wait,who am i talking to:anyways...
I like this girl , her name is Leah
(Me but not my name. my name is lissa: LOL i love him) but she just moved here from across the world, her full name is Leah Hatake.. Shes Kakashi's younger sister. i dont know how but her perents arent't ninjas.. i should ask her... but she'll never talk to a bug freak like me :(
Leah POV
Hiii-YA YES just cracked a board open!...
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posted by QueenOfTheDaze
So basically this is a rant about the problems/suggestions for fanpop :

Why can't u respond to people's comments?

Via response ? Like u have to check your updates then the person has to go to the page to check your commentaar like i had to direct message someone just to give an opinion

Free complimenten :

I have no problem with people giving out complimenten but instead why no make an experience bar of reputation bar to toon how much people post on artikels enquêtes forums and vragen as u can call me lazy of whatever but trust me it'll be a whole lot easier

Lets Make Blogs :

I think everyone should be able to write/post like their own personal blogs ex:
anime Reviews.Anime Recommendations etc. instead of people just giving out random recommendations with no details. of people stealing others ideas of artwork of whatever.

Kudos To Whoever Read This

Oueen Out ~
posted by ginei_werewolf
I am impressed door this truly. Pokemon hasn't been this good in a long time. They stopped milking off of the same comedy skits. The girl isn't the girl choice the the game either she is a original character with a very interesting personality.

As for team rocket...
they still haven't won but they aren't near as wimpy. They don't hide with as many dumb costumes
and blast off. They are able to escape and play a much meer important role in the anime now.
Giovanni is trying to lure out team plasma using team rocket.

The story don't have as many dumb random stops and makes d/p look like trash.

Currently only four episodes are out but u can watch them here. link

This is just my opinion so say as u wish..