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In this you are a Character in a video game called SAO or Sword Art Online, you are not able to log out and are stranded in the game until someone beats the Final Boss on floor 100, Go through this game as if it were Real but remember, if you Die in this world you die for real... (Kidding!) Use your Skills and Sword Skills to Kill monsters and Level up (No limit to the levels), gain items and supplies to become stronger! Your Inventory IS limited to 1,000 Items, and Remember, In this you CAN'T USE MAGIC. Have fun! Ask me (Or someone who is willing) for more Details if you still aren't too sure about what to do!

This is a Remake of a Role Play I had owned about two years ago. I'd like to revive it.

Inspired by- Kirito-kun, Asuna-san, All my friends On Fanpop, And SAO (The Anime)

Making a Character

Age: (Make it from the range of 13-25)
Starting Level: (ONLY put from Lv 20-44, Also When you reach a Level in the Tens/Hundreds place, Please Put up The Characters Stats Again, You don't have to but I'd Prefer it if you did)
(Appearance, All separate Items have Unique Names)
Weapons: (Note any special abilities of the weapon, as well as Type if the name doesn't make it obvious)
Equipped: (Include Boosted stats and by how much they are boosted)
Accessories: (Same as Equipped items)
Heath: ("Standard" is 250HP Per Level)
Unique Skill (Skill only YOUR character alone can wield to its Max Potential)
(Try to Keep it below 250 for each stat, Consult me for an Explanation on the Stat(s) you want Explained, Also, incorporate your Item Stat Boosts in your profile. You can change these with a Profile Repost whenever you want.)

IMPORTANT NOTE!! --- Characters from the actual series CANNOT be used, so Kirito, Asuna, Silica, Lizbeth e.t.c are ALL off limits from Use

Note: This will only pertain to the Original First Season of SAO until it gets to a point as to where the story is forced to proceed to the story of SAOII.

1. No Safe Zone PKs (Player Kills)
2. No NPC Kills (Non-Player Character)
3. No Magic
4. Make your party (At largest) 10 Players, Then you must Join a Guild
5. No Killing other players without their permission
6. Swearing is allowed to it's fullest, but keep in mind that you should be respectful of others, if they request that you stop cussing, please do as they ask as to not offend them.
7. Sexual relationships of any kind are allowed but don't make it the topic of your entire character, that'd just be gross.

A quick Briefing:
You are starting on Floor 1, At the Town of Beginnings Now you must travel all the way to the top of the tower of Aincrad and save yourself and all of the other poor souls that are stuck here, Beware the orange and Red players, You have some good items traded from higher floors and can proceed to Floor 31 at the highest. Good luck Champ!

Here are some Guide lines for the Newbies! (Please Bear with me to help you under stand this RP better!!)

Inventory/equipment: The icon for the category is a character icon. This is the default screen when opening the Menu interface. The left screen is an image of the body, with multiple points that allow the gamer to equip items or clothes. The right screen has three sub-menus:

Equipment: Selecting this sub-menu will open another three sub-menus:

Weapons: The icon for this category is a sword like the one used in Equipment.

Equipped: The icon for this category is an armor with a Sword and Shield running diagonally across the chest.

Accessory: The icon for this category is a necklace.

Items: Selecting this sub-menu will open an additional scrolling screen on the left that lists all items. When an item is selected, it materializes in front of the player. The inventory turns red when a player has too many items.

Skills: Selecting this sub-menu will open additional scrolling screen on the left that lists all skills of the player.

Friends/Guild: The icon for the category is two character icons together. The right screen has three sub-menus:

Party: Selecting this sub-menu will open three additional options. The first is "Create", the second is "Invite", and the third is "Dissolve".

Friend: Selecting this sub-menu will reveal a list of a player's friends. Selecting a single friend will produce three additional options: "Message Box", "Position Check", and "Profile".

Guild: A group of usually tightly knit players that depend on and work together to proceed through the game with less difficulty than typical Solo-Players.

Messaging/Chat: The icon for the category is two chat box icons together. The icon flashes automatically whenever a player receives a message. Apparently messages cannot be send to player who is currently in a dungeon.

Maps/Quest: The icon for the category is a balloon location icon. The right screen has three sub-menus:

-Field Map: The Main World Map, You can select which floor to view but the floor that is viewed by default is the current floor you're on, you can only view what parts of the map you've seen or explored.

-Dungeon Map: Selecting this sub-menu will reveal a map of the dungeon that the player has explored.

-Quest: Shows Active, Completed, Ongoing Quests, you can claim Quest Prizes and rewards from this menu, but only if you have completed the quest.

-Settings/Main-menu: The icon for the category is a gear. The right screen has three sub-menus:
Options: General Settings, Deep Options can be toggled as well, (i.e. Moral Coding Removal)

Help: Selecting "Help" will call a GM (Game Master) in the left screen.

Logout: The logout button went missing during the first day of SAO launch. Consequently, the left half of the screen was also completely blank.



-Yusuke Kamigusa (Yuu)


-Destiny Starfall


-Takura Rose (TakuChan)


- Irene (Ren)
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