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Alright! Continuing with my series of top, boven 10’s we have probably the most overdone type of lijst imaginable! top, boven 10 characters! Regardless, I thought it’d be fun to see how my anime favorieten have changed since the last time I ranked them and frankly I’m a bit surprised. Mostly because my #1 came close to being dethroned, which at one point I had claimed was impossible. Regardless, keep in mind the usual stuff. This is an opinion based artikel yada yada. If our opinions differ don’t whine about it yada yada. u get the idea already. So here’s Wantadog’s top, boven 10 anime Characters!

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posted by kakukun
hallo there! ~ I decided to make this step door step artikel on how I make an icoon just because I felt bad because I couldn't include some people's entries in the enquêtes of the anime icoon Contest because they don't follow the rules given. I'm not really sure where to put this, but since the anime icoon Contest is here, I decided to post it in this spot.

Making iconen are really easy. In fact, u don't really need a fancy software to make one. u could just always crop a picture and re-size it on your computer. If u want to add some fancy effects, u could always use a foto editing software or...
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Mostly A's: Congradulations! You're a free-style type! Almost every genre of anime and manga suits your outgoing personality. Just zoek through any anime site and pick out an anime, u may like it! Still, I highly recommend 'Fantasy' for you!

Mostly B's: You're a tragic-style type! Like the A Group, almost any anime can suit you, but u absolutely need to watch some sad events of tragedy of u can't get the feeling in. My guess is that u sympathize with up the character's sorrow because u may have experienced something similar before of u just like to cry with the screen in front...
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 (From left to right: Hakase Shinonome, Sakamoto-san the cat, and Nano Shinonome.)
(From left to right: Hakase Shinonome, Sakamoto-san the cat, and Nano Shinonome.)
Robots with detachable limbs that dispense green tea. Having your bike zitplaats, stoel stolen to be replaced with a head of broccoli. Ordering an extra-small coffee at the local cafe due to not understanding the cup sizing of zei beverage. Cats that talk when a miraculous red scarf is tied around their neck. Principles that suplex deer in wrestling matches.

If any of the above sentences intrigue you, Nichijou may just be the anime for you.

'Nichijou' was originally a manga created door Arawi Keiichi, which was later adapted to an anime door KyoAni. While the anime only lasted 1 season, it is like a hidden...
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The volgende morning, Sakura awoke from her sleep.

Sakura: *Yawns*

Sakura looked around her room and notcied that things were a little bit diffrent. The thing diffrent was that...Kasey was no where to be no found.

Sakura: Kasey? Kasey? Where are you? *Looks around her room* Oh no! I cannot beleive this. Kasey left me!!!! *Sat on her bed and started to cry*

Her loud crying awoke Kero, who was still taking a nap.

Kero: *Flys slowly to Sakura, still wearing his night hat* Sakura, what's wrong?

Sakura: *Looked at Kero with tears* Kasey is gone!!!!! *Cries*

Kero: *Covered his ears after she screamed* Calm...
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posted by Lanalamprouge
After watching enough anime we all have those scenes that seem to stick with us because of how memorable, relatable, interesting of emotional they were for us and I'm going to share 10 that have stayed with me ever since I saw them. I'm only going to do one per series and the ones who made the top, boven are the ones that the meer I think about them the meer important they are to me.

To note that in writing about these scenes means slight spoilers so if u haven't seen these shows take caution

*Sket dance (not really i mean it happens in the first episode)
*Attack on Titan
*Hunter x Hunter 2011
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Alright, there was really no particular reason for me doing this except out of boredom and a desire to see if I could. So this should not be very long. That being said, I would like to state that this is only my opinion and it is not to be taken as an attack. If u like any of the characters on this list, then good for you. I do not, so I would appreciate it if everyone kept in mind that this lijst is entirely my own opinion. So, with no further delay, this is Wantadog’s top, boven 9 disliked characters!

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posted by Cutepet87
 Yuno Gassai from Mirai Nikki (with glasses)
Yuno Gassai from Mirai Nikki (with glasses)
So I went to a Comicon today for anime reasons. (Philadelphia, PA)

I'll put my Mekaku City Actors episode reactions up tomorrow because I'm tired and lazy. I watched it, but for today, how about some awesome cosplayers I met?

 Miku from Rolling Girl (She even has the bandage!)
Miku from Rolling Girl (She even has the bandage!)

 Deidara from Naruto
Deidara from Naruto

 Gundham from SDR2 and Genocider Syo from the original Dangan Ronpa (with scissors and a fake tongue!)
Gundham from SDR2 and Genocider Syo from the original Dangan Ronpa (with scissors and a fake tongue!)

 Maka from Soul Eater (Crossplay?)
Maka from Soul Eater (Crossplay?)


 Yes, I know Teen Titans isn't an anime, but here's Raven, Beast Boy, and Nightwing (I think)
Yes, I know Teen Titans isn't an anime, but here's Raven, Beast Boy, and Nightwing (I think)

 Meiko Honma (Menma) from Anohana
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Alright, I’ve seen a few people making top, boven 10 lists on here, so I figured I would hop onto the bandwagon. I’ve always found that when I try to describe things, I end up leaving it lacking a bit…well here goes something.

10: Initial D

“High school student Takumi Fujiwara works as a gas station attendant during the dag and a delivery boy for his father's tofu koop during late nights. Little does he know that his precise driving skills and his father's modified Toyota Sprinter AE86 Trueno make him the best amateur road racer on Mt. Akina's highway....
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New fall titles are now being shown on Crunchyroll. I'll probably babble on about all the new titles I watch. First up is season 2 of Hiiro No Kakera. I saw the first couple episodes of the first season when it first came out and this new "recap" episode. I really liked the artwork and magical scenes in it, and thought the premise was a decent setup to a reverse harem. Tamaki was pretty cute, so that's enough for me. Can't speak to the globaal, algemene quality of the plot, since I did drop it once the number of titles I was trying to keep up with got too big and this kind of toon is gonna be low on my priority list, but I did enjoy what I have seen. I'll probably watch the volgende episode and that'll be it. This episode was mostly recaps, which wasn't too bad a thing for someone who hadn't watched the whole first season. Any thoughts?

