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Oshika Assassination Academy is a academy learning various self-defence styles, ways to kill citizens and many other killing techniques. This school was made for kids 10 - 23 years old. There is different levels of the school of how well students can fight. Each level is a class with a teacher of a higher strength level most students will move up a level no matter what their age is, the first level is the beginners, second the learners, third expert, forth specialist and fifth is legend. these levels are all taking on different wards of the school, but take on the same practice ground. If you do misbehave you'll get whipped by the teachers. Get close the being expelled you may get killed or whipped a few times than kicked out, for suspension they whip the student but they also put the student to fight against a guard of the school.

No out of rp bullying
Make character before joining
No god-modding
Follow rules
You cannot have immortality!
No sexual content, french kissing, kissing, snuggles are welcome but sex is not welcome.

Character sheet

Level: ( no legends unless I say )
Occupation: (student or teacher)
Appearance! :
Skin colour:
Hair colour:
Eye colour:

Other info:

Female Students:
Yuka-Ichi Mochikin - Erza

Female Teachers:

Male Students:

Male Teachers:

1 Beginners:

2 Learners

3 Expert

4 Specialist
Yuka-Ichi Mochikin - Erza

5 Legend
 Oshika Assassination Academy is a academy learning various self-defence styles, ways to kill citizens
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·11 maanden geleden irwins_wizard said…
(Yellooo, this is my first time doing an assassin school roleplay, so please don't execute me :))
Name: Emiko Akiyama
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Weapon: Brass Knuckles [or anything else she comes across]
Scars/tattoos?: NATM
Family: her nana
Friends: NATM
Level: Beginner
Likes: Listening to music, Tinkering, Problem Solving, Learning new things, Sketching, Traveling, Tech, Small animals
Dislikes: Ignorance, Being lost, Jumping to conclusions, Small places
Nationality: English
D.o.b: Dec. 5
Occupation: Student
Appearance! : [in the pic]
Clothing: She prefers colorful varsity jackets with stone-wash jeans, or anything she chooses
Skin colour: Brown
Hair colour: Blue
Eye colour: Purple
Personality: She is a calm and optimistic person. She does whatever she puts her mind to, and has no problem talking to other people about her ideas. Probably the one drawback about her is that she can get easily distracted and forget some things.
Bio: Ever since her parents vanished, Emiko has spent a majority of her life with her nana in Japan. Her nana had her enrolled in Oshika Assassination Academy because she believed it would be a good opportunity for her to not only make friends, but also learn how to fight for herself.
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 (Yellooo, this is my first time doing an assassin school roleplay, so please don't execute me :)) Na
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Yay! You're here! ·11 maanden geleden
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Nice character. ·11 maanden geleden
irwins_wizard commented…
Thanks! :D ·11 maanden geleden
·11 maanden geleden irwins_wizard said…

"Well, this is it." I stand in front of the school with some bags and headphones around my neck, mentally preparing myself for what's to come. I've never heard of a school for future assassins or hit men or whatever, let alone knew that one even existed, but here it is. I walk in to what I hope is the main hall and look around, not realizing how confused I must look. "This is going to be an adventure.."
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Label pls ·11 maanden geleden
·11 maanden geleden SkittleJerky14 said…

"What do you think he's going to do with our weapons?" I ask quietly. August shrugged halfheartedly. He probably didn't want to be bothered. We turn the corner into the main hall. Immediately, we notice the girl standing there.

It was easy to tell that she was very confused. Probably a new student. Nudging my brother, I whisper, "We should help her."

He sighs, but nods in agreement. "Do you need help?" He calls.
·10 maanden geleden irwins_wizard said…

I examine pictures of other students on the wall and assume that they're in the school's Hall Of Fame or something. While looking, I heard the voice of someone disrupt my thoughts. I turned around to see a boy and a girl -possibly related- facing me. I chuckle and answer, "Oh, yeah. I just arrived and I have no idea where to go or what to do."
·10 maanden geleden anifanfreak said…
(I’m baaaaaack. Finally lol I’ve been busy cramming for entrance exams and work.)

Yusuke: *He was out back behind the dorms in a small renovated temple/shrine, it was expanded and hollowed out to make it more like a dojo, although it is mainly used for Storage more than anything else now. Muffled impacts emanated from the small building as well as grunts timed with the hits.* Hmph! *He was practicing hand-to-hand combat with a Chinese pivoting practice doll, he was out of focus and ended up missing one of his blocks allowing a bat to breach his defense and strike him in the arm, quick and hard, through he flexed to try and fortify it to reduce the pain* Ugh... I’m getting out of shape... Hopefully I can get an assignment some time soon. *He grabbed his duffel bag and towel, wiping himself of his sweat and slinging the duffel bag over his body he walked out and towards the dorm.* I wonder if it’s still open... *He set his things down inside tossing the sweat covered clothes he wore in the hamper and taking a quick shower he threw on new clothes, a plain white tee-shirt and jersey shorts, and left the dorm yet again. Mm... I still haven’t cooked dinner... I guess I’ll eat out. *He walked into town, few signs were still aglow but most of it was deadly shades of black with hues of blue from the surrounding neon signs, he smiled as he saw a small glimpse of light coming from a nearby alleyway, he walked in and into a non-descript iron door that just had the name “Gianni’s” on it, next to it was a bright neon sign glowing the word “Open” for no-one to see* Hey.

*The bar patrons all scowled at the newcomer, then realized who it was. In which he was greeted by few scattered smiles from the few patrons in the quaint establishment*

Bartender: Well, well! If it isn’t Yusuke!

Yusuke: Who else but me, eh Gio? *He smiles at the young faced bartender*

Giovanni: So, what brings you around? You aren’t out this late unless you’re comin’ Back from a job.

Yusuke: Nah, it’s just been a while since I came by to visit uncle Gianni. I was wondering how he’s doing.

Giovanni: Oh! My old man is doing just fine he’s getting on in age but you wouldn’t know he’s almost 50!

Yusuke: That’s good to hear. I heard he had a bit of a run in a few weeks ago, some bad customers?

Giovanni: Oh, yeah. Drunks came in and made a scene, my Pa taught ‘em a lesson, kicked their shit in and tossed ‘em right out the door.

*Five new faces burst through the door, weapons at the ready, they all equipped themselves with bats and other blunt objects, They screamed for Gianni to come out to apologize for what happened*

Giovanni: Speak of the devils. *He sighed wiping off a Mug with his rag*

Gianni: *A large man stomped through the back doorway from the kitchen and in a loud voice* EH?! WHAT IDIOTS ARE YELLIN’ OUT HERE CAUSIN’ A RUCKUS?!

Yusuke: Haha! Uncle with that voice you’d be included there y’know!


Yusuke: Now now, I wouldn’t call this place a slum!


Yusuke: Actually I was just passing by, also can I get an order of your Karaage Spaghetti?

Giovanni: Of course! Ma! One Yusuke Special!

Mira: Coming right up!

Yusuke: Her cooking is the best.

Giovanni: Ain’t it? *He smiles and laughs a bit*

*Yusuke and Gianni laugh with him*

*The riot of five get irritated that they were ignored so easily*


Gianni: *In a calm but terrifyingly intimidating voice* Need I show you the way to the door again? *In a more normal tone, but still gruff* Oh! That’s right! Yusuke! I’ve got something for you! A friend back in Italy made this for you, I called in a favor but it’s not nearly enough to repay you for saving Mira’s life, AND, our soon to be daughter’s life as well!

Yusuke: WAIT WHAT?!

Gianni: That’s right! When you saved her life last year she was just barely a month pregnant!

Yusuke: But... That all happened SEVEN months ago!

Mira: Exactly! I’m due within the next four weeks! *She walked out and her obvious baby belly was apparent and striking, it didn’t really mess with her image though, she was still strikingly gorgeous, she carried out a large plate of noodles with steaming Karaage and Mochiko Chicken in place of meatballs, that said she even put on regular meatballs, and with a side of Gyoza, she slid it down into the table in front of Yusuke*

Yusuke: Oh my god Mira-San! That’s so much food!

Mira: And it’s on the house!

Yusuke: But I can’t!

Gianni: But you will! *He handed him a small but heavy item wrapped in cloth*

Yusuke: *He unwrapped it and it turned out to be two beautifully and extremely well crafted blades of considerable size, they were knives meant to be dual-wielded* These are excellent! Very sharp too!

Gianni: Glad you like ‘em!

Man: I SAID DON’T IGNORE US!! *He swing Down at the table aiming for Yusuke’s food*

Yusuke: Don’t you DARE waste food. *He blocked the incoming blow with a single hand, one of the knives quivering under the wood bat* May I?

Gianni: Be my guest!

Yusuke: *He tote away from the table and spun around unsheathing the knife from its scabbard, he caught the scabbard and whacked the man with the back on the back of the neck instantly knocking him out.* Wow! This thing feels GREAT to handle!

Gianni: Coming from a master Blade Martial Artist that’s a compliment of the highest degree!

Yusuke: Haha, enough flattery! *Despite the onslaught of disgruntled men at the door he dispatched them quickly, tossing them all out after about a minute of fighting* And that’s that taken care of *He sat down and began eating* Sho Good...!

Mira: Hehe! Italian Japanese Fusion IS pretty great eh? I’m also trying out a new stuffed Calzone recipe. I’ll let you taste test it when it’s ready to be!

Yusuke: *He smiles delighted* Sure thing!
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·10 maanden geleden SkittleJerky14 said…

We approach the girl as August continues to question her. "I'm guessing since they let you on school grounds that you've checked in with registration. So you're looking for the dorms? Ah, my name is August by the way. This is my sister, Chi."

I wave shyly as he introduces me.

(August has ended up playing a bigger role than expected. I'll probably be making him a character sheet a little bit later.)
·10 maanden geleden irwins_wizard said…

"Nice to meet you, August and Chi. My name's Emiko." I smile and wave back at Chi. "Yeah, I'm a bit lost at the moment." I scratch behind my head, letting out a small 'heh.'
·10 maanden geleden anifanfreak said…
Yusuke: *He walked out rubbing his belly and smiling back at the three* Thanks for the food!

Giovanni: Any time kiddo!

Yusuke: Haha... THIS is why I’m out of shape. That Mira-san always spoils me rotten with amazingly unhealthy food! *He chuckled to himself and walked out the alley, it was dark out and the street lamps mingled with the light from the surrounding stores and restaurants creating a buzzing glow of human silhouettes. Beautifully calming piano music washed through the loudspeakers, Chopin, the flow of notes soothed all of the busy and breaking hearts wandering the shadow-cast streets like puppets on a sheet of cloth.* Beautiful... *He smiles wryly and walks around, hood over his head and hands in his pockets* He wanders away from the people, the music, and the shadows, to an illuminated park off to the side where few would care to notice, he walked through the grass onto the playground, through the swings with his twinges one of the seats to let it turn and twist of its own accord* I wonder... Should I take the deal of going Legendary...? Nah... I like the way my life is now... *He throughly to himself sitting down on a small hill just below the top, he laid down with his hands under his head, staring at the stars*
ErzaScarletXX commented…
Yusuke ;000000 Chur baccu ;0 Corpse partttyyy? ·10 maanden geleden