Link to first episode of the season: link
posted by No1SelenaGFan
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posted by pumpkinqueen
 We are The World~
We are The World~
This is an artikel on why I love Hetalia and how it spoke to me, how it moved me, and how I got into it.

I love Hetalia, because the character are so put together, the jokes are so funny and well thought up. I love the dept of the characters and their personalities. All their relationships and friendship with the other characters really got me into it. It's funny and a good story. I watch it when I'm depressed, so I can see that love and friendship is everywhere, that we all kom bij together to make the world. I just love the message it gives, the characters, the story, the friendships, the partnership,...
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posted by pumpkinqueen

Pokémon ( Until latest season )
Fruits Basket
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Trinity Blood
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Black Butler ( All seasons )
Angel Beats!
Code Geass ( All seasons )
Death Note
Wolf's Rain
Elfen Lied
Vampire Knight
Hetalia ( All seasons )
Sekai ichi Hatsukoi
Clannad ( All Seasons )
Jyu Oh Sei
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Uta No Prince-sama ( All seasons )

Finished, Dont Like

Fullmetal Alchemist (once it got half way)
Junjou Romantica (Only like it for Egoist)
Vampire Knight: Guilty (Only good part was Ichiru and Zero)
Highschool of the Dead
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 taken from "Darker than Black Gaiden"
taken from "Darker than Black Gaiden"
Uploaded to this site door permission of the original auteur (who happens to be me) from link (the original version contains meer pictures btw)

The Darker than Black OVA occurs after the events of Darker than Black, and covers what happens to Yin and Hei. It also fills in the gap between Darker than Black and the sequel series, Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor.

The series, being only 4 episodes long, is not able to cover much, feeling meer like a movie than a series. Despite this, it still manages to contain much of what makes Darker than Black so great, such as great characters, powerful...
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Hello everyone, and today, I thought since I did a top, boven ten favoriete anime list, I should do a top, boven ten most hated. Now, what are some of the worst anime I have ever seen. Well, lets find out. (Note, I have only seen three bad animes, so I looked online to find some bad ones. Just to let u guys know)

10: Midori Days - Now, this is an anime that just has a stupid concept. It is about a gangster who can't get a girlfriend, until one day, his goddamn hand turns into a cute girl.... Just... What. I would have let this slide if it weren't for the stupid characters and cheesy plot. Sure, it is a...
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 The Japanese name for Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction is The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie (Hakai no Mayu to Diancie)
The Japanese name for Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction is The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie (Hakai no Mayu to Diancie)
For those who don't know, Meteor douche at Dawn is the song for Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (Pokémon the Movie 17). u can listen to it link, but it's only in Japanese.
Of course Meteor douche at Dawn might not be the English name. Japanese Pokémon movie songs tend to be named after the first words in the song, and one of the first words is yoake (dawn). But as many of us know English songs aren't usually like that.


Yoake mae fukiareta kaze wa nanno maebure?
Uso de katameta HAATO hagare ochiteku
Nakanai to yakusoku shita no ni tomaranai SUKOORU
Kimi no koe ga fui ni kikoeta...
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NOTE: The following stories are for a friend of mine. I just wanted to let u guys know this. Enjoy.

The Talents from a Hero

Yagami High School has a share of gifted, talented students. From Karen Ichijo being the most strongest and lethal to Harima not only being the class delinquent but also a very tough person to reckon with. Within all of these students, they are each gifted in so many ways.

While one of the new exchange students, KC, has her share of talents, there was very little everyone knew about the other one. His gift to transform into animals is his true power, but what he’s gifted...
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Human's Wandering In The Depths Of A Lonely, Dark Place. It's As If They're Dead, Or, Don't Exist?


Chapter 1: The Depths Of An Unknown World?

A Human Girl With Purple Eyes, Black And Purple Streaks Of Hair, A Purple Coat, A Blue overhemd, shirt And A Black rok Named, "Anri" Was... Running And Running In The Woods door The Side Of A Human Boy.
But, What's Are They Running From?
And, At The Same Time, The Human Boy With goud Eyes, Black Hair, White And Grey Armour And Black Pants Named, "Zaraki" Was Running On The Side Of Anri...
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posted by MadameRedX
Hi , otaku vrienden . i will wrote an artikel about figure informations .

need to ask ? got a vraag ? want to know where is the highly recomended figure online of web stores ? worried your figma is a bootleg ? then this is the right artikel for u to read !

About figures , there are thousands of anime figures
Somewhere out there waiting for otaku's (by i mean otaku's i mean u yes im talking to YOU)to buy them . there is some type of figures . so i will tell u about some of them !

The best figure u can have , but u have to be becareful if u buy afigma from eBay of some other...
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posted by GVentola
u may wonder why I seldom give bad reviews. Well, if an anime is really bad of unlikeable, I usually don’t finish watching it, therefore it cannot be considered to be one of “my” anime series!

Anohana-The bloem We Saw That Day—Six childhood vrienden have grown apart since one of them met an untimely death. But now that girl, Menma, is back, appearing only to Jintan in a physical form. She eats, she sleeps, she picks up things.
    Jintan was the leader of two other boys and three girls going door the name of Super Peace Busters. Besides Menma, the girls in the group...
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